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New Moon + Lion's Gate Readings!

New Moon + Lion's Gate Readings!

If you're here, it means you received your card pull via text! For this New Moon in Leo + Lion’s Gate, we’ve sent out four separate readings at random to help you fine tune and amplify your wild manifestations.

Find your card below and read what message it has for you!





This card is all about enjoying the success you have won. The harvest has come, stability has been secured and you are living in an abundance that most likely feels very new. This has been a long road for you and you have worked very hard – most importantly, independence has been won. You have likely achieved this status with limited outside help, but don’t let it go to your head. It is important that you continue to connect with others and focus on your relationships and communities. There is no point in abundance if you cannot share it or serve others. If this doesn’t quite hit home, trust that this success is on the way. Also be aware that abundance does not strictly mean material wealth – you are/will be most likely experiencing joy and abundance in all aspects of your life.

The Nine of Coins reversed indicates an instability. You may have hit an unexpected bump in the road or projects may have fallen by the wayside. Now is a good time to become laser focused and build toward what you truly want. It could also indicate a need to focus on what brings you happiness and prioritize that – material wealth is not everything, try to focus on the facets of your life that fulfill you.



A lot is said about how important it is to have a positive mindset, but not as much about a curious mindset. Curiosity can be the bridge to shifting our thought patterns. It is neutral but inviting.

When we feel stuck, cynical and bored with life, tapping into our curiosity can spark a rapid domino affect within our thoughts. There is so much in this world we will never know, but to simply begin wondering about what is around you can snowball into passions and excitement you never knew you had.

If you are unsure where to begin, simply look around: "how do flowers get their color? how did snakes evolve? do dogs taste the same things as humans?" Nothing is too silly!




The Moon has always represented the unknown, feelings and the unconscious self. There is mystery awaiting you and this card is encouraging you to embrace that within yourself. When we work with all the hidden aspects of ourselves it can be unnerving and we may feel out of control.

Now is a good time to surrender to the ride – more will be revealed and illuminated but you cannot rush it, just as you cannot rush the moon becoming full. This card encourages you to rely on your intuition and the unseen forces present in your life. Deepen your practice in the ways that feel good. This card is a reassuring sign of the positive changes that will come from your effort.

The Moon reversed signals that you may be sinking in the darker aspects of yourself and life. Exploring our shadow is necessary work, but it can be easy to feel shame, fear, and judgment. You could be feeling a lot of anxiety and confusion. Try to ground yourself into the moment and remind yourself of all of your wonderful qualities and attributes.





This card is an invitation to examine love in all facets of your life. This is love of self, love of others, your healthy (or not so healthy) boundaries, your presence with others, your relationship with intimacy, if you feel seen and heard, passion, joy and total responsibility.

This card could signal a need to build a better relationship internally, or maybe with a partner, in your business or work life or even towards a goal or hobby.

It could also be a reminder that love is a choice.

Sit with these questions: Do you actively work on your relationship with yourself? Do you feel you trust and respect yourself? If you have a partner, do you feel balance in the relationship? Do you feel balance in your friendships? How do you feel in your work environment? What is your relationship with passion - do you take make time for it? What about with intimacy - do you feel comfortable with it? Do you feel love avoidant or love addicted? What is your attachment style? How do you express love? Our relationship with love in all its forms is always in motion and flux - when this card makes itself known to you, it simply means you should spend a day or two witnessing how love lives in your life.

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  • Brittany Snyder

    Sooo accurate! Thank you Threads of Fate ✨🤍✨

  • Angie

    Thank you…a couple days ago i lost my job after 9 years and am in a new relationship with childhood sweetheart. I live paycheck to paycheck and very concerned abt my future at this time. Things have never been easy for me and its not easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your readings please continue sharing.

  • Nicole

    This is so very on point! I am in awe😌

  • Shannon Thompson

    Love this so much, it really his what is happening in my life.

  • Wilmar Smith

    Wow love these readings. I may have to get the ascendant deck

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