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The Major Arcana

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Have you ever had everything you needed to go after your dreams?
Can you remember a time where you felt so capable of creating the reality you wanted?
This energy is found in The Magician! It is bringing all the elements together and making magic. 

The Major Arcana: The Magician Tarot Card Description

The Magician is the second card in the deck, but numbered 1, as The Fool that comes before it is numbered 0. It is a Major Arcana card, or trump card as they are often called. 

In the Rider Waite deck, we see The Magician performing some alchemy - and we can look at this image a bit more closey to see a lot of symbolism!

He stands wearing a white dress symbolizing purity or innocence. He wears a belt that looks like a snake biting its own tail, like the Ourobouros symbol, this represents infinity and the cycle of life.

The Magician is also covered with a red robe, which represents the element of fire and brings action, passion, and ability.

He has one hand pointing upward and the other pointing downward; this represents the dualism of the spiritual and physical worlds – “As above, so below”. This means that what happens in the astral realm also happens in the material realm.

The infinity symbol floating above his head indicates infinite possibilities. This infinity sign is also reflected in the Ouroboros he wears - this card is very much about all aspects of life present in one space. Alchemy embodied!

In front of him is a table with a sword, a wand, a cup, and a pentacle – the four suits of the Minor Arcana. The four suits also represent the four elements: earth (pentacle/coins), water (cup), air (sword), and fire (wand). The Magician has all the instruments needed to perform his magic. The flowers in front and above him embody life, growth, and cultivation.

The Magician Tarot Card Overview

Coming after the new beginnings and inexperience found in The Fool, The Magician draws out his wand and starts to craft his destiny. The Magician is all about internal and external manifestation - it's an incredibly positive card.

This card is about recognizing our potential and harnessing it to take action in our lives. After setting a clear intention or a goal, the next thing we must do is act. The Magician emphasizes that you have the power you need to take your life in whichever direction you choose. It is time to turn energy into matter, love!

We all have the power to craft our own reality - especially when we set clear goals. When this card shows up, we’re being reminded that we possess the necessary skills to accomplish anything we want and we can turn our dreams into reality.

Each of us is born with special abilities, and as we mature, we master them, making them the lifelong tools that we continue to use to craft the life we want. Like The Magician, you are called to be aware of the abilities you possess and use them! Tap into your willpower, and discipline, and know that you’re always guided by the universe. You can manifest your dreams in the material realm!

You already have everything you need to succeed where you want to. Use your skills in the right ways and you will be amazed to find out how you can transform your life like magic! This card can also pertain to the sorcerers in your life. Look out for the wise and highly skilled individuals in your environment who could either be helpful or harmful to you.

Upright: The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Drawing this card upright in a reading is a big yes! It that this is a time in your life where the universe is very much in your favor. It’s a reminder that YOU are the wizard of your life. You can make things happen and you always have the power to change your situation– just make use of your gifts.

If you have a desire to achieve something specific, now is the time to stop doubting yourself and focus on making it come true. Set your goals, get focused, and work towards them while keeping faith that you’ll succeed– the universe will do the rest for you.

This card is a reminder: as above, so below.

This is a call to believe in yourself and acknowledge that you’re full of potential, like the Magician in RWS, it is time to expand those spiritual practices and embody your highest self. This card upright also represents creativity. You’re being reminded to embrace your creative ideas and uniqueness as they will serve as your move toward your goal.

Hone your gifts and work your magic! Like The Magician, it is time to take your wand and use your tools to make your own miracles happen. Remember: as above, so below, so harness all your spiritual energy and know it will manifest in the physical realms. This card often also signifies someone near you that is an experienced and skilled person who can share wisdom with you.

Reversed: The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Pulling The Magician card in reverse means unmanifested goals and often a lack of motivation. This card in reverse can bring a lot of cloudiness. There may be a lack of clarity, self-doubt, and unused potential hanging around.

It’s absolutely imperative that we have clarity when we are trying to create! Perhaps you’re not clear on your goals so, in turn, you don’t know how to manifest them. Clarity is essential! It is the compass that guides us to our destination.

If you’re feeling like you’re lacking clarity, the reversed card is a nudge to get to really reflect and hone your vision. If you know what you want, you can plan how to get there.

This card can also signify that you have a very specific goal in mind, but you may not fully believe in yourself. In this case, The Magician reversed implies the need to shift your perspective and focus on mastering your skills.It’s time you sharpen your rusty sword. Instead of doubting yourself, use your energy to focus on identifying your strengths and work on developing them. It also points out the need to look out for opportunities as you might be allowing your self-doubts to prevent you from seeing them.

Our thoughts create our reality in the sense that they shape what we see. If we use the power of desire, we will see more opportunities and positive things if we focus on that in our thoughts. We have unlimited potential!You can also interpret this card as a need to keep an eye out for shady or manipulative people in your environment; they can appear trustworthy but may be manipulating you or exploiting you for their personal gain.

Love  and  Tarot

Love Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Upright

In a love reading, The Magician upright is good news. If you and your partner are going through a difficult time right now, have faith that you two will work it out and find happiness again soon.

If you put more effort into nurturing your connection, expect that the universe will be in so much favor in your relationship and it will move into a space of deeper commitment. The Magician card also represents fertility, so for couples planning to have kids, consider this a good sign.

