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We hear all the time that our thoughts create our reality. And this statement is often misunderstood by both those who say it and those who hear it.

An easier way of understanding this concept is that our perceived reality echoes back our subconscious mind and conditioning. I say Echo, because it’s not so much a mirror - it’s rarely crystal clear. It can take a lot of needling to get to the heart of the matter.

We may think we have a lot of stress over money, only to come to find, that what we really struggle with is our value. So we check our bank every day (or never) and we stress and fret, but what we are truly doing is negotiating with these subconscious fears. We think the more we worry and try to fix our finances, we might feel valuable - we may be able to escape that hidden fear of “I have no value.” We are shaping our reality around this fear.

It’s not the external. We see what we think, feel and believe on a subconscious level. If you still had the same amount of money, but no stress over it, you would have a reality where you felt free and valuable. That’s the goal.

So when the Echo comes back to us, it is time to needle down. There is more to be seen and understood about the matter at hand, and it may be much different than you would expect.