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Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn


This full moon is in Capricorn, so there is still a desire to work hard but you’re at the end of your project or journey, not the beginning. This moon helps us finish what we started and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It also gives us time to focus on looking inward, not outward for validation. If your emotions are a little on edge and you’ve been moody, really take time to figure out why and then move on. Take responsibility for your emotions but don’t try to control things. Overall, use this Capricorn energy to be responsible, finish up what you need to get done, and then let go and enjoy time with friends and/or family. After all, this moon falls within the week of the summer solstice, so there’s plenty to celebrate.

Sensory Guide

Since this moon is about finishing and not starting, we’re trying sensory stimulation that gives a sense of resolution, satisfaction and even calm, as opposed to the invigorating energy during a Capricorn new moon.

Scents: Woodsy, grounded scents are great for Capricorn moons, so break out the cedarwood, cypress and myrrh again. Add something like sweet orange or ylang ylang to create a complex and deeply satisfying scent. If you live in an area with pine trees, you could even bring in a few pinecones. The scent of sap and pine needles invigorates but is grounding at the same time.

Colors: Capricorn colors are usually darker, like black or dark blue, but since we’re trying to stay away from moodiness, try brightening it up with neutral or soft colors that are still Cap approved, just not so serious. Think creme, artichoke, dusty blue or a muted rose. Choose fabrics that can transition easily between work and play. Cottons and synthetic blends are great if they’re lightweight but not overly flowy. For your home, surround yourself with cozy fabrics to relax in once you’ve finished up all your hard work.

Food: You’re finalizing or have finalized your projects, so why not cook up something to celebrate? Just because this moon has stable, practical energy doesn’t mean you should eschew your fun side. This is the time to show your love to the people you care about, so a celebratory summer cake is great for sharing with others. Not only can you all join each other in sharing your accomplishments, but berry cake is the perfect addition to any midsummer parties or gatherings. Since it’s summer, berries should be in abundance, so it might be worth trying out a refreshing strawberry shortcake, lemon blueberry cake, or something with raspberries, blackberries, red currents- whatever is ripe!

You can make the cake as simple or as complex as you like depending on your skills in the kitchen, but if you really want some downtime the simplest solution is boxed cake mix. Just prepare the batter according to instructions, stir in whatever berries you like, then pour into a sheet pan and spread it out. Top with more berries and bake according to instructions, or a little longer if the berries are making the cake too moist. You can even sprinkle some sugar and lemon on a few of the berries before adding them to the top of the cake. Add some whipped topping or frosting for serving, and that’s that.

Of course, if you’re feeling more ambitious with this Capricorn energy try making a cake from scratch, and if you have dietary restrictions use substitutions. Either way, this cake will be versatile and delicious. 

Crystals: Smoky quartz is great for grounding and protection, but it also helps get rid of negative emotions that might be popping up right now. Also, since Capricorns are known for being a bit serious and inflexible, that energy could be holding you down a bit. Malachite is a great way to balance these emotions since it encourages flexibility, change, transformation, and eases disgruntled emotions.


Since this full moon falls around the summer solstice (and exactly on midsummer if you’re in the UK) it’s a great excuse to keep the festivities going all week. This is, after all, said to be a magical time when the unexpected could happen, so get out into the world. For this particular moon, we’re suggesting a very simple ritual of completion that encourages you to feel gratitude.

You can do this with friends or alone. At the start of the day gather flowers or herbs that represent what you have accomplished or received, and can now release into the world. For instance, if you’ve had an increase in wealth you may want to gather basil, cinnamon, and chamomile. If you’ve been blessed with new love, you can gather together lavender, bay leaves, and roses. This should help you focus on what you’ve been given in the past few months, since the new moon in Capricorn (January). If you can, try braiding your flowers/herbs together and wearing them- flower crowns are especially popular this time of year. If not, you can always just bundle them together in a bouquet or bag and keep them with you throughout the day. 

As dusk approaches, find a place to watch the sunset, preferably somewhere high but anywhere you can watch it go down is fine. Have some midsummer food and drink. If you made the berry cake above, it’s perfect for this moment. If you are with other people, you may want to talk about or even just meditate on your gifts/accomplishments, symbolized by your bundles/crowns. You can always add flowers/herbs for multiple blessings as well. Enjoy the sun setting, relax, and try to indulge in this moment as much as possible. 

Once the sun is completely set, you can finish your food and drink, and find a quiet place outdoors to dispose of your bundles or crowns. Since they will disintegrate naturally you can just toss them aside or bury them, but you may want to keep one or two to dry and/or press. This way you have a memory of the good in your life at this moment.

Tarot spread

This spread helps us to let go of control if that’s something you’re dealing with during the full moon.

  1. Where (in what aspect of my life) do I need to let go of control?
  2. What is the first step in releasing my desire to control things?
  3. Where else can I devote my desire for order and persistence?
  4. What will this release of control (potentially) bring me?
  5. (Depending on card number 4 and how you feel about it) How can I ensure this result or how can I push for an even better result? 
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  • David

    Great Full Moon in Capricorn spread with my powerful Weaver Tarot deck.

    1) 10 of Wands (reversed) – Trying to control a burden that is impossible to carry anymore.

    2) 7 of Swords – Stop sneaking around in order to avoid consequences. Be open with my feelings no matter the outcome. (Stems from childhood trauma)

    3) 3 of Swords – Embrace the pain of the moment. Be present with the pain of loss, knowing it is necessary to move forward.

    4) 8 of Swords – Freedom! I can move forward if I want.

    5) Ruler of Cups (reversed) – Check in with my feelings often. Build trust in confiding in others.

  • Jeannie

    Thank you for this. Really. Very nice.

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