As we journey through the waning gibbous moon phase, we’re being asked to continue shedding to make space for opportunity + abundance. To keep that intention strong, we did a 2 card spread for ongoing integration + clearing the slate for the approaching New Moon in Virgo. This reading will help you identify how and where you should focus your energies in order to pave the way for the new. 


Get Curious
The first card in this reading from the Lumen Oracle is a fire card, Get Curious. This card sits in the situation position in this reading - if you’ve been feeling apathetic, cynical, unmotivated or bored this card is asking you to shift your mindset, one thought at a time. Curiosity is a catalyst to shifting thought patterns so when we might be feeling stuck tapping into our curiosity can spark a rapid domino effect to help us climb out of a heavy space. Use its fiery energy to help clear your head of any negative loops you might be finding yourself circling in.

The second card in this reading is an earth card, Boundaries, and sits in the action position. This grounding card challenges you to check in with yourself and see where you live on the boundary spectrum - since this card follows Get Curious, inquire within and see if you’ve been spending too much time avoiding or ruminating. Create a container for those feelings and get to work; for example give yourself 20 minutes to really FEEL what you’re feeling then move on to something you haven’t tried before or take time to write down or draw out any unbalanced feelings you’re experiencing to get them out of your head and body. Once you’ve allotted that time, see where and how you can build a healthier relationship with your patterns.

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I really enjoy these card pulls.
They really seem to resonate with me, this one especially.
Thank you so much for posting.😊

- Donnetta Swift

Beautiful reading and very timely for me. Thank you!!

- Maria

This has been an excruciating week for me with my thought processes and anger management. Anxiety has kept me restless and frankly, I feel as though the weight of everyone’s pressures have been sitting atop my own.

This reading helped me tremendously via perspective and action. As I sit here, writing out my feelings, senses, and thoughts, I can see the chaos clearer and understand that my perspective doesn’t always make things TRUTH. I need to give myself space and room for opportunity and not shove myself in a dark hole of fear.

O really appreciate this.

- Kayla

Exactly what I needed to read/hear today! Thank you,

- Seana

I feel trapped in a body that doesn’t seem to belong to me anymore. I’m watching my life as if I’m not the one in charge? I’m self sabotaging and in pain and I don’t know where it’s coming from or how to let it go

- Sara Connors
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