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The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Can you remember a time where you finally saw + felt the light at the end of the tunnel?
Do you remember how it felt to finally be out of the darkness and chaos?
You likely felt clear + empowered - that's The Star!

The Star Tarot Card Description

Ruled by the air sign, Aquarius, The Star card is the 17th in the Major Arcana coming after The Tower card.

It's depicted in the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck as a naked woman pouring what appears to be water from both jugs in her hands. She doesn't seem to be bothered despite her nakedness which displays purity, vulnerability and authenticity - it is her core essence.

Notice her one leg kneeling on the ground while her other foot is submerged in a pool of water? This represents the harmony between common sense (earth) and intuition (water).

She's holding containers of water in each of her hands; one pouring its liquid onto dry land (representing the conscious self) contributing to the cycle of life, while the other pours liquid into the water (representing the subconscious).

The stars above her serve as her guide. The seven small stars representing the seven chakras and the great star that looks like a crown above her head symbolizes the inner guidance as her crowning glory; she takes comfort in the hope of a promising future.

In the surroundings, you can see some mountain that she has to cross on the horizon, which depending on our own experiences, represents hardships and challenges or even goals and aspirations in life’s long journey.

 Notice that despite having to cross a mountain, the woman seems to be unbothered and taking her time by the pond? She's aware that she'll be able to complete her journey, guided by the light of the stars. Behind her you will also see a tree with a bird sitting on top which represents freedom and wisdom.

The Star Tarot Card Overview

The Star card is one of the most beautiful cards in the deck - a wonderful sign in any tarot reading! This card is all about hope, healing, and reassurance. Coming right after The Tower card, The Star card brings the light + comfort after a period of suffering. It reminds us that no matter how dark our life appears to be, there is always hope to help us get through everything!

Just like a light at the end of a tunnel it serves as a reminder to have peace knowing that no matter how challenging life seems, everything will turn out to be fine in the end – and sometimes even more than just fine!

Pulling The Star card is a sign that the universe calls for you to not fret, have faith and trust the process with the help of your conscious and subconscious minds.

It encourages great healing from previous traumas, to strip ourselves naked of overwhelming thoughts which would lead us to identify our authentic selves – no fear, no pain, not drained and ready to face life!

Upright: The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems to be hopeless? That you start to think of giving up? Take The Star card upright as a cheerleader. 

This card is the universe cheering you on:
“Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!”

This is a confirmation that you are on the right path and that the stars always shine for you. If you look deep within yourself, you will realize that you have everything you need to get through anything! Life might feel like you're walking in the dark where you cannot see anything, but The Star card is telling you to look up and let the stars, your inner wisdom, guide you. Believe in yourself, trust that the universe has your back, and never give up!

Reversed: The Star Tarot Card Meaning

You are probably at a point in your life where things don't seem to work towards your goals despite all your efforts, leading you to feel hopeless.

The Star card in reverse may indicate that you are feeling drained and your confidence has been crushed by this tough time, causing you to be in despair.

Perhaps this is a call for self-reflection. This may indicate the need to ask yourself if you have the same fighting spirit to work towards your goal proactively and if you are acting upon your desires with the right attitude.

You will have to be a little more patience and take things step by step instead of looking at the end goal. Sometimes you make more progress when you stop checking how much further you have to go. Just keep faith that every little step you take, no matter how small, is progress.

If you are feeling stuck, the universe is encouraging you to heal from your pain and trauma caused by your previous endeavors. Healing can be done through self-reflection and by seeking help from friends to remind you of your strengths.

With the reversed Star Card, it's like receiving a little tap on your shoulder, giving you a reminder to redirect to a more positive approach to facing life’s difficulties.

Love  and  Tarot

Love Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Upright

The Star card brings a lot of hope and excitement to love. If you are single, this means that you are ready to mingle! Pulling this card upright may indicate that you have healed; you have let go of the pain and trauma from your previous relationship/s and you are now ready to give and receive some love!

This can also mean for some that a past love will be reignited. If an ex is trying to reach out to you and you still have the hopes within your heart to reconnect, take this as a big yes and start fresh. If you are in a relationship, this also gives a lot of hope as this means that whatever issues you have with your partner will be worked through and that your connection will develop into a deeper partnership. 

Love Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Reversed

Pulling The Star card reversed in a love reading indicates the need to re-evaluate your morale towards working on your love life. Perhaps your relationship feels stagnant, not progressing or you may feel like you have somehow lost the spark?

