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The Fool and The Magi | Threads of Fate

The Fool and The Magi

The Fool and The Magi

The first two cards of a tarot deck and part of the Major Arcana, The Fool and The Magi are at the beginning of the journey. They bring optimism and resource together - the creative and the logical. Hopes and dreams combined with ability to make those manifest. 

The Fool

The Fool is the first card of the deck, the number 0. Named the Fool not because the figure is stupid, but simply because they lack experience and knowing. The Fool marks the beginning of the adventure. It holds the excitement for the road ahead and is childlike in nature. With this innocence and optimism, you are being encouraged to dive in and enjoy the road.

When you pull the Fool, it is an encouraging sign, affirming the need to move forward on the path in question. Now is not the time for stress or worry, understand that lessons and hardships will crop up, but maintain the optimism, you will prevail and the end of the journey will prove to be worth it.

The Fool reversed indicates that the more “foolish” qualities of this card are being highlighted. Not thinking things through, lacking awareness and not seeking needed resources may be a pattern. Move forward and understand the road is challenging enough already, no need for careless missteps.

The Fool from our Weaver Tarot, Ascendant Edition. 

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The Magi

The Magi is the second card of the deck, and it is an encouraging sign - you are on the right path. It is also an acknowledgment of all that you have done to land yourself in this beautiful space. You have what you need to take your visions and make them a physical reality. The amazing thing about The Magi is that they have one foot in this world and the other in the unseen. They are able to flow between the two, allowing them to make shifts quicker than most.

When it comes to projects, they manifest easily as they have so many tools and resources available to them. There is no substitute for experience and The Magi has plenty - they intuitively know what will work, help and benefit them and what won’t. When you receive this card, it is time to  step into your power and move forward with certainty. Trust in your ability to fully embody The Magi. 

The Magi reversed can indicate a lack of follow through and not living up to your potential. It could also signal that you are doubting your abilities and therefore not trying. In some circumstances it could mean that you are engaging in some of the darker behaviors of The Magi: deception and greed. Use your powers for good, and move forward.

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