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People are always asking us for readings, and while we would love to be able to make readings a regular part of our work, we are unfortunately too busy creating to do so. With that being said, we would love to recommend a few readers that we go to and love. 


S A N Y U  E S T E L L E

"Pigmented (78%), womoonist (as constant and faithful as the tides), cissy (femme but hetero-ish), multisexual (it's a spectrum, seems unwise to call it), travel-apt(Earth is a country) and fashion forward (Funk Flag Flyage) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior)."

Sanyu offers many different types of readings and every one we have received has been amazing. We love her because she really digs into the layers of the cards and offers a unique perspective - her wisdom is not limited to tarot and you will come away with a lot to ponder. Definitely swing by her blog too!


B R I T T A N Y  M A C


Brittany is a tarot and kundalini practitioner-in-training based out of Augusta, Georgia. Brittany has set out to guide people into the deepest parts of themselves to tear down and rebuild from within. She combines tarot, astrology, and the lunar cycles to build her practice and spends her time creating workshops and courses to make all things metaphysical as accessible as possible. When she’s not slingin’ cards and rearranging her crystals, you can find her at home, on the water, or on the road with her favorite Scorpio and three perfect pups.