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New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

Since Libra is a diplomatic and personable sign, Libra moons always encourage harmony and peace. In fact, this new moon may be a time when you move away from the self and ego & prioritize harmony within your group, whether it be within your family, friends, community, etc. Although this peacekeeping can be detrimental in some instances, now and again it humbles us in a productive way. Libras are also known for their natural grace, charm and the way they search for beauty in the world- so don’t be afraid to indulge in whatever beauty you find during this new moon!



Scents: Use this new moon to surround yourself with a beautiful and romantic ambiance. Classic romantic scents like rose, vanilla and lavender are always lovely but maybe try some other classics like violet, passion fruit, and cardamom- they may be more your speed.

Colors and Textiles: Libra energy is all about balance, so try having fun with your wardrobe by balancing neutrals with pops of bright color. This creates a sophisticated, fun and harmonious look. Looking for inspiration? What about a tan look with lime green accents, or a soft rose outfit with pops of neon yellow. For textiles, dress to impress. Try shimmery lycras, sequins, cotton silk satin, princess lace satin, or any other fun & flirty fabric. 

Food: For an exciting Libra inspired snack, try a sweet and salty balance. There are classic flavor combinations like chocolate covered pretzels, kettle popcorn and bacon and maple syrup. Or maybe try some slightly more unusual combos: Pears with blue cheese, melon and prosciutto, or a variety of jams and cheeses (apricot and brie, fig and goat cheese, strawberry and cheddar... we could go on and on). 

Crystals: Celebrating the new moon’s focus on relationships, we suggest using emerald for relationship stability, lapis lazuli or turquoise for communication, yellow jasper for clarity and problem solving, jade for reigniting a relationship or finding new love, or kunzite for self love and overcoming self doubt.


Libra energy can create indecision and problems with trusting your intuition, especially if you may be prone to trying to keep the peace without honoring your needs. However, this energy is also about fairness and a sense of justice (think about Libras symbol: the scales). This ritual helps you counter Libra indecisiveness and make a decision. 

This ritual will require a pendulum, but if you don’t own one you can make one very cheaply. Use a string or chain, a rock or gem, and some glue or jewelry findings. Alternatively, you can use a necklace you already own that has a heavy pendant on it with a point or semi-point, like a heart shaped pendant or a crystal. Once you have a pendant, you can begin.


While the first step can technically be skipped, it helps to sharpen your mind. Consume garden sage in some form, whether you bake a quick bread with it, make a tea, or just fry up some of the leaves with some salt and eat them as a snack. Sage is said to help improve memory and cognitive function, but we would encourage you to seek out studies if you’re interested in the data, since we are by no means medical doctors or scientists. 

Once you have consumed your sage, take a blank piece of paper and in the center write out the decision you need help with. Then, in a circle around this main problem, write out all the possible choices. Clear your mind except for the central question, and then hold your pendulum over the center of the paper. Keep your hand steady and wait for the pendulum to begin moving.

These are the possible outcomes and their meanings:

  • The pendulum moves strongly, directly towards one choice: This is the best choice.
  • The pendulum wavers between two choices: Something in between the two is the best option. Try and think of a way you may be able to combine them.
  • The pendulum circles the paper, basically swinging around to all of the answers: The best option is inconclusive and you may need to try again in a week or so or change the choices you’ve written out.
  • The pendulum does not move much at all: You need to change the initial question. The decision to be made may actually be different than you think.

That’s really all there is to this ritual- but remember you don’t need to do whatever the pendulum says. Like anything else, free will is always available and you should let your intuition guide you. Maybe the pendulum gives you an answer that you hate- then you know the right answer! Sometimes these things work in trickier ways than we might initially think. 


This is a spread for social harmony inspired by the Libra social energy that’s sparked during this new moon. 

  1. Who in my social circle should I be focused on at the moment? (this could be for better or worse, maybe they’ve been helpful or kind or maybe they betrayed you or have been cruel).

  2. Why should I be focused on them?

  3. How can I improve harmony within my social group as a whole?

  4. How can I open myself up to new relationships or communities?

  5. How can I deepen relationships in my existing social circle?  
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