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A lil' update from us:

Is your year flying like ours? Like Hoooooly shit I thought it was January! lolol. It's feeling so potent for us and I hope it is for you too.

Something I have been repeating as a mantra recently is a Nietzsche quote: love of fate. I have always LOVED doing internal work. And sometimes people have asked me why I don't struggle so much with feeling like I "should" be better or that I have so much to fix. For me, I just love the process, so I love when I find more things I get to work on too.

This Nietzsche quote, inviting us to love our fate, has felt so powerful for me. Because no matter what happens, that is my fate, and therefore, I must be in love with it. Well, not must, but it certainly lessens resistance. Are there any things that you're holding close to your heart as you navigate the waters right now?

As a team, we are still working on our new kickstarter! If you haven't heard, we are working on a couple new decks + offerings which we are SO excited about. There will be a companion Tarot deck to the Empyrean oracle, a Rune deck and a secret new oracle (with accompanying book). A glimpse of the Runes is below ;)

We anticipate launching pretty soon so make sure to keep your eyes on your inbox and insta!

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A note on this Full Moon from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

We are BIG FANS of Winter. We have shared ceremonial space with her, gotten multiple readings from her and are big fans of her music. We highly recommend checking out her work! 

Book Winter for an Astro reading here. 
Listen to Winter's music here. 
Follow Winter on Insta here. 
Check out here website here. 

  • This earthy Full Moon brings a moment of grounding, allowing us to assess our life’s foundation and experience a culmination of hard work paid off. Analytical, organized Virgo bridges the mental and the physical realms. With a sharp mind, this sign supports us in bringing our thoughts through to manifest in the material world around us.

    As the Moon shines in her peak of light, what is she illuminating as related to the ways you organize your life? Tune into your daily rhythms, habits and health. Tracing the past six months within these areas of your life, find the patterns that are revealed about how you yourself are thriving and shining in these Virgo-ruled areas and/or where there may be challenges and more discipline is needed.

    Virgo, archetype of the maiden, works with the power of purity. Let the Moon’s light illuminate your own purity, untainted by the thoughts or words of others. It is here in your pure essence, that you will find the best way to proceed forward with a healthy rhythm which supports balance of body and mind.

Scents for Virgo

For this Full Moon, choose fresh and earthy scents that feel grounding but also enlivening. 

Fresh linen, lemon or citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and white tea are all great options. 

Colors and Fabrics for Virgo

Earthy tones like browns and greens are associated with Virgo, but so are bright whites. We’d suggest any pastels that are bright too, perhaps a light sage green. For fabrics, fresh linen always brings to mind feeling clean, crisp, and put together- but anything lightweight and all natural will suit the full moon energy. A pressed white linen outfit can work wonders. 

Foods for Virgo

For this full moon celebrate with foods that are healthy and nourishing. You know your body best - what feels nourishing for it right now? We have been super into Macro bowls recently (hello 2013!) because they’re super easy and versatile. Throwing in whatever we have in the fridge is fun and playing with layers of flavors is theeee best.

Gemstones for Virgo

Look for crystals on this full moon that are cleansing, like onyx, clear or smoky quartz, black tourmaline, tigers eye, and selenite. These can remove bad energy from you and your space, eliminating unwanted stress. We also love Chrysocolla and Carnelian to balance out any excessive Virgo vibes you may be feeling!

Card Spread for the Full Moon in Virgo

A spread to examine your daily foundations:

Card 1: What energies are you fueling every day that don’t serve you?
Card 2: What energies do you need to nurture each day?
Card 3: What small habits can help you build a foundation that will support you?
Card 4: What elements or energies do you need to bring into your external world that will help you? ( these are physical items for your immediate environment)


This is a full moon, so it’s time to enjoy feeling nourished and rejuvenated, not start new projects. That means although the focus here is on betterment of the self through organization, structure, and/or health, we don’t want to start anything too drastic- so the rituals provided are small moves that help maintain work you’re already doing.

Daily 10 Minutes:
Repetition is key to all rituals, even small, everyday ones. The key here is to take only 10 minutes a day to focus more heavily on something you’re already doing. For instance, we all have to clean up from time to time, but what if you spent 10 minutes a day doing light cleaning, like picking up things that have been misplaced? Maybe you spend time exercising regularly but you always leave out the stretching portion. Why not take a daily 10 minutes to incorporate that into your routine? These aren’t major, new changes. They’re small steps to add to what you’re already doing.

Spatial Sound Cleansing:
This can be done in conjunction with tidying up if you like but it doesn’t have to be. The goal here is to try a (potentially new) form of cleansing your space: cleansing with sound. For this method you can use an instrument, like a bell, tuning fork, singing bowls or drums. You also have the option to use your own body, through chants, singing, whistling, claps, or recorded sounds. These recordings can be nature sounds, music, white noise … Whatever feels cleansing to you. Many people swear by high frequency sounds to “push out” negative energy but really any sound that breaks up any stagnant energy in your space can feel cleansing.

With an instrument or your body begin making noise in the center of the room and gradually move outward until you’re satisfied that you’ve covered the space. If you are using a recording, simply put on the recording and then try to sit at the center of the room. Imagine the sound moving gradually throughout the room and pushing out negative energy. When you feel satisfied that the air has been cleared, you’re done! It’s as simple as that.