Snake + Dagger Cropped Tee
Snake + Dagger Cropped Tee
Snake + Dagger Cropped Tee
Snake + Dagger Cropped Tee

Snake + Dagger Cropped Tee


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The art featured on this top is heavy with symbolism and has become synonymous with TOF. Read below for more information on why the meaning behind this art and why you may want to add it to your wardrobe!

The dagger symbolizes swiftness, action, precision, intellect and intuition. With the eye on the dagger, it unites the seen and the unseen, the physical and the mental, to be used in conjunction - to thoughtfully visualize and take action. The dagger aids one in helping to cut through what holds us back and does not serve us on both the physics and metaphysical planes.

The snake is a deeply respected animal that embodies intimidation and grace; it is not reckless in its behavior. The snake is calculated, strong, precise, and methodical. As a symbol of rebirth, the snake asks us to continuously evolve and be flexible while flowing forward. The snakes body is softly coiled around the dagger, embracing it without constriction.

The double inverted waxing moon + 3 stars illicit balance and shifted perspective. The waxing moon embodied growth and forward movement. The 3 stars pull in the energies of past/present/future, mind/body/spirit, ethers/earth/underworld, birth/life/death. 

Color: White
Style: Crop Top
Fabric: Flowy poly blend with stretch
Fit: Regular with round neckline

65% polyester, 35% viscose
Gentle Machine Wash Cold

Made in USA

Decorative Symbol