"What’s the difference between The Weaver Tarot editions?"

The question we get the most, HANDS DOWN, is: “What’s the difference between the editions?”

And to the naked eye, the answer is just the colorways: pastels vs. rich blacks vs. moody dreamscapes.

But we don’t go by naked eye alone, and I’m guessing you don’t either. So here is our long-awaited response and the results of our ~case study~.

We have our own feelings about each edition, but it was super important to talk to the people who work with these decks every day and find out why they keep turning to it.

We are so humbled that many people own each edition, and have loved hearing that they find owning each necessary. They use each for different feelings + circumstances, which is amazing!

So without further ado, here is what we found:


Sight: soft, holographic pastel dreamscapes with gold foil illustrations + edging
Touch: Thick cardstock, smooth but not slippery
Vibes: Dreamscape, Sunrise, Meadow, Everyday Magic, Multiverse

You know those dreams where you're in a magical land and everything is gorgeous and lush but more than that, everything is possible? THAT'S the Journeyer 🗝

People who work with this deck describe it as a "master manifester" ✨⚡️ When you want your reality to look like the things of dreams, THIS is your deck. Each card is a new world you can enter and journey within, coming back with the medicine you need to uplevel.

“So many amazing things have happened in my life since I began working with this deck. It’s the real deal.”

"OMG !!! They are sooo gorgeous. The box that it comes in feels so smooth like you’re opening a luxurious Apple product. The cards have a gold shine to the images that are representing the card. The booklet is clear and concise when explaining the card’s meaning. Add it to your cartttt :) 🛒🎆🌠🎇🌅 “

“Honestly the most beautifully made tarot deck I’ve ever seen. I love the descriptions and it’s just really well made. I recommend this deck to anyone that wants to invest in a beautiful classic deck. You really don’t need any other one.”


Sight: rich black + lux rose gold foil with black edging
Touch: Thick cardstock, smooth but not slippery
Vibes: Castles, Daggers, The Archer, Baroque, Fireside

If you feel drawn to the Rose Edition, you proooobably have a fondness for the yesteryear 🚪 You may feel like a flowerchild in the 60s, a revolutionary in the Marie Antoinette era or a Viking navigating new waters....whatever it is, your soul is touching MANY lifetimes at once.

This deck brings all the medicine from the past to your fingertips and is a megaphone for your heart in this moment 🔈🫀 The Rose Edition doesn't ask you to be anything that you're not, it wants you to be all of it and it will push you to embody the ⚡️knowing + power⚡️ that lies within you.

“Very luxurious and timeless. I feel like royalty when I use this deck.”

“This is a deck that I have the strongest bond yet. It's pretty amazing. No cap. Buy it if you're on the fence.”

“This deck is SO beautiful!! And I love that it matches my rose edition Oracle deck, so everything feels so connected and intertwined when I do my readings combining both decks. I love the thickness of the cards and all the detail in each one. Beautifully made.”


Sight: crisp black with bright holographic foil + black edging
Touch: Thick cardstock, smooth but not slippery
Vibes: Outerspace, Astral projection, Expanse, Bold, Futuristic

What in your life needs to be 🌒 illuminated 🌔 ??

Those who love this deck say the Ascendant is like a lil' portal 🌌 in your pocket. It is the perfect combo of ride-or-die and IDGAF, which basically means it will tell it like it is but you'll feel loved while it does. 

“I got an energetic chill holding these cards when they came in. I can definitely feel and see how much love goes into these decks! Amazing quality and well worth early penny.”

“I’m a collector and I hate to play favorites, but this magnificent beauty is my ride or die baby now.”

“This deck is amazing beyond words - it's gorgeous and the photos don't do it justice. The card stock is high quality, and the cards are an absolute pleasure to shuffle. This deck has a very strong energy, and made it clear that although it's very straight-forward and brutally honest, it is for the good of my personal growth.”


Sight: moody dreamscapes + gold foil illustrations and edging
Touch: Thick cardstock, velvet texture
Vibes: Dark Woods, Deep Lake, Mythic, Dusk, Hogwarts

People who use this deck liken it to being a part of a secretive magical society. You are in the know, and you can see things in the world that others can't.

Traveling within its universe allows you to traverse lifetimes, collecting wisdom as you go, bringing back all that you have learned. 

There is a mysterious element to this deck. It won't hide from you, but it will encourage you to keep going down the rabbit hole 🐇✨

“I've had the Shadow oracle for a while and just love it. I'm so happy to have the the Tarot now, too. The quality of the decks is just absolutely outstanding and the artistry is stunning. You need this deck.”

“There is something so otherworldly about this deck, I can’t even describe it. But I have found so much of myself using it.”

“It’s a whole universe in 78 cards.”

We hope this helps you figure out which deck you are most aligned with right now!

Blaire + Brit