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The Major Arcana

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

How can you nurture yourself more?
In what ways can you plug into abundance in all forms?
The Empress is Big Harmonious Energy! 

The Major Arcana: The Empress Tarot Card Description

One glance at the Empress card and 3 words come into mind: femininity, power, and abundance.

Let’s first take a look at the Empress herself – she's a beautiful woman with blonde hair and a calm expression on her face. It seems like she’s telling us that she doesn’t need to prove anything - that she knows exactly who she is.

Although she can be intimidating, she has a crown, a scepter, and is basically sat on a throne, she still has this comforting + nurturing aura about her – kind of like a mother.

Adorning her head is a crown made of 12 stars: symbolic of the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year.

She’s wearing a white dress that's adorned with beautiful red pomegranates, which represent fertility.

Her right hand is slightly raised, and in it is a scepter or staff. It reminds us of her power over life itself.

The Empress is sitting elegantly on a throne, cushioned with layers of soft red cloth – a color associated with love, passion and sensuality. A plush, heart-shaped cushion is propped just beneath her, embroidered with the symbol of Venus.

Finally, there's the background – let me tell you, everything that’s surrounding her is TEEMING with life. We can see a lush forest behind her, a free-flowing body of water to her right and there are some golden stalks of wheat in front of her. It sends us a clear message: poverty is unheard of where she lives. The land is fertile where she dwells – everywhere she goes, there's always abundance – everything grows and thrives.

She might just be Mother Nature herself, who knows? So in a nutshell, The Empress is dripped, she’s got power, and she’s basically the CEO of femininity, fertility, love and abundance. But what does this card actually mean?

The Empress Tarot Card Overview

The Empress card is a desirable card in any reading. It's a special card because it brings blessings and abundance to those who pull it.

Aside from it being a strong sign of fertility and heightened maternal or nurturing capabilities, the Empress card invites us to be in touch with our slow + receptive energies, to acknowledge love of all kinds, and the importance of balancing the way we give and receive love.

Most of all, this card reminds us to trust our intuition, explore our creativity, and practice self-care.

Upright: The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Upright this card is a big yes. The Fool upright encourages taking that first step, it embodies taking a leap of faith. If you’ve been waiting on a sign to start a project, try something new, step out of your comfort zone- THIS IS IT! With the hint of innocence and purity, this card suggests walking along your new path with no expectations, having a clear mind and pure heart. There's a lot of fun energy in this card : )

Now’s not the time to concern yourself with any of the small details because there is unlimited potential ahead. Step forward with confidence in the Universe and carry with you a curiosity for all you will learn, and an excitement for all the ways in which you shall grow. There’s a strong idealistic energy surrounding this card, a lot of ‘what’s the best that can happen’ vibes. Embrace those vibes and carry them with you along your journey. Remember that the mythos of your life is ever expanding and continual so don’t be surprised if you see this card, in all its forms, time and time again.

Reversed: The Empress Card Meaning

Are you feeling a bit drained? The Empress reversed indicates that maybe you've gone overboard on supporting others. TOO much nurturing. This card finds us when it's time to shift our focus back to ourselves and really dive deep into some self-care. It's important to refill your cup before you try to be there for others. 

You are so powerful, but you need to fuel yourself first!

Love  and  Tarot

Love Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Upright

Picking the Empress is a good love omen – it symbolizes a healthy, harmonious relationship with one’s self and with others. It means there's a lot of nurturing, empowering, feminine energy present. If you’re not already a parent, you might be planning to be one, might become one, or have the capacity to play a nurturing or loving role in a person’s life.

Whether or not you’re actively looking for love, picking the Empress card upright might just mean that love is just around the corner! And there may be someone you are already thinking of, like you might have a strong sense of who they are and...they might just be into you too! Try sending them a quick dm, you know, ask them out for a coffee and see where it goes. If not, at least you will have clarity!

Are you already in a romantic relationship? Picking the Empress card upright might just mean that the Empress is smiling your way…you’re most probably in a good, healthy, committed relationship - sharing a love connection on a whole ‘nother level.

For couples who are actively trying to become parents, your little bundle(s) of joy might just be on the way as this card can be an indication of pregnancy. However, if you feel like you aren’t ready to tote around diaper bags just yet, then maybe, you might just have what it takes to mentor someone as this card often indicates parenthood, but not always in a literal sense. Is there a person in your life that you think needs a little guidance, or at least a friend? Maybe you can reach out and ask how they’re doing.

