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If you're here, you are likely on our text message community! If you aren't, feel free to play along and pick a card from the image below:

If you picked card one, you pulled the Three of Wands!

The Three of Wands brings the message that it's time to tap into your inner Visionary! You're on the right path and have laid the necessary foundations for your venture to be successful. The plans you’ve created have provided the perfect container for you to take action and move forward. With this, you may be presented with new or unexpected opportunities. This can create rapid expansion, but it's important to remember that not all opportunities are created equal. Some will push you out of your comfort zone and will be good for you in the long term, whereas others may not be in alignment with you and your core work. Now is not the time to get caught up in quick results, pace yourself for long-term success by making calculated choices. Examine the benefits, if it feels in alignment, and whether you see it fitting in long-term.

Check in with your body. What does a yes feel like in your body? What does a no feel like? Get to know your internal compass so when opportunities come at you,
you can make informed and aligned decisions. Staying grounded within yourself and your vision will prevent you from being carried away.


If you picked the second card, you pulled the Three of Cups!

The Three of Cups indicates that it is a good time to connect with your loved ones and focus on your relationships. Right now is a time of harmony and balance, but prioritizing social and familial connections would be beneficial for you. In terms of
work, this card means that there may be an opportunity for partnership or collaboration that will be very great for you. Be open to connection in all forms!

We can find nourishment in the relationships around us, and perhaps drawing this card you are being asked to reflect on what you may feel you're needing more or less of. 

This is such a powerful love card and serves as a reminder that our family, friends and community are the foundation upon which we build our lives. Without
connection, we are neglecting the most important aspect of being human.


If you picked the third card, you pulled the The Star!

The Star brings alignment and harmony, and often relief after a series of challenges. When the Star finds you, have faith that everything is conspiring in your favor. It is a perfect time to dream and vision for new projects and businesses. You may be feeling depleted and distrusting moving forward with optimism given everything life has thrown your way, however this card is an
affirmation that you can expect a light period with things to be excited about. Hard work will be required but this is something you are used to.

This card is also an acknowledgment that while you have been through the ringer and while you have learned, you have not hardened. The Star is the Tarot’s way of recognizing the beautiful work you have done when you could have collapsed inward. Keep your courage as you move forward as it will push you to new heights.

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  • Megan

    So glad that I read these today! Cards two and three truly resonated with me on a level you don’t even understand. I’ve really been struggling lately and this gives me hope to keep pushing forward. Thank you!

  • Ivana

    Thank you I needed this!!!

  • Mary

    Hmmmmm, I chose both the second (3 of cups) & third cards (the star). They r both ringing very true as I wish for community/unity & family connection. But family connection may not be possible this weekend & often is not fulfilling being around family.
    The Star is definitely where I am. I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’m starting not feel so numb, bored & depressed & itching to start a business, some creative projects, but having trouble finding the motivation & self worth. I’m also very torn about w how I want to work w ppl & very worried about money. I feel stuck financially & w my living situation & afraid to go towards financial success.

  • Lisa

    That was pretty good, I enjoyed that it has brought me in focus. Thank you

  • Flo

    This resonates with me. Thank you

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