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New Moon in Virgo Card Pull For You

New Moon in Virgo Card Pull For You

If you got our text, here is your card pull for this new moon!



If you were to visualize the Big Bang – the force from which all life was made…the Ace of Wands would be the idea that sparked the Big Bang.

It is life springing forth from a creative place. It represents that which remains unseen to the outside world, but real to you, and it can spur a massive change. It is the beginning for sure, but drawing this card is an encouraging message from the universe to “go forth and create.” It also indicates a sense of urgency…it doesn’t mean rush, but it means you have the momentum and passion, now use it. If you have been working on something, expect new insights and a potential positive shift.

Consider this moment a gift – it is a bright opportunity and you get to choose what you want to do with it. To capitalize on this opportunity, check all doubts at the door. You may be flooded with inspiration and ideas… grab a pen and notebook 53 and get it down! Do not worry about the “hows” of everything, simply be in the flow.



The Six of Coins is an incredibly layered card with a lot of nuances. On the one hand, this card indicates good fortune and a burst of abundance coming through. Diving a bit deeper, this card asks you to examine your relationship with wealth by seeing which aspect of the card you identify most with.

Are you in a place of financial security?

Are your income and expenses balanced?

Are you in a place where you are able to give?

If not, are you the taker?

This card does not contain judgment, so wherever you currently find yourself is okay.

It is important, however, to be able to view your patterns from an unbiased place. Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships or situations where there is a give/take dynamic – this dynamic is typically from family of origin conditioning.

Whether we are the giver or the taker, it is where we feel most comfortable and it becomes something woven into our identity. As the giver, you may love the good feelings that come with “making a difference.” As the taker, you may fear instability and not trust yourself fully.

An important 149 aspect of this card is the long-term plan. If you are giving, what are you giving to those around you that help them learn to take care of themselves? If you are taking, what is your long-term plan? If external help dried up, how would you survive? This could confront a core wound of yours, but self-sufficiency is vital to your long-term wellbeing.

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  • Shanice

    I’ve been getting six of pentacles a lot lately! Like in every pull so this is a little freaky that I got it again but it lets me know that it’s something I have to focus on! Thank you!

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