Above all else, just remember that the kind of relationship the Empress brings into your life is, in a way, an outcome of self-care. Repeat after me: “To take care of myself is to take care of my relationships.”

Love Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Reversed

Let’s think about it – the reverse or opposite of confidence, fertility, growth, calm, harmony, and motherly care is insecurity, infertility, feeling stuck, unrest, disharmony, and negligence (or even smothering love tendencies).

Yikes 😬

But really, the Empress reversed card meaning indicates that there's an imbalance that needs to be addressed. The good news is that there are things we can do to restore the equilibrium in our lives.

You might find an imbalance in the way you give and receive love – remember how we said that the Empress has that motherly aura?

Is there a chance that you’re overdoing it to the point that you’re neglecting yourself and smothering everybody else with that good, nurturing love?

Or maybe, you're letting your masculine side take over so much that there is a lack of the Empress’ feminine qualities within you. We all need balance!

Putting too much importance on stacking that cash or suppressing your emotions for fear of being vulnerable might be taking a toll on you. Look for ways on how you can bring your feminine and masculine energies into balance.

Perhaps you’re single and looking to mingle – picking the Empress card in the reversed position might indicate that you may be having issues with confidence and self-worth.

Everybody can be susceptible to this, especially when we’re lonely.

But the thing is, if we make ourselves believe that we aren’t worthy of being loved and that we have to be someone other than our authentic selves to be loved by another, then it won’t matter who we’re with.

No lie, I literally can’t think of a more potent relationship poison other than insecurity.

It would be helpful to let go of these negative thoughts, and start seeing yourself for who you naturally are – nurturing, powerful, and most of all, secure.

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Empress may mean that someone in the current relationship is a tad too controlling. Or even that there's a mother-child dynamic happening as opposed to partner-partner. On the other hand, it may also mean that someone in the relationship is unable to share their feelings.

Picking this card can be taken as a sign to self-reflect and ask the ultimate question: "Why?"

After that, maybe take this chance to spend quality time with your partner, and together, work out how you guys can make your relationship stronger.

MONEY and Tarot

Money Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Upright

To put it simply, money flow is good or is going to be good. Does it mean you’re swimming in cash? Not necessarily.

But if you’re working on a business, there's a strong indication that all your sleepless nights will most likely pay off.

Thinking of making an investment or starting a #smallbiz? Listen to the experts, plan and do your research, but remember to listen to your intuition too – it might just be the Empress whispering to you.

Overall, an upright card Empress is a super advantageous card in the money department. It signifies that you’re in a ~comfortable~ financial situation rn, so it might be the perfect time to feel a little generous.

Keep in mind that The Empress nurtures and gives! And it's important to freely give so we can freely receive. Donate a little extra to a charity whose cause you believe in, or simply buy your annoying little brother a new game.If you can, lend a friend in need a little money so they can jumpstart their small biz too. There's so much potential for growth!

Knowing how karma works, it might just be a good idea to spread good luck and blessings all around you.

Money Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Reversed

You’re probably thinking that getting the reverse of the Empress card automatically means that you’ll lose everything.

Well, you can relax.

The Empress is so abundant, that even if you get the card reversed, you’d most likely still have enough in terms of finances.

The concern here really is not about whether or not you have money in your account – but it’s how you feel about the amount that you have.

Perhaps this anxiety stems from growing up in poverty or maybe, you’re a bit stressed about the uncertainties of being self-employed. You might be discounting your success too much by comparing accomplishments to those of others.

Whatever it is, it’s important that you get an inward look and find why you might be subconsciously attached to instability. If anything, what this card is suggesting is that you may be focusing too much on money or material things – It might be a good idea to step back, reflect, and just…chill. Maybe try shifting your focus toward a boost of creativity.

Having said that, it may benefit you if you take a break from making big money decisions for the foreseeable future - spend time reflecting.

But overall, so long as you remain responsible about how you handle your money, you’re good to go.

