The Empyrean
The Empyrean
The Empyrean
The Empyrean
The Empyrean

The Empyrean

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Ready to take it to the next level? ⚡️ The Empyrean was made for those that are. We all know the work ain't easy, but we still love it.



We love the inquiry, the explorations, the challenges, the ever-unfolding nature of it 🌀 And our toolbox 🛠 grows and blooms with us. This deck is one of those powerful tools, looking only for those that want to rise. It comes HEAVY - asking for your willingness, your boldness and your courage. ⚔️

Throughout the Pandemic we stopped creating. We were both being called to a big moment within that we needed to pay attention to. We journeyed with plant medicines, integrated, journeyed, integrated...over and over and over. In the fall of 2021 we were called to create once again - and our art had clearly changed. No longer were we trying to make everything comfortable and loving, we had come to find our voice in the many facets of love, not all of which are easy to swallow. It was with that fierce love that The Empyrean was born - we have never been so proud of something we have made. We know you will love it.

This deck will not be for everyone, and we know that. It will insist upon transformation - order only when you are called. It will be devoted to you when you are.  


- lenticular printing on front of card (2 images per card)
- holographic printing on back of card
- plastic, not cardstock
- 44 cards
- 4.25 x 3.75"
- Box and booklet are 5.25 x 4.75"
- Booklet is full color printing


A note on lenticular printing:
Due to the unique and sensitive nature of lenticular printing, slight variations and striations can occur with these cards. We went through each card in this run to make sure everything looked good, but please remember to be conscientious when handling this deck to elongate the life of your cards.

We find them to be very durable, but because there are layers to each card (the lenticular, the holographic layer, etc), we recommend not bending them or "bridging" them while shuffling as it can stress these layers, hand over hand shuffling is definitely best!

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