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New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

You may be feeling the itch to get organized and check off your to-do list. The Virgo new moon is all about grounding yourself, setting practical and attainable goals, and then putting your plans into motion. Whether it’s work, health, your creative goals, or any other aspect of life that needs a bit of motivation, the Virgo moon is here to help. Even so, don’t forget to be patient with yourself. These things take time! Life is full of imperfections and upsets. Look for the beauty in these imperfections and you should be able to avoid the extra anxiety that is associated with out-of-control Virgo energy.

Sensory Guide

Scents: Since Virgo perfectionism can turn into anxiety, we’re balancing this go-getter energy with relaxing scents. Clean florals and woodsy scents like lily of the valley, magnolia, jasmine, cedar and vetiver are perfect for this new moon.

Colors/textiles: Virgo is traditionally associated with the symbol of a young woman carrying wheat, alternatively called the virgin or maiden. What this means for Virgo energy is that there are strong associations with the earth and agriculture, so green and gold are the go-to colors for this new moon. While both have associations with the natural world (green for earth and gold for wheat) they are also colors of luck and prosperity. They should be lovely compliments to your new moon ambitions. For fabrics, think about Virgo’s practical but beauty-loving side. Why choose between form and function when you can have both? For the home, try fabrics that are sturdy and stain-resistant but still filled with gorgeous patterns and colors. For yourself, try the ever-versatile cotton in bold prints, denim, or fall favorites like tweed and corduroy that will give you “back-to-school” vibes.

Food: Virgos are all about healthy lifestyle habits, so focus on nutrient rich foods this new moon. Explore the wide umbrella of fruits and veggies that give you a ton of vitamins and minerals. One of our favorites is greens. There are all sorts of greens out there- collards, mustard greens, swiss chard, kale, beet greens, kohlrabi greens, spinach… the list goes on. They are easy to pan fry and add to any dish, but we recommend a go-getter breakfast with eggs. Just cook up some greens with butter/oil of your choice and garlic, add lemon or any other spices you want to use. Then top off with fried eggs and feta (or any other cheese you like). You can add bell peppers, mushrooms, and onion for extra veggie goodness. If you don’t eat dairy, throw the greens in with some beans, like cannellini, chickpeas or broad beans, which are super nutrient rich as well.

Crystals: Green tourmaline is a great stone for health, fresh starts and abundance. Calcite, especially yellow or orange, can help alleviate mental anxiety and open up your mind for creativity and learning. Tiger’s eye is a stone of ambition, giving you clarity and determination to get things done. Fluorite cleanses, de-stresses, improves concentration and encourages decision making. Choose any of these according to how you want to use Virgo energy.



These days many of us work and play on the same digital devices- which means we’re often attached to our phones and computers all day. With Virgo pushing us to go go go, this can mean we’re even more glued to our devices as we try and accomplish our goals. This new moon we’re challenging you to counter that attachment with a device detox ritual. This is a difficult but rewarding challenge for those who want to participate. The ideal time to do this is on a day when you aren’t working and don’t need to be contacted by anyone. The goal is to go 24 hours without your phone (and/or other devices), but you can adapt it to be shorter or longer to serve your needs.

Ritual tools: White candle Hermit tarot card (or another tarot/oracle card of your choice) Cloth or boxes for your device(s)

Step 1: Decide on the day and devices. Just going without your phone may be plenty of detoxing, but you may also want to avoid your computer, tablet, television, etc. Then go to your altar or another calming space and bring your devices with you- with the obvious exception of things like TVs that are much larger. [Note: I’ll use ‘phone’ as a stand-in for any devices you choose throughout the ritual.]

Step 2: Light a white candle for its cleansing abilities. As you look at the flame, meditate on what you’d like to focus on with the time you’re not on your phone. It can be your spiritual growth, face to face interactions, opening up your heart, creative projects, or anything else you haven’t been as dedicated to as you would like to be.

Step 3: Then pull the hermit card from your deck, or choose another tarot or oracle card that represents withdrawing and focusing on your growth. Keep this card with you in place of your phone by placing it wherever your phone would traditionally be. This might be in your pocket, your purse, or just out on a table next to you. Then, wrap your phone in a cloth or place it in a box and store it near your altar or sacred space. Blow out the white candle.

Step 4: For the next 24 hours focus on those things you meditated on and try your best to not use your phone. Everytime you feel the urge to check your phone, pull out the hermit card instead and look at it- this should be easier since the card will already be in the place where your phone normally is. Think about the meaning behind your card and let the desire to check your phone pass.

Step 5: Once 24 hours have passed, return to your altar and light the white candle again. This time, meditate on how you felt during this period. Think about these feelings without judgement. Take out the hermit or card of choice, unwrap your phone and place it back in its normal place (pocket, bag, table, etc.) Then ask yourself some questions: How will you use this device going forward? Will you use it less, for different reasons, in conjunction with other tools, etc.? Do you think this time away was helpful or not? Can you take small steps to limit phone time if you want? Do you feel like you were able to focus on other things?

Tips: You may NEED to have your phone on you for emergencies. If you’re worried about being out in the world without a phone or if you’re waiting on an important message you may want to simply silence your phone or turn it off and keep it with you, alongside the card you choose. You can check it periodically just to make sure you haven’t missed a call/message, but try to avoid actively using it. This may be more difficult than not having it at all, but it is also a good test of willpower. The next 24 hours may be very difficult for you and that’s okay. There’s no shame in this. Social media, for instance, is designed for us to be obsessed with it, so feeling a sort of withdrawal is completely normal. Even though phones can be a terrible time suck, they can also be really great tools for socialization, art, activism, and yes, your job. However, they can also create an unhealthy neediness. This ritual can be a great reset but it may be tougher for some people. If you can’t make it 24 hours don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always try again at a different time and you can still go back to your altar to think about why this might be. DON’T judge yourself. Just think about how you felt and what you want to do going forward.


This is a metaphorical “house cleaning” spread. What do I need to get rid of? (Things to clear out of your life completely) What should I box up? (Emotions, issues, goals, or anything else that you might need to put away for now and come back to) What needs a good scrub? (This is an aspect of your life that you need to take a long, hard look at. Clear away any ‘grime’ that is preventing you from seeing the big picture) How should I redecorate? (In other words, what are some fun things- objects, ideas, people, adventures, etc.- that you can add to your life once you’ve cleared out the things you don’t need)

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    I just did my reading and had to dig deep but found it very informative. Thank you.

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