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About Us
The Threads of Fate is more than a business—it's a vibrant celebration of an 18-year friendship and a shared journey of creativity and personal development. Founded by Blaire Porter and Brit June, our story began on the bustling streets of Brooklyn, where as college friends we discovered our shared passions and dreams. Our collaboration is the tapestry that interweaves our unique talents and visions, driven by a mission to empower and inspire.

Blaire Porter
With a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from bartending to nonprofit work, Blaire has always been drawn to roles that foster growth and transformation. Her diverse professional journey has honed her skills in spirituality, psychology, and physical wellness, making her a powerful force in personal and professional development. As a coach and teacher, Blaire’s life mission is to guide individuals and businesses through their transformative journeys, reflecting the core values she shares with Brit.

Brit June
A true futurist, Brit has seamlessly blended creativity and strategic insight across various fields, including high fashion, cryptocurrency, technology, and emerging wellness industries. Known for her ability to envision and manifest innovation, Brit's artistic talents and knack for strategic marketing have been pivotal in shaping our brand's direction. Her journey through diverse creative landscapes has solidified her role as a visionary in every sense.

Our Bond
The friendship between Blaire and Brit is the bedrock of both our personal lives and our professional collaboration. It has guided us through countless challenges and triumphs, continually pushing us to evolve and improve. Together, we've cultivated a deep understanding of the power of personal change and the impact it can have on the world.

Our Mission
At The Threads of Fate, we do more than create products; we share a part of ourselves. Each tarot and oracle deck we design is imbued with our collective energy and individual insights, crafted not just to predict but to empower. Our tools are designed to help others forge meaningful changes in their lives, encouraging every user to embark on their own path of discovery and transformation.

We invite you to join us on this journey, to explore the products we’ve poured our hearts into and to find tools that resonate with your own quest for growth and self-improvement.