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Hey there!

Thank you for checking out our initiative to create a more communal feed by featuring guest readers, writers, intuitives and mystics. 

Our deck has a lot of layers: crystals, herbs, animals, archetypes and larger concepts. We would love to share with our followers how you use the deck (readings) or if you would like to focus on one specific aspect of one card, that would be great too! We are pretty open to your creativity and how you want share what you know and have to offer. This is not intended for you to share on your page, but ours. If you want to repost it that’s great but not necessary...this is not us searching for ambassadors.

The perks for you:
- If you are trying to get exposure for your work, being featured on our page may be helpful in reaching a different audience. 
- We believe in equal exchange and are not looking to capitalize on your labor without you receiving anything in return (besides exposure). We are offering $25 for your post or a free deck (if you do not have one). You will be paid upon us receiving + approving the content.
- Being of service!

Here is a little bit more about what we're looking for:
- A thoughtful caption that you feel could be helpful to the community or something you want to share. If you want to write something longer for the newsletter that is great. You can totally be creative with this, we would love to highlight whatever is on your heart. If you are doing a reading, you can definitely combine our decks with other decks too. 
- Image: we have pretty specific qualities we look for in our images! If you have visited our feed you see we use white/black backgrounds for the most part with pretty good lighting. If you feel comfortable with being able to take your own that would fit our feed, great! We can give you more guidance on images but if not, we can take one for you. 
- While anyone can sign up for this, we will be prioritizing + centering Q/T/POC. 

How to go from here:
Shoot us an email at blaire@thethreadsoffate.com with what you want to write about. If it is a specific moon, astro period or event please let us know as we will be trying to create a calendar. We are SUPER busy making our tarot deck so won't be able to go back and forth about it with you, please have your own ideas! We are open to a series of connected posts if you would want to do that. 

In your email:
Subject: Community Post
Body: Name, instagram handle, website (if applicable), your idea, anything you want to share about yourself. We are unsure how many we will be doing per month (but if we receive enough interest we are hoping to do one a week).

Thank you!