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The Major Arcana

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Where in your life can tradition be supportive of your goals?
What do you want to teach? What do you want to learn?
The Hierophant invites you to look at where convention might help you. 

The Major Arcana: The Hierophant Tarot Card Description

The Hierophant is a Major Arcana card and the 5th card within the Tarot system. 

When we look at Rider Waite card, we see The Hierophant’s facial expression is very neutral – he’s got a really stoic look. It matches the mood of the room – serious, sacred, and formal. It seems like he’s in the middle of performing a ceremonial rite.

The Hierophant's clothes clearly show that he's a religious figure of really high ranking. He's wearing 3 robes – a red one, a blue one, and a white one – as well as a triple crown. All these represent his power over the physical, spiritual, and psychic realms.

His left hand is holding a scepter, called the Papal Cross -- this symbolizes his spiritual position. His right hand is raised as if he’s giving a blessing. Two fingers are pointed toward the heavens and 2 toward the Earth. It shows that he’s the bridge connecting us humans to the Universe.

Aside from The Hierophant, we can see 2 followers kneeling before him. This scene shows The Hierophant's duty as a wise teacher: to share his religious beliefs, spiritual wisdom and initiate his followers. It also shows us how they are united – that they share the same beliefs, and even the same identity (to some extent).

Resting at The Hierophant’s feet are 2 keys that unlock our physical and spiritual minds. Exactly how, we’ve no idea. But trust that The Hierophant knows how to use these keys to unlock these mysteries.

Like The Emperor, The Hierophant is seated on a huge stone throne. The only difference is that The Hierophant is indoors, in what looks like a temple. He’s situated between 2 pillars (in general, these pillars represent 2 opposing forces), on an elevated stage, which highlights his authority and superiority. The space between the pillars makes us feel like anyone who wishes to learn about spirituality are welcome.

The Emperor Tarot Card Overview

Upright: The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Sometimes, tradition isn't bad. And when you get The Hierophant upright in a tarot reading, it's a strong indication of a need to revisit tradition. It's not asking you to conform but to evaluate what within convention/tradition, institutions might actually benefit you. How can you apply these to your community and spiritual practice? There's a theme of structured belief in this card - it really asks "what are your core values?"

It can also represent a person with wisdom to pass on, which could help you better yourself. It could be a counselor or a mentor -- it could also be a spiritual leader, religious or not. This person could also be you. In general, the upright Hierophant tarot card suggests that you trust what's conventional and embrace spirituality. While this card is traditionally laced with formal ideologies and religious heritage, we invite you to explore within your own spiritual awareness - take what you like, leave the rest. 

Reversed: The Hierophant Card Meaning

If The Hierophant finds you reversed in a tarot reading, it generally shows some sort of rebellion – a need to challenge established norms and traditional values. There's a desire for the unconventional and to break free from what’s familiar. You don't feel the need to belong to a certain tribe anymore -- what you may want the most right now is agency over yourself. The question is no longer "Will this be accepted?" but rather, "Is there an alternative"?

Love  and  Tarot

Love Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Upright

When it comes to love readings, The Hierophant tarot card upright can reflect traditional beliefs on relationships and partner preferences. It's likely that you're attracted to people who are traditional and accepted by your community, and avoid those who challenge "societal norms". You probably find it important that you and your partner share beliefs and values -- to put it simply, you tend to fall for persons who are "safe". And although some may think that your taste tends to be too traditional, you might find yourself thinking "it's not bad, it's just honestly what I prefer" and tbh, if you get The Hierophant tarot card upright in a love reading, it's a BIG nod from the heavens to keep doing you.

If you're already with a partner, the Hierophant often indicates it's a pretty committed relationship, as this is a commitment card. It won't be surprising if you both feel ready to accomplish next-level relationship milestones - after all, you both share the same values, and even goals. This shared system of beliefs is what makes your connection solid (at times, even sacred) - like it's destined to happen.

Similar to what's depicted in the artwork on The Hierophant tarot card, it can literally hint at ceremony irl – a marriage perhaps?For those who are single, The Hierophant tarot card could be suggesting that a new love is on the way, and you might know them already. Whoever it is, just brace yourself -- this might be the start of a relationship that's built on friendship, passion, and loyalty.

Love Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Reversed

Feeling that your relationship has become a little boring lately? Like it lacks excitement and has become dull? Perhaps, you're seeing some signs that *maaaybe* your values and goals are not that aligned and that you aren't exactly on the same page.  Any imbalance can cause issues in any relationship. Does this mean that you have to break up with your S.O.? No. But it suggests that it's probably a good idea to sit down, talk with your partner, and come up with a compromise. Looking for help from a person that has The Hierophant's characteristics (Like a relationship counselor or a love guru etc.) might be a good idea too. Just be diligent in making sure that like The Hierophant, they're actually in a position to give advice.

Picking The Hierophant tarot card reversed can also mean that you're in an unconventional romantic relationship. Maybe you and your partner have chosen not to marry and it's going against family traditions. This in itself doesn't mean that you're in a bad relationship -- rather it reflects how you feel about your tribe not accepting your relationship and/or your choices. In this case, the Hierophant might be telling you to be true to yourself.

If you're single, The reversed Hierophant could indicate that you have a desire to be in an unconventional relationship. It could also mean that you've made a conscious decision to stay single and by doing this, you're breaking traditional values.

It's important to remember that The Hierophant is not a card that urges you to go against the grain just for the fun of it -- rather it’s a card that calls us to tap into our spirituality and to look inwardly. What’s the most important to you? When it comes to values and principles, what are your absolute non-negotiables?