We all have different relationships with money – most of us weren’t fortunate enough to come from wealth. But just as The Empress is surrounded by lush forestry, we too are surrounded by everything that we need to prosper in this realm. We just have to acknowledge it and take action! It's always good to nurture our connection with nature so we can really appreciate how much the earth offers and how we are always surrounded by abundance. 

career + work  and  Tarot

Career Meaning:
The Empress Card Reversed

The upright Empress card is a positive card in any spread, and seeing it in a career reading is no exception.

Your creative energy is at an all-time high – you find inspiration in almost anything. Not only that, but you may also find it easy turning inspiration into a creative idea or business idea.

If you're working on a project, you may finally be seeing the results of your work.

You love what you’re doing so much that the people who work with you are inspired by your passion.

You see anyone in your workplace struggling? Bam! You’re right there offering help. You try your best to make the work environment collaborative and enjoyable, and honestly, your colleagues are here 👏 for👏 it👏

Given this, it’s highly likely that you already have the support and appreciation of your colleagues and even your superiors. If asked, they’d probably describe you as the G.O.A.T.

Did I mention that you’re likely being offered flexibility and opportunities to grow in your career – like sponsored skill training(s), work-from-home setup, paid vacations, etc.?Basically, like wheat planted in fertile land, you are THRIVING.

Heck, if you were an indoor plant, you are watered, spritzed with fancy fertilizers, sang to – all that jazz.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone if you say that you genuinely feel at home when you’re at work.

People might just be noticing your efforts so just brace yourself, because you might be delegated a mentorship role, or even be entrusted with a creative project that you’re really interested in.In case you’re having a rough time at work rn, getting the Empress card is suggesting that you trust the process, and not be overcome with worry.

Is there a person in your workplace who currently possesses the nurturing qualities of the Empress? They might just be able to help you reach your goals.

If you’re thinking about switching careers, getting the Empress card might be a sign that your talents would do well in the field of Arts.

You know, somewhere your creativity will shine.

Just always keep in mind that when making important decisions such as a career change, you mustn’t forget to listen to your gut instincts.

Career Meaning:
The Empress Card Reversed

If you were given the chance to describe your career right now, you’d probably say that it’s plateaued.

You may feel like you’re being under-utilized – like your skills aren’t being used to their full potential. You may have gotten so good at your job that it is not challenging you anymore – your job has become routine for you, repetitive, monotonous…boring.

Although it may not be necessarily true, you might also feel like you aren’t appreciated enough.

Your career has become unfulfilling, and it may already be starting to affect you personally.

Now, does this mean you should start writing your witty resignation letter like, stat? No, it doesn’t. *Now* is probably not a good time to make big decisions like switching careers. But pay attention to issues!

But then again, what is your intuition telling you?It’s also possible that you’re currently experiencing a creative block. You might find yourself feeling stuck…like you’ve become the anti-magnet of ideas. You might be feeling worried, and at times, even insecure.

Is there a chance that you’re relying too much on others to make decisions for you, or maybe you’re putting too much weight on others’ opinions that it’s stunting your growth and creativity in your work?

Some of the problems you may have career-wise might be caused by internal issues. It’s always a good idea to have a conversation with yourself.

HEALTH and  Tarot

Health Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Upright

For those who are trying to have a child, the Empress card is a pretty strong indicator of an actual pregnancy on the horizon. So for our peeps out there not ready for this responsibility just might want to consider this a gentle heads up.

The Empress card is not only an indication of fertility but also of heightened intuition. So if you get this card in a reading, it’s most likely telling you to listen to the signs that your mind and body are sending you.

It might be a great time to look into meditation, crystals, and aromatherapy…any natural way that you feel might help with your overall health.

Is it possible for you to go on a vacation? Getting a quick break from everything might just bring the boost that you need. Attune yourself to mother earth ; )

At the very least, getting the Empress card might be a little encouragement from the universe to just go out and touch the grass -- let the energy of nature refresh your senses.

Health Meaning:
The Empress Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed, the Empress in a tarot reading might indicate fertility/pregnancy issues or an unwanted pregnancy. If pregnancy is not of concern to you, then it might be a good idea to take a look at your health in general.

Have you been struggling with health lately – physically, emotionally, or mentally?

If you feel that something is a bit off, our first natural reaction is to seek medical and/or professional help…the Empress card might be encouraging you to go the natural route.

Don't rush and don't feed into any fear. Make solid, grounded decisions and do your research!