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So we're doing a thing......

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am PST, we will be answering calls through our hotline number 1-888-MAGIC14.

You can give us a call and receive a live single card pull. the line might be busy, so just hang tight while we get to everyone 😍 We’ll be available from 10-11:00 AM pst.

We'd love your help in creating some more momentum for our Kickstarter too! Read on for more info : )

We hope you are well and enjoying the full bloom of Spring happening everywhere :)

We value you being here with us and would love your opinion - please read on!

We are 50% to our Kickstarter goal, and we are SO GRATEFUL to everyone who has backed so far. For those who haven't, we would really love your support!

We spent the past couple days deliberating on whether we should cancel it or not. But we really don't want to do that! The campaign feels so successful already, but because we kinda missed the memo on the #1 rule of Kickstarter, we have a ways to go. But we really believe in these decks, and we so badly want to make them.

We would love to create some more momentum for this project because we believe we can get there! We made some miscalculations that we would love to let you in on:

1. We set a pretty high funding goal. Remember how I mentioned we missed the golden rule? We didn't realize that most creators put a funding goal of significantly lower than their actual goal and budget so they can create more momentum. We put our actual goal to make this project come to life in a way that feels really good, including: placing large enough orders to get price breaks, being able to pay ourselves a little for the first time in a year, shipping by air. We can't change it now, so will you join us in pushing forward?

2. We overestimated how much of our audience is down for Kickstarter. We used numbers and projections from past website launches, but it seems so many of you would prefer to wait until September when the decks are shipping. We have received countless emails asking if these decks will be on our shop after the Kickstarter. The answer is...we don't know. And certainly not if we don't get funded. We really want to make them and keep selling them, but that's why people who back the kickstarter get special perks, free gifts and steep discounts! We would love it if you helped us make this project a reality.

In general, our business has shifted a lot since 2021 and we have been trying hard to see how we can keep making cool stuff. Kickstarter was the first part of that plan, but we are in a pickle now....again, see #1.

One thing we are really grateful for in regards to the challenges we are experiencing with this project is that it is pushing us to quickly enter the space we have been wanting to: Radical transparency and a lot more personality. In order to keep the excitement up for this project, we will be putting that foot forward, because at the end of the day: we are a family and team of 3. And we want to share that part of us with you all.

We'd love to introduce the 3 decks we hope to make: 

Let us know if you have any questions!!!