If you’re single, this card is the go-ahead to find love! The universe will conspire with you and send a match your way - just don’t grip on too tight! We want to visualize what we are wanting, do the subconscious work to get there, but don’t be on the hunt for it.

Love Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

 The Magician card in reverse can suggest deceit and manipulation, though this is often unconscious. If you haven’t been having serious conversations with your partner lately, consider having a chit-chat. Use this conversation as a vibe check: get an idea of what you’re both needing and what shifts you each may need to make. Try to be observant if maybe you or your partner is unaware of some manipulative tendencies and do something to change it.

This is typically happening on a subconscious level, and sometimes it comes out of fear, we don’t want to demonize this behavior but be aware of it and try to change it.In general, the Magician reversed can often be saying “watch out for sketchy lovers” - know their true intentions! For singles in particular, perhaps there’s pessimism about finding love. You've probably lost interest as you may think you can’t attract the type of partner you wish. But remember again: “as above, so below”-- your mind has the power to manifest and there is real potential for you to have what you want. 

And if you believe that the universe can work its magic, then you will see it materialize - but don’t forget the deeper work. Whatever you feed your mind reflects in your reality and the energy that you give is the energy that you attract. So if you stay positive and carefully take chances, while healing whatever patterns need it, there is a better chance that you’ll find the love you’re wanting. 

MONEY and Tarot

Money Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Upright

The Magician is a great sign for money! This card can indicate that your knowledge in business or investments will be lucrative. It can also suggest the possibility of creating extra streams of income for yourself. If you’re currently practicing a creative hobby like pottery or painting, consider selling your crafts as your creative energy will attract those who will appreciate your work.

This card is a sign that reinvesting, expanding your business ventures and looking for new financial opportunities will be fruitful. There is much waiting for you in the earthly realms - tap into that well of personal power, it's time to get moving!

Money Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

The Magician reversed can sometimes be tricky when it comes to money. Depending on your situation, it may indicate that someone is being a bit deceitful. A business partner or accountant or contractor perhaps. It could also mean you are deceiving yourself about your financial situation though, so don’t just be on the hunt to point your finger.

If you’re considering a partnership or business deal, this card is asking you to just know who you’re getting into bed with - don’t expect everything to go super well, there will always be hiccups. You should know how this person treats and manages their money before doing anything serious with them.

If you’re kind enough to lend friends some dough, consider being cautious and only lend an amount you’re willing to let go. And never lend with the expectation of getting it back - consider it a gift so resentments don’t build.

The reversed Magician can also imply a lack of using assets. Other than valuable material possessions, your abilities and skills are your strongest assets, and you are called to make use of them to achieve financial success.

Stop with the self-doubt and focus on your talents and maybe use them for a business. If you’re confused about what financial investments to take, try to work on something you’ll be passionate about. Maybe start with something creative on Etsy, and as you become more adept, you'll earn more. Think positive, look for opportunities and the money will come to you!

career + work  and  Tarot

Career Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

In career readings, pulling The Magician card upright brings great news as this card brings endless possibilities! Like The Magician, you have mastered your skills and abilities enough to get to where you want to be career-wise. This is a green light to submit that application for promotion or even request to transfer to your dream department!

If you just made a brave move and you’re new to your job, you might feel a little anxious. With your willpower and talent, be confident that you’ll perform well and that people will take notice. You are ready for this - trust that.

This card can also mean a great mentor is available to you - keep an eye out.

Career Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

In a career reading, The Magician in reverse can be a warning to be careful of some people in your work environment. Avoid oversharing information as it might be taken against you. Some people may not have the best of intentions like you do.

If you have plans, try keeping them to yourself for now or only discuss them with close friends or trusted coworkers. If you’re working on a promotion or a creative project and you’re unsure whether you can trust your workmates about it, chances are you might be right.

If you’re in a situation where you want a career or department change but you feel unsure, you may have the potential but you’re lacking confidence or are afraid to take risks; like you know how to work your tricks but you do not perform them in front of paying audience.

You’re blocking your full potential and are denying yourself the chance to succeed.

This card in reverse urges you to take pride in your abilities and believe that you’re a magician with the power to get whatever you want.

HEALTH and  Tarot

Health Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Upright

In a health reading, The Magician card is all about miracles! It’s everything coming together to aid in your healing. If you haven’t been feeling great, this card is a sign that a shift may be on the horizon. This is also the time that you may discover a medicine or diet that can help you. This can also mean that if you just started to consult with another doctor or healer, trust that this new help will provide you with a more effective solution. For those who have fertility problems, now is the time to try conceiving again or seek help. Miracles will happen if you keep looking for ways to work on what resources you have.

Health Meaning:
The Magician Tarot Card Reversed

If you’ve been struggling with your health, the Magician reversed can indicate you’re stuck in a mindset that isn’t serving you. The Magician in reverse in a health reading delivers hope and the message to manifest healing. You’re being reminded to switch to an optimistic way of life as the way you think can be a big factor in the way your health appears to be.

Remember that your mind is powerful beyond what you can imagine. Always remember that we now live in a world where science and technology work can really help us. Be hopeful and keep an eye out for things and people that may help your recovery, you’ll be amazed at what the modern world can do for you. Sometimes the Magician reversed can indicate that our mental health has taken a turn for the worst. This card really encourages you to seek support and do not ignore it.