Or if you are single, you may be feeling hopeless, thinking that you will never find authentic love? Either way, The Star card in reverse is a call from the universe to work on healing from the fears and traumas that are holding you back from loving! This is a reminder to remain hopeful and high-spirited in terms of working on your relationship issues and be optimistic in looking for new love.

MONEY and Tarot

Money Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Upright

If you have business or investment ideas and you have also done all your research, but you are still in doubt or if you are employed and you are thinking of requesting a salary increase, gather your courage and take this as a thumbs-up from the universe. This is a sign that they are working in your favor!

The Star is a perfect card for a money reading as it implies that you're being guided in the proper direction and there are bright prospects within your financial situation. The reason why you feel good about your ideas is that they are bound to bring you to success if you take the courage to bring them to fruition. So do not be afraid to bring out your creative ideas and turn them into a money-making machine - of course, with the help of your good judgment and advisors.

Money Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Reversed

In a money reading, The Star card in reverse indicates a tough time financially or a string of bad luck in money. You may be unhappy in terms of your financial standing and probably have desires that your current financial capacity cannot meet. This calls for a pause, to take time and review your needs versus your wants so you can prioritize accordingly.

 This also serves as a time to relax about your spending and instead, focus your energy more on planning for a successful financial move. This is the time to invest on ideas instead of investing on material possessions. If you have some interesting wishy washy business or investment ideas, The Star card encourages you to harness universal energy and put more action and attention to your ideas instead of wasting your time on self-sabotaging thoughts. Create a strong plan instead of just wishing for things to happen and you will soon see the fruits of your creative mind.

career + work  and  Tarot

Career Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Reversed

If you are planning a request for promotion or change in your career path then take this as a big yes! The Star card in the upright position is ideal for a career reading, as this means that you are guided by your inner wisdom to be making these decisions; that you are on the right path. This is a glimmer of hope!

Besides having that good feeling (your subconscious self at work) about your next career move, pulling The Star card confirms your success -so take courage and leap towards this new venture you will surely be passionate about! The Star card upright is a friend cheering you to “Go for it!”.

Career Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Reversed

There may be self-doubts, feelings of inferiority, and a lack of confidence that hinders you from making your dreams come true. Your low self-esteem is probably taking control of your motivation, clouding your path to success blurry. You may find yourself sabotaging your plans by underestimating self-thoughts, which in turn makes you your worst enemy.

There is the need to find your true self -and to do this, you must strip yourself naked like the lady in The Star card; naked of all the self-deprecating thoughts as well as overestimating thoughts. The Star card reversed in career reading implies the need to switch to a positive way of thinking and the need to trust yourself more- knowing that YOU ARE A STAR in your own form. You are encouraged to reclaim your self-belief; to let your inner star shine and look to it for hope and true guidance.

HEALTH and  Tarot

Health Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Upright

The Star card itself is a healing card. If your health seems to be in a tower moment, this card is telling you that you are heading towards recovery. Try trusting that any treatments you are going through are working, the power of your mind will escalate your healing!

If you do not have any health issues, this card simply means that you will be moving toward a more conscious lifestyle. This is a reminder from the universe to keep the positivity up with a promise that more healing will soon be coming. Since you can control some factors of your health, you can level up your physical well being by self-care, eating nourishing foods, getting good movement and COMMUNITY.  Laugh and play in your daily life bb!

Health Meaning:
The Star Tarot Card Reversed

Pulling The Star card reversed in a health reading doesn't mean your health is in jeopardy, but instead, this card is a nudge from the universe- urging you not to fret and to stop any try not to be anxious.

Like a guiding star, THE HUMAN MIND IS POWERFUL! The light of our thoughts radiate outwards, becoming our made reality - that is why there is a need to be careful not to get stuck in a rut of negativity. If your outlook on life is pessimistic, it dims your light which may lead your body to believe your thoughts and suffer physically. Sometimes we cannot control the outside factors, but for sure we can shift the way we think. Just like a placebo effect, our minds can perform miracles powerful enough to bring our bodies to better health conditions!

With The Star card reversed, you are called by the universe to take control of your thoughts no matter how tempting it is to feel down so that you can feed encouragement to both your conscious and subconscious to orchestrate great healing. Focus on your spiritual practice and allow it to ground you.