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New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

The eternal optimist and trailblazer, Sagittarius, is giving us joyus energy for the December New Moon. You may be feeling bolder than usual. Just be careful to not be too brash under the guise of honesty. This is a great time for starting a new project, not just because of the New Moon but also because of the entrepreneurial spirit that abounds. On the other hand, you may be more focused on spiritual and philosophical pursuits, looking for answers to some of your most pressing questions about life. Either way, we encourage you to find the answers by going out into the world and having an adventure or two, even if it’s just down the block. 


Scents: To get you into this New Moon’s positive energy, we suggest happy scents like citrus, strawberry and rhubarb, or cucumber. You can even go for a sunscreen scent if you’re missing the summer, or enjoy winter with cheerful pine and peppermint.

Colors and Textiles: For a peppy addition to your day, add some bright yellow or blue. To inspire creativity, surround yourself with orange and purple. For fabrics, try sweet and optimistic dotted swiss, a fun cotton plaid, netting or voluminous tulle.

Food: Sagittarians are curious about the world and always looking for new adventures, so get inspired and find some foods that you’ve never tried before. Maybe you’ve never had French cuisine and want to try escargot. Maybe you’ve heard Ethiopian food is delicious but haven’t gone out of your way to find a restaurant yet. Is a Maine lobster roll calling your name? It’s easiest to go buy new, exciting food, and that means you’ll also get to interact with the people making the food. Still, if you can’t find what you want from a local restaurant, making it is also an option. 

Crystals: Most of the crystals we're suggesting for this new moon have to do with optimism, like citrine. This stone is also great for stirring you to action, creativity, and new beginnings. Blue chalcedony invokes a carefree attitude but with self awareness. Peridot is one of our favorites, helping you to invite joy into your life by fighting anxiety, depression and other negative feelings. If you’re also feeling philosophical, fluorite is great for finding your purpose and gaining insight. 


This is a ritual/craft project that picks up where our last Sagittarius moon left off. We're giving suggestions for how to make a travel altar. If you’re planning an outing, near or far, you may want to take an altar with you. First get a box the size you want for your altar- this can be as small as a mint box or as big as a cigarette box. Think about your mode of transportation and what you can take with you. Some things (like an athame or candles) may not be appropriate for plane travel, for instance. 

You can use the box to just transport your objects or you can paste images in the lid to act as a makeshift backdrop. Include anything you might normally have on your altar- a pentagram, some deities, nature scenes, photos of family, etc. Another option (or an additional item) can be a piece of paper or decorative fabric to use an altar cloth. Then, most of the box space can be filled with travel versions of your normal items. Ideas include:

  • A mini deck of tarot, oracle, or playing cards
  • Small versions of crystals or the crystal travel bag from our last Sagittarius post (quartz or amethyst are great stones since they have a lot of uses)
  • A small bottle of oil that is multipurpose like lavender, tea tree or peppermint
  • A small athame, chalice or other tools if you can find mini versions and if they're useful, but remember a regular kitchen knife and cup will do just fine depending on the facilities where you are traveling
  • Necklaces with pendants that can stand in for altar symbols or a pendulum 
  • Tea lights or bottle cap candles, which are an easy DIY project


This spread is for opening you up to one of your life’s purposes. 


  1. What is one of my life's purposes?
  2. How can I fulfill that purpose?
  3. What do I need to leave behind to fulfill it?
  4. What is the first step in fulfilling it?
  5. What strength/attribute will I grow as a result?
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  • Kimberly P.

    Love, love,love this app and the
    THREADS OF FATE store is full of beautiful Oracle & Tarot card sets
    Such amazing quality. The thought put into the details is what makes me drawn to each piece of merchandise. The free Journal information is a gift.
    I would recommend this app to anyone that has an interest in learning about their Zodiac sign , Stars, Planets… What colors you wear that will be of help and scents your zodiac sign going to flourish

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