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New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus



May’s new moon is in indulgent, nature-loving Taurus, so it is time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures but also reevaluate your values. Are you being stubborn or have you learned to go with the flow and accept change? Have you found ways to love yourself for who you are or are you focused on material wealth as a sign that you are worthy? Taurus people are steady and devoted, so allow yourself to take pride in moments when you have embodied these qualities or take the time to re-devote yourself. We’re also using this new moon as an excuse to reconnect with the earth and enjoy the blessings of spring.

Sensory Guide

Scents: Deep, woodsy and earthy scents are perfect for this new moon and help us feel more grounded. Cedarwood allows us to connect to others and to our higher self. Myrrh connects us to the earth and helps with overthinking. Frankincense supports spiritual grounding and clarity. My personal favorites for this new moon are cypress, which helps create more flexibility, and sandalwood, for emotional grounding. The two together are perfect for feeling stable and helping you take charge in life.

Colors and textiles: Colors for this moon are also very earthy. You can think of browns and greens, but don’t discount pops of colors. Enjoy a palette that reminds you of rolling hills or deep forests dotted with bright flowers. Soft pinks, whites, violets, and yellows are particularly lovely accents to green. If you’re dressing up in these colors don’t be afraid to go full magical earth creature. Walk around barefoot, climb a tree, and choose fabrics that are both strong and soft. Polyester and cotton blends are versatile but silk, which is known for its soft texture, is the strongest natural fabric in the world. It’s a great reminder of how we can be both at the same time.

Food: New moons are usually about starting new things, so we can take this moment to try out some new “earthy” foods. Root veggies are arguably the earthiest foods out there but you don’t have to default to potatoes and carrots. Why not try some celeriac, yuca (also called cassava), Jerusalem artichoke, or jicama? If it feels a bit late in the season for root veggies try lighter earthy foods like mushrooms, nuts, seeds, kale, chard- or start a new venture by experimenting with sustainable recipes. 

Just what “sustainable” means can vary. Some might choose dairy free and plant based. Others might choose to use only locally produced foods, including meats. There’s also the option to try growing in your own backyard or wherever you have space. Whatever you do, there are plenty of sustainable recipes out there that will fit what you’re looking for. Try celebrating spring and earth by making a delicious chocolate beetroot cake.

Crystals: What kind of energy are you trying to draw on during this Taurus new moon? If you’re looking for stability and less anxiety, black tourmaline and hematite are wonderful. Smoky quartz is great if you’re looking to face your fears and promote inner strength. Rhodonite helps heal trauma and calms anxiety as well. Try any of these to feel more stable in daily life.



Grounding rituals are particularly powerful during this spring new moon but there are two different ways that people often practice grounding (these are examples, though they can differ). As a therapeutic technique, grounding is used to balance emotional and mental upset by anchoring you to the moment and space you are in. As a spiritual technique this balance is still a goal, but so too is physical and spiritual groundedness via connection with the Earth. 

Therapeutic techniques often use the five senses to ground you. For example, if you’re having a lot of anxiety you may touch certain soothing items, breathe deeply, savor a particular food or scent, or listen to the environment around you. Some people try a 5-4-3-2-1 technique. To do this you would find a number of things for each sense, in whatever order works. E.g. you would note five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. Keep in mind there are many more grounding therapies out there.

If you prefer a method that focuses on connecting with the Earth directly, you can use the senses to do that as well. Go out into the natural world and let your skin have contact with natural bodies of water or the soil. Some people try “earthing” which posits that there are electrical charges from the earth that can have positive effects on your body, though there is little scientific evidence on it. Regardless, we do know that being in contact with the natural world does have an effect on mood and dirt can make us happy- so it stands to reason that walking around barefoot can’t hurt. Just standing in the grass for a few minutes everyday can be a lovely way to reconnect with the Earth. Even if you are in a city - interact with the nature around you however you can - activate that green thumb in your apartment!

Here are a few audio's that may help you this New Moon! We recommend trying: Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Shake It Off Exercise and Experience Your Environment. 

Tarot spread:

This spread is also about, you guessed it, grounding yourself. It helps you deepen your connection with the earth and, in turn, feel more stable and balanced. This combines both forms of grounding, so feel free to adapt it if you’d rather focus on one or the other.


  1. What is keeping me from feeling grounded?
  2. How can I deepen my connection to the Earth?
  3. What is the central lesson to take away from this connection?
  4. How can I apply this lesson to continual grounding?/How can I continue to feel grounded in my daily life?
  5. What can I give back to the Earth in gratitude? 


This last step is important. Remember that the Earth nurtures us but we should be responding in kind. Think about what you can do for the Earth on this May new moon. 


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  • Tamara Schaefer

    These words are so uplifting and reconnecting. Thank you💛🙏🏻

  • Nessa Moonbeam Eck

    Love all the juicy tips n’ tricks given each month! Much obliged.💖

  • Paulina

    Love everything about threads of fate:) thank you 🙏

  • Tammy Carrico

    Thank you so much! Getting ready to do my tarot reading now.

  • Rowan

    I am so glad this came out! I was looking at my phone all day in anticipation. These really help me connect better with my inner self when I’m not always sure how. Thank you for all you do and the effort you put in!

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