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This is a card pull for you! From the 3 cards below, select whichever one you are drawn to the most. 





Card One


The Wildling indicates that it's time to connect to the most primal parts of yourself. This may mean you need to detach a bit from people around you so you can hear the whispers of your deepest knowing without the influence of others. The Wildling is raw, empowered and independent. Many people are intimidated by them because they need little from others and prioritize radical freedom which can be unsettling as most of society operates within unspoken expectations and contracts. The Wildling burns the contract and heads into the woods.

Wildling comes to us as an ally when we need to break free of the systems that limit us. The Wildling within us remembers a time where we lived with the land, when we walked barefoot, when our lives were in alignment with the natural world. This card is a call for remembrance. A good way to invoke the Wildling is to dive deeper into our body and hear what it needs from us on our most primal level.

A balanced Wildling prioritizes freedom but remains grounded. They possess an instinct that may not make sense to others, but never leads them astray. They are present to their own emotions and needs, and will spend time on their personal development. An unbalanced Wildling is in a state of perpetual chaos. They are avoidant and often use the external for a band aid of their internal dis-ease, which often means they are constantly moving on to the next thing. What they move on to never ends up being what they hoped for.


Card Two


The Seeker indicates a need for energy, movement, vitality and excitement. The Seeker is childlike at heart and has faith that, at its core, the world is a beautiful place. As we grow older, it is easy to lose touch with our innocence and sense of wonder. We have responsibilities, stressful home and work environments, external pressures, physical sensitivities and dis-ease – in the end we get locked into a survival mentality and we don’t know how to break free.

The Seeker’s message is one of reclamation. It is not so much about ridding yourself of the stress, but remembering your essence. Slowly nurture your sense of wonder to all that is around you. You may feel silly at first, but keep working on it to balance out the negative. Replace statements of “what if everything goes wrong” with “what if everything is exactly as it should be?”

Balanced Seeker energy is one of empowerment, curiosity and feeling confident to navigate both the external and internal worlds. If Seeker is out of balance you may be a bit untethered. You may be pushing yourself on to the next thing, thinking that may be your “cure.” An unbalanced seeker energy may also give their power away to others. As seekers we must remember that we are gathering experiences and wisdom for growth, not because we believe it is a prescription to fix our perceived issues.


Card Three


Sometimes while we are navigating our day to day to life we can lose sight of our highest purpose in this earthly realm … this card asks you to once again check in with your soul purpose. It is not possible to be derailed from your soul path, no matter where you are, but clarity does help us show up for it in a more intentional way. Sit with these questions: What are you here to teach? What are you here to learn? What stirs in your heart? Spend some time reflecting upon your soul mission and how you can integrate it into your life.

The life of the bee is all centered in one mission: to nurture the colony. There are different types of bees and they each have their unique job but it is all to serve the collective. The bee is an ally for our soul mission because once we have an idea of what we are here to do and how we want to do it, they can teach us how to create structure and productivity. Call upon bee when you are in the liminal space between knowing and action.

The aspen tree is unique because it grows in colonies where all the trees share an underground root system and each tree is 46 part of the same single organism. The Aspen is an ally of remembering. They grow and re-populate themselves by sprouting clones up from that colony of roots. So even as one or more trees die, the heart of that tree lives on in the root system and the stand can be re-populated. In fact, one of the oldest living organisms in the world is an Aspen colony in Utah – estimated to be at least 80,000 years old. Your soul has lived many times, and in those lives circumstances may change but your soul has awakened and will continue to awaken to it’s highest calling. Imagine your soul as the Aspen’s underground root system, and each life as a tree. Connect to the roots, your soul that has lived many times, what does it have to say? What is its mission?

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not created from coal. They come from the earth’s depths and are produced by the intense heat of volcanoes and cosmic collisions. Our soul work often appears to us in the same way – it is unearthed over time, born from experiences of fire. From your experiences, what message has connected them all? What diamond of wisdom has revealed itself to you? Call on Diamond as an ally of transformation in the alchemical process of making your soul’s work manifest.

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  • Nicole

    I picked 3 but also was attracted to 2 and after reading them it was clear #3 was for my earthly self…#2 was a reminder for my soul…thanks so much I needed those messages and as usual the universe sends me to the places I’m meant to find them! Your decks are gorgeous and I will be getting one as soon as I can!

  • Byron

    Wow. Thank you. As you can imagine, synchronicity lead me to this site and to read your wonderful message.

    It was accurate as I knew it would be.
    Trusting the universe as I do.

    I really am now considering getting a set of wonderful cards as soon as possible.

    The beautiful metaphysical knowledge is outstanding and I appreciate your work.

    My choice was number 3.

    Loving regards to you

    Byron (South Africa)

  • GLoria RIvera

    I picked card 2 “the seeker”
    Definitely resonates thank you! 🔥

  • Dustin

    The Seeker for me, it’s an integral struggle I have.

  • Sheila

    Thank you for reminding me.

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