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Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

Aries energy is all about confidence and moving head first into the next big thing- even if you haven’t sufficiently planned ahead. You might be feeling impulsive now and also very independent. This balances the peace-making and communal spirit of Libra from the start of the month. Although you could become too bossy, overbearing and attention seeking, you can also use Aries traits for good. Spontaneity, creativity, and tons of physical energy make this a great time to play. 


Scents: Aries are natural born leaders, so on this full moon try strong, impressive scents that make you feel like a boss. We like tobacco, coriander, leather, chili, gin, or pink peppercorn.

Colors & Textiles: Normally when you think of Aries, you might think of red and other fire colors. For this full moon, however, transition from that Libra energy slowly with softer versions of these fire hues. We suggest pink or saffron yellow. Even white can be a great option. Textiles should make you feel like a boss too, so wear whatever makes you feel ready to take charge, whether that’s suiting material, workout gear, or a bit of lace.

Food: Aries are spontaneous, impulsive and creative. Take advantage of that energy by hosting a surprise, last minute get together with whatever food you have at home. Get creative and whip up some inspired snacks, or invite people over for an impulsive take out and movie night. Since Aires energy can be off putting and strong headed, this will help you hone your social skills and not get too caught up in the independent spirit of this moon.

Crystals: Indulge positive Aires qualities with tiger's eye for vision, fierceness, and wealth or counter the not so amazing qualities, with chrysoberyl for discipline and self control. Amber is another lovely stone for this occasion, which also aids in decision making, strengthens intellect and helps your desires come to fruition.


This ritual is about creating an amulet for bravery to take with you and use whenever you need an extra boost of confidence. It's best on the Aires full moon, as this is perhaps the bravest sign of the zodiac. 

You need the amulet or object to start with, ideally a red gemstone of some sort. This way you can wear it or just carry it with you in a pocket, purse, etc. If you don’t have a red gemstone, substitute any other hard, palm sized or smaller object, so long as it's red or symbolizes bravery in some way.

Once you have your object, set up your blessing tools. Gather some thyme or another herb that symbolizes bravery and strength. Bundle it together or toss it in a fireproof bowl to burn. Then lay out a small bowl of water. If you have a yard where you can bury things, that's best, but if not set up a small pot with some soil. 

First bury your stone either in the pot or outside in your garden (just leave a marker so you don’t forget where!). As you bury it, meditate on how you are also burying your baggage and moving forward bravely. The next morning, or when you can, unbury the stone and bring it to your altar/workspace. Burn the thyme, put the fire out and pass the stone through the smoke. As you do, think about the smoke obscuring your fears. Finally, pour water over the stone, cleaning it and also meditating on how you are washing away any hesitancy.

Now your stone is ready to be used as an amulet. Simply carry it with you whenever you need extra support or to feel courageous. 


This spread looks at your work and leadership.

  1. Where is my career headed?
  2. In what aspect of my work have I been overbearing?
  3. Where do I need to apply more energy in my work?
  4. What type of leadership role suits me?
  5. How can I be more of a team player?
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  • Marna STREET

    Thankyou for this post. Lots of great information.

  • Amanda K Vance

    Thank you.
    I look forward to these messages

  • Laura

    Aries energy, my sun sign!! I’ve never heard my energy was off putting- maybe my cancer moon-allows for a warmer healing energy.. my motto in life is I’ll try anything twice..
    Aries are fierce, independent, intelligent, loyal and unusually sensitive.. some of my dearest friends are also Aries and the different weeks we were, capitalize some of biggest differences. Those born after my week tend to be the most laid back of the Aries..
    Nothing beats an Aries friend-don’t ever hurt who they love, otherwise you will meet the God of War..
    Happy Manifestations, and enjoy the extra energy, and bold personality you feel! You ARE MAGICK! ✌️🌻🏳️‍🌈

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