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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

When the moon is dark, we are gifted with the ability to see the stars more clearly. This New Moon in Pisces sends us into the mystical dark, where we must trust our intuition to be our guide as we navigate the unseen realms, retrieving the wisdom which exists here when we heighten our senses and notice the subtleties of the cosmic mystery.

Pisces is inviting us to drink from the waters of the stars, which remind us of the magic that exists, and support us in catching the visions and dreams we have for our life.

This New Moon is asking you to follow your intuitive feelings and allow them to guide you as to how you may implement new beginnings in your life which water the seeds of your visions and dreams.


Sensory Guide

Scents: We suggest scents that are soft and sultry, like ylang ylang, sandalwood and gardenia. jasmine, rose, or geranium. You might also want to encourage a dream-like state with scents or energies like valerian and mugwort. 

Colors + Textiles: Pastels are a perfect choice for Pisces - soft blues, greens and purples work well together with pops of warmth or deeper colors create a dreamy pallet. For fabrics, we suggest flowy and romantic. 

Foods: This is the time to celebrate foods that are aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. Buy yourself some artisan chocolates or petit fours, or whip up your own delicate canapes or a particularly beautiful charcuterie plate. The point is to indulge your creativity. Make a puff pastry with salmon, cream cheese and asparagus, or mini toast with goat cheese, fig and balsamic. Look for fun new flavor combinations, but in a low stress way, by making a few of each appetizer.

Crystals:  For invoking dreams or getting in tune with your intuition, amethyst is a go-to crystal, but Lapis Lazuli is also wonderful for inner vision. Labradorite helps with self-mastery and awareness, and all three are great for developing psychic abilities.


For this New Moon in Pisces, we are going to step into the ancient practice of water scrying. In Pagan traditions across the world, people had to use what was available to them in order to receive messages, water being one of them. 

For water scrying, get a bowl (anything but plastic) and fill it with water. Sit comfortably in front of it and focus on your intentions. For the New Moon, we want to focus on growth energy, so perhaps your intention is asking what you need to do in order to meet your goals. When you have the intentions, whisper them into the water and then blow in it. Repeat this three times. 

Then begin looking into the water, letting your gaze soften. Our goal is to reach an almost a trance like state, letting our vision get blurry, but catching the subtle movements in the water. You can continue to blow into it every so often if you feel called. 

Scrying is a practice, so if it feels difficult for you, don’t stress! Just continue to try to relax and focus on your breath. Allow images, memories or messages to come to you in the water. They may or may not make sense to you, but you do not need to interpret them right now. As you are doing this, you can also write or draw. 

When you feel complete, dispose of the water and consider free writing or journaling about the experience for more meaning. 

Card Spread

  1. What is standing in the way of my psychic communication?
  2. How can I clear it?
  3. What do I need to do to strengthen my capabilities?
  4. What can I incorporate into my daily life to open the channel?
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  • Kim Brown

    Thank you. Your card decks are beautiful and you provide information in a very accessible way. Peace and blessings.

  • Christina Thiem

    This is wonderful! Thank you

  • Janet

    Thank you , I will be doing the scrying practice tonight

  • Michelle

    I can’t thank you enough for these emails! Weaver Tarot was my first deck a few years ago… it’s completely transformed my life. Keep doing what y’all are doing. You are truly an inspiration in these changing times. Cheers

    Michelle ♋️ ♏️ ♌️

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