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The Major Arcana

The Fool


This card is all about new beginnings + change. New adventures await. There’s also excitement, a buzz, around all that’s ahead and very little concern with the ‘how’ it will all be achieved/realized. There's optimism and a lot of ‘the universe has my back’ energy. Yes, there will be challenges, yes, there will be the highs and the lows – they’re all part of the journey – but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is looking forward – keeping an open mind, releasing all expectations and preconceived notions, and letting the expansive spiritual journey unfold on its own. The Fool brings adventure in life and signals endless potential - you have an exciting journey ahead 😉


In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Fool card shows a young man with blonde hair gazing upward. In itself, this isn’t alarming. But if we consider the fact that they’re at the edge of a cliff, literally just 1 step shy of falling into (almost) certain death, we’d realize that they have a very carefree spirit (maybe a bit too much for their own good). They’re an adventurer, not afraid of taking that leap of faith…they have youth on their side, and with it, an immense potential – and they can’t help but marvel at the view of the mountains that surrounds them ( which represents the possibilities and challenges of their future). They trust that they’d land on their feet should they fall from the cliff - all reflective of their adventurous nature. That, or it could just be that they’re simply inexperienced – they’re naive and unaware of the danger before them – they’re named “The Fool” after all.

The Fool is wearing a tattered tunic, but what’s striking is that the pattern on it is very busy. This symbolizes The Fool’s potentiality.

He travels lightly – they carry only the essentials and only what fits in a knapsack. In their left hand is a white rose - which has long been a symbol of innocence, purity, and freedom.

At their heels, we can see a small, white dog mid-jump, its paws in the air – it’s as if it’s warning its human to be mindful of the cliff ahead. Dogs are known to be very loyal and protective companions, and it’s not a shock to see The Fool having one guiding them in this journey.

It makes one wonder tho, how the card is numbered 0 in the Major Arcana. It must mean something, right? Well, if we think about it, the number 0 (yes, it’s a number) is the perfect representation of unlimited potential – one can add to it, even subtract from it – it’s a blank slate. Its lack of numerical value makes it a v versatile card – its placement is open – it can be placed at the beginning or at the end of the Major Arcana. In fact, many believe that the Major Arcana is The Fool’s journey through life, and that’s why it’s assigned the number 0 – infinite and ever-present.

Upright Keywords

New beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, leap of faith, idealism, adventure, endless potential, carefree

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Reversed Keywords

Recklessness, holding back, risk-taking, carelessness, naivete, foolishness, irresponsibility, delusions, inexperience

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Pop Culture

Diving into pop culture, we have a few things that can help provide some foundation for your understanding of The Fool!

Firstly, we have Caddy Heron from Mean Girls. Caddy is new to the U.S. and high school culture - we see her making a couple light-hearted mistakes or misunderstandings to really show how she truly is a fish out of water. She has taken the giant leap into the unknown and begins her foray into American teenagehood with an open heart and a naive perspective. She isn't able to see what her peers see, and we follow her through her journey of learning the ropes and a couple of hard lessons. She is a perfect example of The Fool!

We also see Jules from Euphoria. Jules is also new to her school but is open-minded, though a bit naive. She embraces boldness and is unafraid of the risks, we see this in the first ep when she meets up with much older strangers in hotels.

She carries an inherent optimism and is willing to go into tough situations while expecting that everything will work out. Very Fool-like!

We also see Barbie's car in the collage, along with Dorothy's red slippers and the first cell phone. All moments of new journeys - for the characters as well as for us!


Love $$$ Work
new love new revenue streams new job
fun money opportunity new type of work
light romance shopping spree new business

In the upright position, this card is a big yes. The Fool upright encourages taking that first step, it embodies taking a leap of faith. If you’ve been waiting on a sign to start a project, try something new, or step out of your comfort zone- this may be IT!

With a hint of innocence and purity, this card suggests walking along your new path with no expectations, having a clear mind, and pure heart/intentions. Now’s not the time to concern yourself with any of the small details. Instead, go for it – step forward with confidence in the Universe and carry with you a curiosity for all you will learn, and an excitement for all how you shall grow. There’s a robust and idealistic energy surrounding this card -- a lot of "what’s the best that can happen?" vibes.

Embrace those vibes and carry them with you along your journey. Attract them, manifest them - you have infinite potential! Remember that the lore of your life is ever-expanding and continual so don’t be surprised if you see this card, in all its forms, time and time again. It's very affirmative of your spiritual path too!

Stay In The Loop

Cancers are all about the home but that doesn’t mean they’re homebodies- it just means they make their home wherever they are.

Upright Fool Tarot Meaning: Love

When the card of new beginnings and the spirit of adventure finds you during a love reading, be prepared for a new chapter in that aspect of your life. The cards surrounding The Fool, and also where you are in your personal romantic journey, may dictate what this card represents.

Are you single? This could signal that it's time to dive back into dating - or that you be open and curious about the possibility of finding love. Keep a sense of adventure in your love life! Maybe you’ve met a prospective partner and are in that honeymoon and starry-eyed period. Or perhaps you’re currently in a relationship; this card could indicate a new chapter in your partnership where there's more of a sense of excitement. There's definitely potential for growth in your love life : )

Upright, this card is alive with the buzz from those butterfly feelings you get when meeting someone new. Embrace all of these emotions and confidently dive into the unknown, trusting that you’re beginning this new chapter of connection for a reason. Keep an optimistic outlook.

Upright Fool Tarot Meaning: Career

Think of the feeling of finding a penny heads up - that’s The Fool in financial readings. You are expecting nothing, yet the Universe provides. This card upright also signals a time that undertaking new investments, financial opportunities, or even exploring new revenue streams would be fruitful. People may not see the potential that you see in a venture, try to make them understand, but ultimately, don’t let others stop you just because -- this might just be your opportunity for advancement. If you’ve been wanting to shake up your approach to handling your money, this is an indicator to start that process now. Research, weigh the opportunities and the risks, plan, take action, and have faith that things will work out!

There’s also a lot of fun, youthful energy around this card; it may be an invitation/reminder to spend money on things that focus on experiences or enhancing your skills - things/activities that bring you joy and appeal to your innate thirst for adventure and (self)exploration. Maybe that’s taking a trip or something as simple as enjoying a meal at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Whatever it is should bring you joy and excitement! Remember, a sense of adventure is always good, but don't be irresponsible with your resources! 

Upright Fool Tarot Meaning: Money

The potential this card carries is ideal for your professional life or a career reading. The possibilities here are endless! New job offers and promotions, taking on new roles and starting new projects, or even finding entire new business opportunities! This card has the potential for a lot of positive changes in your profession. This card can also be a huge ‘YES’ to launching that new biz, course, or product you’ve been contemplating. Embrace the enthusiasm and carefree nature The Fool has. Whatever new path you decide to follow in your career, do so with an optimistic vigor and zeal for all that is to come.


Love $$$ Work
misalignment financial blocks indecision
lack of direction irresponsibility self-doubt

Pulling this upright card in the reversed position in tarot readings gives us a pause. Literally. It indicates a standstill or a false start. There’s inaction surrounding this card. However, The Fool reversed is not void of emotions -- in fact, it’s vibrating with energy and emotion. The inaction could be due to fear, apprehension, or having a general unease that "things won’t work". It can indicate having an overwhelming passion for something yet lacking a plan or direction to go. This card signals that a lot of work has to be done to lay a better foundation - externally and internally, before starting anything new.

The inaction could be due to fear, apprehension, or having a general unease that "things won’t work".