MONEY and Tarot

Money Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Upright

If you've been wanting to switch up the way you handle your money, like jumping straight into a biz that you have no idea about, investing in a new financial product you don't really understand (crypto…what?) or spending ridiculous amounts on lottery tickets, picking The Hierophant tarot card upright can be telling that it's prolly not the right time to experiment with get-rich-quick schemes. This is a card of structure - so it encourages you to go the conventional route and that might mean trusting your money with established financial institutions.

If you can, try to look for The Hierophant personas in your life -- a financial advisor perhaps-- they may be in the best position to advise you on what to do if ever you're confused with certain aspects of your money. OR, if you're *that* person, you might just be in the right position to manifest money by guiding people on how to manage their finances.

When it comes to spending, The Hierophant reversed may be suggesting that you be conscious of how you spend, and generally just take the often boring, but less risky, conservative route when handling your money.

Money Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Reversed

Getting The Hierophant reversed in a money reading may signify unrest -- you might find that the advice of your friends or those that embody The Hierophant energy in your life is a bit...restrictive. So much so that you might actually be thinking of not taking their advice altogether. You may have the urge to try creative ways of making money, whether it's a new side hustle or trying out that interesting investment opportunity -- all these may sound lucrative rn. Whatever it is, The Hierophant reversed can serve as a reminder to be responsible, truthful, and realistic about just how much risk you're willing to take when it comes to your finances.

career + work  and  Tarot

Career Meaning:
The Hierophant Card Reversed

If you pick The Hierophant card upright in a career reading, then it's possible that you thrive working in a traditional work setup-- that may mean going to an office and working with/for others.

We all know that there are many factors at play in the workplace -- you’re free to play your card however you like, but if you get the Hierophant upright, you might wanna stick to the tried and tested route, something that's safe and familiar. This card suggests that you’ll get ahead if you play by the rules. Just continue showing up, go the extra mile, but don’t try anything out of the box.

Is there a person at work right now that you feel is The Hierophant personified? It might be a good idea to stick to them. They might teach you something useful, like a new skill. Who knows, they might just be preparing you to fulfill a higher role.

Adversely, you could be the one embodying The Hierophant in your workplace – you might just have the skills to train others. The Hierophant encourages you to continue doing what's expected and you’ll likely succeed. Embrace that position of authority!If you're thinking about a career switch, The Hierophant upright suggests that you look for a traditional workplace, where you'd have a chance to collab with others.

If you're wanting to learn a new skill, or just get back to learning, The Hierophant upright might be giving you the green light. Whatever you choose to learn, it'll likely help you progress in your career.

Career Meaning:
The Hierophant Card Reversed

When The Hierophant tarot card finds its way to you in reverse, it indicates an imbalance -- one who's too restrictive, and the one who gets restricted. There's a major conflict with authority here. 

In a career reading, The Hierophant reversed can represent someone in the workplace who's a stickler to the rules – it’s usually somebody who ranks higher. You may find that this person is aware of their power too much, they use it to the point where you feel pressured to obey them blindly. This could be restricting you too much from doing your job and it’s possibly preventing you from leveling up.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself: 1) Do you really feel that you'd be able to endure working for such a restrictive person, making them happy, in exchange for success? 2) would you feel happy (or even okay) working in that environment? 3) Do you see yourself doing this for a long time? Be real. Answering these questions might give you clarity.

It could also be the "group-think" at work that's holding you back from your full potential -- do you ever feel pressured to follow what everyone else is doing, even if you disagree, or think differently from them?

When it comes down to making a decision about your career, you ultimately have to decide whether or not to make the situation work to fit your needs or to give up and follow a different path entirely. The Hierophant card reversed suggests that you take your time weighing your options.

Finally, is there a chance that you're the one who's giving off this suffocating energy at work? Have an inward look and ask yourself first and foremost, “Why?”, and while you’re at it, do yourself and your colleagues a favor by figuring out a way to loosen up a bit.

HEALTH and  Tarot

Health Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Upright

The Hierophant in general represents the conventional. So if The Hierophant reveals itself upright in a health reading and you're experiencing health issues, then it's possibly suggesting that you deal with it the conventional way -- it goes without saying that it’s probably not a great time to experiment with a lot of alternative treatments.

You might wanna schedule a consult with a doctor, or introduce some sort of a routine to boost your health.

Health Meaning:
The Hierophant Tarot Card Reversed

If you're ill and The Hierophant tarot card appears in a health reading in reverse, it could signal that it's time to shake up your usual conventional approach and start looking into alternative therapies. The Hierophant reversed is not saying that you should stop your medical treatments altogether, but rather, it suggests that you boost them with alternative remedies such as aromatherapy etc.

We should also remember that aside from convention and tradition, The Hierophant also represents spirituality. This doesn't have to be related to a specific religion, but spiritual practices that help you find peace with your inner self and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. This could be in the form of journaling and/or meditation – simple "rituals" that you can readily incorporate into your daily life.

AstrologyPlanet: VenusHouse: 2Sign: TaurusKeywordsUpright:Spiritual wisdom, tradition, conventional, conformity, morality, ethics, shared beliefs, Spiritual Beliefs, Spiritual Values, traditional relationship, marriage, spiritual guidance, teaching, commitment, knowledge and wisdom, consent and approval.Reversed:Rebellion, freedom, personal beliefs, subversiveness, challenging tradition, unconventional, reversed roles, non-conformity