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Full Moon in Aquarius II

Full Moon in Aquarius II

Wait … Another full moon in Aquarius? Yup! This time it’s not following an emotional new moon in Cancer. Instead it comes after the show stopping Leo new moon. Last month we were all about emotional balance but this month Aquarian energy can be used for social balance. Leos are charming and great with crowds but they also harbor a lot of “me” energy, which can be balanced by the altruistic and community oriented Aquarius. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean Aquarians are hyper social like Leos. They can be quite independent and happy with their alone time as well, but when they do get involved in their community they get stuff done. Their humanitarian, fair and creative nature is a huge asset to those around them. Therefore, this is a time for all of us to focus on connecting with others. 

Sensory Guide

Scents: This full moon we’re trying brain boosting scents that highlight that Aquarian search for knowledge. Try cinnamon, peppermint/spearmint or rosemary to amp up concentration.

Colors/textiles: You might be aware by now that Aquarians are associated with blues and violets as the water bearer sign, but why not take a cue from their creative aspects and try a color that is unusual or completely out of your comfort zone? What color do you think you can’t wear? Wear it anyway or find a distinctive version of the color that looks amazing on you! Pair these fun shades with typical hippie-esque, floaty fabrics that are perfect for the freethinking energy that’s taking hold right now- or even try beaded and braided textiles for something a bit more unusual. 

Food: Normally we’d be giving advice on what to chow down on right now but in the humanitarian spirit try making the focus of your full moon culinary experience other people. Give back with food in whatever way you can. Food is central to so many community and family rituals for a reason. You can make and send care packages to people you know with baked goods or even their favorite prepackaged snacks. You can volunteer at a food bank or food distribution event, give out food at a protest, or make donations to food based organizations. 

Even small actions make a world of difference- carry around granola bars and other small, non-perishable items to give out to people whenever you encounter someone who might need it. You can even simply offer to cook for a friend or neighbor who is overwhelmed at the moment. Whatever you do, know that giving back with food is always welcome.

Crystals: Aquarian energy is all about balance. Look for any kind of calcite or Larimar to help with balancing emotions. Use tiger’s eye for grounding, mental clarity, and inner strength, and as always, amethyst is the perfect stone for everything related to this sign and its energy.


We’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple months on our own emotional well being but now it’s time to think about your community. For this ritual, we’re creating protection powder that you can keep with you and sprinkle wherever you think it’s needed. Sprinkle it around your neighbors’ homes, friend and family homes (with permission), or sprinkle some around public segments of your block if you’re thinking about your broader neighborhood. If you’re trying to protect a particular social community, maybe there’s a building you all meet at- whether it’s a community center, club, library, or something else- sprinkle some just outside the door. You can even sprinkle some during protests to protect the route of protestors. Just make sure that you are never doing this on private property without consent and that it won’t be bothersome to others. A little bit goes a long way.

Protection Powder Ingredients:
Salt (black or plain)*

Dried rosemary

Dried garden sage (not white sage)

Ground eggshells** (plant-friendly)

Protective ash*** (plant-friendly)

You can use any combination of these ingredients or add a few of your own if you like, but there are a few caveats to go over. 

* Salt is a core protective ingredient but it can also be damaging to plants. Don’t use salt in your protection powder if you are going to use it in natural areas or gardens where it might do harm. If you are only leaving it on sidewalks or other plant free zones, you don’t have to worry about this. Generally it would be okay for just grassy areas as well, since it would be a minimal amount of salt.

** Ground eggshells have been used in many magical practices. Cascarilla is a tradition from Latin America, usually Santeria, and Efun is a chalk that is made in Nigerian and other West African traditions, which has also been used among African American practitioners, particularly of Hoodoo and Vodun. Cascarilla is often traced back to the cascarilla plant from the West Indies but is said to have been replaced by eggshells because they were readily available. These chalks/powders are coming mostly from closed traditions so you would not use them unless you had ties to either the practice or the cultural and ethnic background. However, the use of eggs as part of a magical tool kit does come into play in other traditions as well. In Europe eggs are said to have a variety of magical properties, so making ground eggshell powder would also be appropriate for practitioners of Wicca and other Western European derived practices, so long as it derived from the mythos and practices of those traditions. Whoever you are and however you practice, take a minute to think about how you’re using egg shell powder.

To make this powder, simply wash out any remnants of egg on the shell and let them dry- you can bake them at a low temperature for quicker results. When dry, crush them into a fine powder. Using a mortar and pestle seems to be the best method but you can try using a blender or another tool you think would work well.

***To make your protective ash, write out a spell for your community’s protection or create a sigil of protection (see our June New Moon post for detailed spell crafting). Then take a lit black candle and, after meditating on the spell or sigil, burn the paper it is on. Make sure to do this over a tray of some sort so that you catch all or as much of the ash as possible. It may take a few tries to burn the entire thing. Then blow out your candle and mix the ash with the rest of your ingredients.

NOTE: Both eggshells and ash are beneficial for gardens and plants, so they would both be excellent options for a protection powder that you do want to use in natural areas. 


This spread will help you open up your intellectual horizons and figure out your educational path. Keep in mind this does not necessarily mean educational or intellectual institutions, like universities. We are talking about all forms of knowledge and education, including those you can’t get from institutions. 

  1. What intellectual topic should I be pursuing at the moment? 
  2. What sort of new path might this lead to? (spiritual, academic, community based, job based, children and family, etc.)
  3. How can I integrate it with my current path?
  4. Where can I seek the resources I need? (eg. hermit card- in isolation, at home, reading books; the King/Ruler of Pentacles- guidance from a strong figure who works hard to build wealth but is still generous)
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