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From the beginning, we have always made financial contributions and donations a pillar of our business. We primarily support organizations and individuals who are/are in support of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer and Trans* folx. 

How much we contribute depends on our monthly sales and expenses, but it is typically in the range of $2-5k a month. We have automatic monthly donations towards many organizations, but most of our contributions go towards individuals. Often these are emergency needs, gender affirming surgery funds or Black liberation efforts. Most of the time, we come across these folx through our social channels. 

Here are some organizations we either make regular contributions to or have automatic payments set up with:

- Real Rent Duwamish
- Adopt A Native Elder
- Romani Relief Project
- The Traveller Movement
- Susu Heals Land Sovereignty 
- Canoe Journey Herbalists' Land Sovereignty
- The Bail Project
- Black Lives Matter
- Jim Collins Foundation
- Brave Space Alliance
Styles 4 Kidz

If there is an organization you love and think we should support, let us know!