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A lil' update from us:

We are getting SO excited for our upcoming Kickstarter. We have so much to do but are feeling so good about everything we are creating. 

We will be dropping 3 decks in this launch, including an Empyrean tarot deck. It is a bit different style-wise but still just as stunning as the oracle. Check out the 2 images of the Ace of Cups card below!

A note on this New Moon from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

We are BIG FANS of Winter. We have shared ceremonial space with her, gotten multiple readings from her and are big fans of her music. We highly recommend checking out her work! 

Book Winter for an Astro reading here. 
Listen to Winter's music here. 
Follow Winter on Insta here. 
Check out her website here. 

  • A pause in the mystical waters arrives with this New Moon, giving us the opportunity to reconnect with our dreams and set intentions for how we may deepen our connection to the spiritual.

    Pisces rules the realms of spirituality, creativity, dreamtime and otherworldly connection. With this New Moon, we are encouraged to strengthen our connection with the subtle realms, our dreams and visions for life, our intuitive abilities and creative expression. This New Moon provides a pool of crystal waters that we may bathe in as we allow these waters to cleanse our spirit and rejuvenate our connection with the divine.

    Ritual, ceremony, dreamwork, and visioning are supportive with this lunation. This is a time to begin new practices which support your spiritual self and open a channel in your life from which your dreams can travel through, to manifest on earth. Trust and allow yourself to float upon these sweet waters as they wash over your life, bringing nourishment and replenishment where it’s needed.

Scents for Pisces

We suggest scents that are soft and sultry, like ylang ylang, sandalwood, gardenia, jasmine, rose, or geranium. You might also want to encourage a dream-like state with scents or energies like valerian and mugwort.

Colors and Fabrics for Pisces

Pastels are a perfect choice for Pisces - soft blues, greens and purples work well together with pops of warmth or deeper colors create a dreamy pallet. For fabrics, we suggest flowy and romantic.

Gemstones for Pisces

We like Larimar, Moonstone and Aquamarine for this Pisces New Moon. But there's more options!

For invoking dreams or getting in tune with your intuition, Amethyst is a go-to crystal, but Lapis Lazuli is also wonderful for inner vision. Labradorite helps with self-mastery and awareness, and all three are great for developing psychic abilities.

Card Spread for the Pisces New Moon

This spread is to get more in tune with our psychic channels! 

Card 1: What is standing in the way of my psychic communication?

Card 2: How can I clear it?

Card 3: What do I need to do to strengthen my capabilities?

Card 4: What can I incorporate into my daily life to open the channel?

Ritual: Lucid Dreaming

Our ritual for this week involves an elevated version of dream journaling. If you would like to start lucid dreaming, that can be incorporated into this process as well. The first step is to get yourself a dream journal if you don’t already have one. Then take advantage of the full moon power and anoint it or otherwise bless it anyway you see fit. You can leave a powerful crystal on it overnight, use lavender or valerian root oils to scent it, or do a short blessing invoking the name of a sleep spirit. Of course, do whatever appeals to you.

After your new moon blessing, begin by taking a few minutes as soon as you wake up to jot down any dreams you remember. This may be very little, like a general feeling or sensation, or it can be vivid and in depth. Try to keep your dream journal next to your bed so you don’t have to move too much to get it, which can lead to forgetting bits of the dream(s). Draw images of the dreams if that helps. During the day you can do actions to increase your dream recall, support lucid dreaming, or just support a more restful sleep. There are tips and tricks on all of these things if you just search but we’re providing a tip here if you want to try supporting lucid dreaming.

In lucid dreams you know you are dreaming and can likely control the direction of the dream to some extent. Many people experience lucid dreams a few times, but to experience them frequently is rare. Because things happen in the dreamworld that cannot happen in the waking world, some people practice reality checks to help encourage lucid dreaming.

Reality checks are doing something in the ‘real’ world that would be different or have different outcomes in the dreamworld. For example, you might pinch and hold your nose for a few seconds throughout the day, then attempt to do it when you’re dreaming. If you can still breathe, you know you’re dreaming. You might open a book, read a couple lines, and look away. When you look back in the real world the book is readable and lines are the same, but when you do this in the dreamworld they will often change. The idea is to do something repetitively during the day so that you remember to try it while you’re dreaming. Then you’ll notice the effect is different and it will make you realize you’re dreaming.

Whatever you choose to do or encourage, do it everyday until the next moon. Continue writing in your dream journal every morning. Then at the next full moon, do an analysis of your dream progression. Since your first recorded dream, has anything changed? Have you had any repeating dreams? Have your dreams become more lucid, longer, clearer, or more strange? Any patterns you can pull out might be your subconscious trying to tell you something. Also note if your dreams changed nearing the full moon versus the new moon. Picking up on these patterns and how you can change your dreams may lead to valuable insight.