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Full moon in Sagittarius

Full moon in Sagittarius


Pining for adventure? Feeling restless and wild? Not only is the full moon in Sagittarius, astrology’s fun loving wanderer, but it’s also a Supermoon. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also have a lunar eclipse visible in many parts of the world. In other words, this is a very powerful moon.

Although it’s not the time to start something new, any rituals for cleansings, for completing a cycle, for letting go, or for things coming to fruition are far more powerful. This is the culmination of something profound and maybe even the end of a chapter in your life. Perhaps your quest for knowledge has brought you some sort of intellectual success or your time of intellectual stagnation is over.

Similarly this could be the high point of some sort of journey, or an indication that the static period in your life is over.
 Just be careful with impulsivity, since any problems that come about because of being short-sighted are also heightened. 

Sensory Guide

Now is the time to get inspired with unusual and adventurous scents. If you can’t travel just yet take a trip down memory lane via scents that remind you of somewhere you’ve been or seek out a scent that makes you want to go somewhere new. Perhaps there’s a damp, mossy, scent that reminds you of the American south, or something with tropical fruit and heavy florals that takes you to your favorite beach. Unusual scents like leather and campfire also have an adventurous aspect. If you’d like something lighter, get inspired by optimistic and joyous Sagittarius with playful scents, like gardenia, citrus, melon or even candy. 

Colors and textiles: Bring some joy to your wardrobe with bright, cheery yellow, orange and fiery red. Yellow is particularly powerful right now since we’re on the cusp of summer. Purple is also a great choice for if your full moon journey is more intellectual/spiritual than physical, since it signifies enlightenment. Of course if there’s another bright color that makes you feel confident, go with that. You should feel fulfilled and happy on this full moon, or at least look for ways to bring a little more celebration and confidence into your life. For textiles, go with light, airy fabrics. Chiffons or crepes if you’re feeling fancy or just light cotton and linen for a more toned down look. If you’re decorating your home sheer, breezy fabrics can open the space up to light, making everything brighter and cheerier.

Food: Now is the time to enjoy ripe, fresh spring foods. Celebrate the full moon with an array of fruits and veggies, especially those that are in season locally. It’s the perfect time to head to the farmer’s market and explore what’s being grown close to home. You can also cater to your inner child and celebrate with summer inspired treats. Try ice cream, carmel corn, or anything else that reminds you of fairgrounds or a day at the beach.

Crystals: If you’re feeling a change of scenery, why not make yourself a crystal travel pouch? Get a small bag or box that is easy to carry with you and either incorporate your favorite crystals or use our suggestions for a magical travel pack. 

Malachite and moonstone have both been called traveler’s stones, with moonstone being particularly good for travel over water. Moonstone has also been known as the “sailor’s stone”. 

Labradorite is a stone of synchronicity and magic, so it may just get you into fortuitous situations while out and about. Amethyst is powerful protection and good luck. There are some who claim shungite helps protect against exposure to EMF (electromagnetic fields) but there is no evidence of this. Either way, the CDC notes that the amount of radiation exposure during air travel, for instance from the east to the west coast of the U.S., is less than in a typical chest x-ray. In other words, it is inconsequential because it occurs at such low levels but it may not hurt to carry shungite anyway if it eases your stress. Rhodonite helps to balance emotional relationships, which could ease conflict with a travel partner or help you make new travel buddies. You can finish off your travel pack with a stone like garnet, which ensures a safe return home. 


Full moons are about enjoying the things you’ve worked for. Why not take this bright Sagittarius energy and use it to celebrate the bridge between spring and summer? Decorate your home or your altar with fresh flowers, bright colors, and any of the sensory elements we already mentioned. The moon here is about seeking joy and enlightenment, so it's not just about having fun but about seeing your hopes and dreams take shape. 

Once you’ve decorated for this transitory time, try an activity to see where your desires and fulfillment align. All you need is a pen and paper. On one side of the paper list your emotional, mental, or spiritual desires in life (as thoughts or feelings). Then draw a line down the middle of the paper. On the other side, assign something you already have or will accomplish that satisfies the corresponding desire.

If you’re unsure of something that satisfies a particular desire just leave it blank for now. Full moons are more for reveling in your accomplishments, so this list should show you what actions/people/little things are currently fulfilling your desires in life. Seeing it written out can really help us acknowledge what is important. Then we can continue focusing our energy for fulfillment at all levels- material, emotional, spiritual, etc. When the next full moon comes around you can go back to the list and fill out any you’ve left blank. 

Tarot Spread

This spread is for a journey of any kind, whether it be geographical, intellectual or otherwise. When you ask these questions keep in mind what type of journey you are asking about. If you are completely unsure what type of journey is most important right now, the first question can help you answer this, but if you have an idea (for instance I want to go on a trip somewhere) then the first question can help you narrow it down (do you see lots of water elements? Maybe somewhere beachy?)

  1. What is the journey I am embarking on at the moment?
  2. How can I best protect myself throughout this journey?
  3. What should I be striving for most during this journey?
  4. Who should I reach out to during this journey?
  5. Where might this journey lead?

The last question is of course highly mutable and dependent on a number of ever changing factors. If you want to ensure this happens (or that it doesn’t) you can ask follow up questions for further details or advice.

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  • Kara

    The spread was beautiful and very insightful ❤️

  • Nicole


    I’m a beginner and was wondering if you had an recommendations for me



  • Cortney Kotzian

    I love everything about your work, it’s been so helpful on my journey towards financial freedom, advocacy, and transitioning careers. I’m a Sagittarius, this moon absolutely marks a moment in time for me. Thank you so much for your work! Im going to do the above tarot reading and am excited to see where it leads!

  • Maria

    Thank you

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