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A lil' update from us:

We finally have a Kickstarter launch date!!! Coming at you April 24th! We have a Rune deck, an oracle and a Tarot deck in development! We are suuuuper excited about these, and know you will love them. 

Make sure to sign up for notifications on our Kickstarter here so you can get receive updates! Below is the Rune Kenaz from our deck - which carries some Aries energy!

A note on this New Moon from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

We are BIG FANS of Winter. We have shared ceremonial space with her, gotten multiple readings from her and are big fans of her music. We highly recommend checking out her work! 

Book Winter for an Astro reading here. 
Listen to Winter's music here. 
Follow Winter on Insta here. 
Check out her website here. 

  • Marking the beginning of the astrological year, this New Moon provides us the chance to sew our seeds and truly begin anew. In order for a seed to sprout and push through the soil, it takes a certain power and force. The energy of Aries provides us this same power, as we are ignited by its flames which remind us of our strength and courage, inviting us to sprout where it’s needed in our life.

    Aries is a natural leader, taking initiative, stepping into new beginnings and fresh starts. Governing the first house of the Self, it is here that we connect with our individuality, personal power, confidence and truth. With the flames igniting our solar center, the time to “do” is now. This New Moon is asking us to step into action, follow our passions and move forward into the new beginnings that surround us. The beginnings you step into with this lunation, hold a powerful promise of success. Tune in with your passions and that which lights you up. These are the seeds which are asking to be sowed with the promises of an abundant harvest.

Scents for Aries

Invigorating scents are ideal right now, especially those that match the freshness of the season. Lime, basil, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint can all be energizing, refreshing, and brain boosting. Of course, coffee scents always have that get up and go energy as well. Whatever you find stimulating, go for it!

Colors and Fabrics for Aries

If we take a cue from Aries, this is a time to dress yourself in fiery tones like red or burnt orange, or rich colors like a deep purple. Still, this new moon is all about that relentless energy, so if these colors don’t make you feel like you can take charge, surround yourself with colors that do.

This is especially true for whatever you wear right now. If soft pink makes you feel like you’re ready to take on the world, then that’s the color for this new moon. For textiles, maybe go for sporty materials that are easy to move in. This is a great time for active wear that helps you move throughout the day, so workout fabrics like spandex, polyesters, or the more breathable cotton and bamboo are excellent choices.

Gemstones for Aries

We like Orange Calcite, Pyrite and Moldavite for this Aries New Moon. But there's more options!

Aventurine is a stone for luck and optimism, bringing energy and confidence to its user, which is great for new starts. Fire opal opens up the heart’s desire and allows you to let go of fear, particularly when it comes to judgment. This is a great stone for following your creative path, releasing bad memories, and supporting positive sexuality. Also, citrine is a really joyful crystal. It also allows you to let go of what other people think and encourages moving forward with newfound self-esteem.

Card Spread for the Aries New Moon

This spread is to get more in tune with your passion!

Card 1: What passion should I be pursuing right now? 

Card 2: What is the first move I can make toward pursuing/increasing my involvement with this passion? 

Card 3: What do I need to let go of in order to give enough attention to this passion? 

Card 4: What is an object or symbol that will lead me to my passion or let me know I am on the right path? 


Because it’s a New Moon, the bulk of this ritual is about weaving new intentions, but first we wanna burn off any stagnancy leftover from the winter.

Part One: burning away the freeze!

1. Grab a fire safe bowl, piece of paper, pen and a lighter
2. Put on some music that feels good for shedding + releasing, you could check out our playlist here for this! Write down some things that you’re ready to move on from - we are spring cleaning our energetic bodies and making space for the new!
3. Sit with what you’re releasing for a moment, reflecting on any related memories or exchanges. 4. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re ready to move on. Burn the paper when you’re ready, visualizing new space opening up within you

Part Two: weaving our intentions!

1. Grab some things to braid! This could be string, a small snippet of your hair, thin strips of fabric, long grasses…feel free to use whatever is available to you. 2. Think about your intentions for the next month. What are you planting? What are you wanting to breathe life into? What is filling the new space?
3. When you have 1-3 things you are calling in + tending to, begin braiding.
4. Do it slowly, with each weave, imbibe the braid with your intentions, visualizing + feeling what it will be like when you have reached the space you want to be in.

When you finish the braid, place it on your altar, nightstand, wear it or carry it!