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Numerology of Tarot | Threads of Fate

Numerology of Tarot

The Numbers of The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits: Cups, Swords, Wands and Coins. Like a playing card deck, each suit has Ace-King. A way to strengthen your reading ability is to understand Numerology and how you can interpret the numbers as they show up in spreads. 

There are a number of storylines found in a tarot deck, but for now, we are focusing on the storyline found within the numbers, Ace - Ten. 

Each number below details the themes of each number but also what role that number plays in the storyline at large. 

Aces in Tarot

Within Tarot, Aces are Ones. They carry the energy of:
- New Beginnings
- Raw Potential
- Opportunities

Storyline: The first step. Aces often find you at, or before, conception. They contain a raw and powerful energy, calling in the beginning of a new journey. 

Twos in Tarot

- Partnership and Relationships
- Duality
- Harmony
- Balance

Twos typically find us when we have a couple of opportunities and we are being asked to make a choice. 'Where do you want to go?' and 'who do you want to join you?' are questions that Twos ask. 


Threes in Tarot

- Growth
- Teamwork or groups
- The idea in action

Threes usher in more movement and energy. Whether it is ideas/projects or people being grouped together, there are actionable steps being taken now. 

Fours in Tarot

- Foundation laid
- Structure
- Stability
- The first glimmers of success or manifestation

Fours typically indicate that what was once internal has now manifested in physical reality. There may be a decision that needs to be made: how will you be moving forward? Now is a good time to take inventory of what has transpired and what needs to happen now. 

Fives in Tarot

- Conflict
- Change
- Challenges
- Instability

Fives bring the first challenge we have to overcome in our journey. It can indicate conflict with others, struggles or changes afoot. It is not the end of the journey, but it is a good time to examine the mistakes you have made. 

- Cooperation
- Harmony
- Community
- Perseverance


After the turbulence the fives brought, the six brings a respite. This is where we are solution oriented and once again working together in harmony. 

Sevens in Tarot

- Reflection
- Assessment
- Inquiry
- Patience

Storyline: After the harmony from the sixes, sevens ask us to pause, reflect and allow things to integrate. After periods of progress, a pause is always helpful so you can let things settle for a moment. 

Eights in Tarot

- Action
- Growth
- Expansion

Storyline: After the reflection and + integration the sevens bring, eights bring momentum and accomplishment. Success is so close you can taste it.

Nines in Tarot

- Achievement
- Fulfillment
- Near completion

The momentum that eight brought has manifested and nine allows you to see the whole picture. 

Tens in Tarot

- Completion
- Ending of Cycle
- Rebirth

Storyline: After the final manifestation the nines bring, tens indicate the official end of this cycle and signal a new beginning. 

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  • Jean

    I am so looking forward to working with these cards! They are so beautiful, I was drawn to them immediately. I have been in transition for quite some time, and looking within for the answers I need. Thank you! Have a beautiful day💖

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