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Ethics of Intuitive Reading | Threads of Fate

Ethics of Intuitive Reading

This is an often overlooked subject within the metaphysical and witchy communities - and so many people don't ever consider it!  It's easy to get excited about the new world you are delving into, and when your intentions are good, you may forget to ask "just because I can do this, does it mean I should?"

A good example is reading about other people without their permission. A good example is a client or friend asking you to do a reading on a significant other...maybe they feel they are being lied to and want to know what's really happening. While this seems harmless, it could potentially uncover things that are private. For example, if their significant other is going through a hard time and is processing trauma, they should be allowed to disclose that when they choose to. 

"So what's okay?"

The easiest way to think about psychic and energetic information is to compare it to the physical realm. Say you're at a friend’s house and she asks "hey do you mind grabbing my wallet in my top drawer?" it would be expected of you to grab it. In her directly asking, she is giving consent and therefore it's appropriate for you open a space that is otherwise private. But, if your friend were to ask you to go through her boyfriend's phone without him knowing, you probably wouldn't feel great about that. And I would hope not! 

It's the same thing as getting information about someone psychically - respect privacy, and get consent. We also encourage getting continual consent when giving readings. Tarot can be confrontational, if you are receiving information in a reading that feels like it may be sensitive, ask your client/friend if they are open to discussing it or receiving messages around it. 

"But what if it involves another person?"

It is impossible to avoid other people in readings, but it is best to only include relevant information. If you are getting the message that your client's friend is not in their highest good, definitely include that and let the client know. Each situation is different, but keep the physical realm metaphor in your mind as a way of evaluating.

It's okay to acknowledge the patterns at play as well, perhaps you are seeing that competition is a detriment in a relationship, certainly name that. But keep in mind that people will take what you have to say seriously, and may make decisions based on that and share it with the other person. It's a good idea to keep things focused on your client, giving them the information and resources they need to support themselves. When we make everything about other people and external factors, it is disempowering, and we want those we read for to feel empowered. 

"I just want to help."

This one comes up a lot in people receiving random messages about friends or family. But again, if they haven't asked, do not tell them what you have intuited. They may not be in a place to hear that information, and that's okay. When we receive information, it is easy to think it is infallible and that we are "right." But if we truly want to be in service of others, we honor every person's sovereignty and ability to make choices for their own life. Everything is part of the bigger picture, so you may be thinking you are helping them, when really you are doing a disservice by preventing them from learning a soul lesson on their own. 

Feel good about your desire to help others! Just be mindful as you pursue it. 

How much is too much?

While unrelated to consent, something to be aware of is a client or friend externalizing their power onto you. Often people go to readers because they don't feel they are an intuitive person or don't believe messages they receive. They may feel you are their access to spirit or become addicted to getting readings. Both of these dynamics are disempowering for them and, again, we are wanting to empower them! This doesn't mean don't read for them, it just means have some boundaries. 

If they feel they can't get messages for themselves, encourage them to explore their intuition on their own and let them know that all humans are intuitive. 

If they are reading addicted, let them know you prefer not to do a reading more than once every couple months. Giving a good amount of time in between gives them time to integrate and for things to come to fruition. 

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  • Kayla

    Love your comments regarding intuitively reading the catds/deck. Thank you 💜💜💜

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