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New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo

Since this new moon falls in Leo, we’re thinking about all the possibilities that abound when you focus on boosting your confidence, standing up, and being a leader when you need to be. This is your chance to start ambitious projects and invite others on your journey. While you may want to take charge, Leos are also known for being warm, inviting, and generous- so don’t forget to give back to others as well.

Sensory Guide

Scents: Take a sniff of anything invigorating right now. Some classics are peppermint, sweet orange, ginger root, lemon, vetiver, and green apple. 

Colors and textiles: You may be thinking fire colors that are associated with Leo are the way to go, but Leos are attractive in anything bright and show-stopping. Try brights and neons, like green and fuscia. Maybe even try to add some color into your work-ready wear (depending on what that means for you). For textiles, wear anything that makes you feel confident, whether that’s silk, tweed, or soft jersey. If you feel good in it, wear it!

Food: If you’re still getting beautiful summer weather where you live, play with fire. Host a bbq or just do some grilling for your household. There are so many options no matter your diet and you can make a huge amount of food, for guests or leftovers. Try out some spicy recipes for extra fire or give a tamarind based BBQ sauce a try. Just use tamarind paste or strain your own from tamarind pods. Then add a sweetener (like molasses, honey, brown sugar, or even ketchup), some spice (chipotle works great, chili powder, garlic, cumin, or paprika), and possibly a little extra vinegar (apple cider vinegar). Whatever combination of ingredients you use, the tangy, bright flavor of the tamarind should come through and make your ribs or tofu shine.

Crystals: For a confidence boost try carrying around a garnet or sunstone. Orange calcite is great for playfulness and boosting motivation, and carnelians are good for creativity and will help invigorate you.


This is a fun and kind of silly ritual that should help you with a creative block. Try and take a childlike perspective to it and let yourself be open to anything that inspires you. You’ll need:

-three pieces of paper/cardstock

-three colors (can be pen, paint, colored pencil, anything)

-tarot or oracle cards

-optional: extra paper for writing

To start, pull three tarot or oracle cards randomly from your deck. Then, lay a piece of paper underneath each card. For each card that you draw, pick out some element or elements that inspire you. Then sketch or paint something different that is related to the card but not actually visible on it. Open your mind to the possibilities. 

For instance, if you are using a tarot deck and pull the Star, you don’t want to paint stars, space, water, jugs, etc. Ask yourself what else this card makes you think of. Is there a particular event, association, person, etc.? Perhaps for the star card you draw a disco ball- shiny and made for stars! Maybe you’re thinking about the trust aspect of this card and you draw a parent and child. There is no wrong and right. Maybe you’re using the Threads of Fate Oracle deck and you draw the Get Creative card. It has crow wings, an iris and a sun shape- so you choose to draw a farm landscape that reminds you of the crow and sun. You get the idea.

Do the entire first image in one color, the next image in a second color and the third image in your last color. When you’re done think of a story that connects each image you’ve drawn. Let’s say you have a blue farm, a red guitar and a green bear coming from the Queen of Pentacles, the Page of Wands and the Strength card. What story do these inspired drawings tell? Feel free to write it down if you want to. If you’d like, you can also think about the story that the cards you pulled tell together. Is this different or the same as the story the drawings tell?

This doesn’t have to be too serious. Pretend you’re writing a lighthearted children’s book or telling someone a silly story. You can make it more in depth and serious if you’d like, but the point is just to get yourself thinking creatively, so enjoy the process!


This is a pretty straightforward spread for confidence. Enjoy feeling good about yourself!

  1. What success in my life have I not celebrated enough?
  2. What unique personality trait or talent do I have?
  3. What do others admire about me?
  4. How can I use these traits/talents to benefit others?
  5. How can I use these traits/talents to benefit myself?
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