In the theme of Sagittarius, we are spending this Full Moon expanding our offerings. We've spent a couple years now making decks, all of which we love and are super proud of. But we want to share so much more with you! We are passionate about the way Oracle + Tarot decks can usher transformation, and we are working on new digital offerings that will offer that same type of transformation. Our first one will be a Summer solstice guide, which will not only help you work with the Solstice, but also tend to your intentions for the next 6 months. 

The next offering will be an incredibly comprehensive and unique course for learning Tarot. And just like our decks, we are doing it in a way you haven't seen before. 

Now let's dive in to this months Super Full Moon!

A note from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

  • As the heat of the Sun grows, we feel the power of the solar force, which propels us forward into the heights of the Sky. Bold and abundant, we follow the hooves of the centaur who gallops upon the path of Expansion, which promises adventure and blessings.

    Reflecting back to early December, what arrows of intention were you shooting outwards into your life? In the past six months, what has grown and manifested? It is time to follow through with achieving the goals you set out for yourself this year.

    Allow Sagittarius’ flames and adventurous spirit to encourage your confidence in taking a big step towards what it is you’d like to achieve. The Solstice is near, utilize the energy of the light to support you in expanding within your life.


Do as any Sag would and get unusual + adventurous. Reach for a scent you normally wouldn't, anything otherworldly is the way to go.

Take a trip down memory lane via scents that remind you of somewhere you’ve been or seek out a scent that makes you want to go somewhere new. 

Unusual scents like leather and campfire have an adventurous aspect. If you’d like something lighter, get inspired by optimistic and joyous Sagittarius with playful scents, like gardenia, citrus, melon or even candy. 


Bring out the JOY to your home + wardrobe with bright, cheery yellow, orange and fiery red. Yellow is particularly powerful right now since we’re on the cusp of summer. But it can be any color that's bright + stimulating to you!

You should feel fulfilled and happy on this full moon, or at least look for ways to bring a little more celebration and confidence into your life.

For textiles, go with light, airy fabrics. Chiffons or crepes if you’re feeling fancy or just light cotton and linen for a more toned down look.


If you’re feeling a change of scenery, why not make yourself a crystal travel pouch? Get a small bag or box that is easy to carry with you and either incorporate your favorite crystals or use our suggestions for a magical travel pack.

Malachite and moonstone have both been called traveler’s stones, with moonstone being particularly good for travel over water. Moonstone has also been known as the “sailor’s stone”. Labradorite is a stone of synchronicity and magic, so it may just get you into fortuitous situations while out and about. Amethyst is powerful protection and good luck.

Rhodonite helps to balance emotional relationships, which could ease conflict with a travel partner or help you make new travel buddies. You can finish off your travel pack with a stone like garnet, which ensures a safe return home. 


This spread is for a journey of any kind, whether it be geographical, intellectual or otherwise. When you ask these questions keep in mind what type of journey you are asking about.

1. What is the journey I am embarking on at the moment?
2. How can I best protect myself throughout this journey?
3. What should I be striving for most during this journey?
4. Who should I reach out to during this journey?
5. Where might this journey lead?

The last question is of course highly mutable and dependent on a number of ever changing factors. If you want to ensure this happens (or that it doesn’t) you can ask follow up questions for further details or advice.

these bring that Sag heat:

Supernova Candle
Supernova Candle
Supernova Candle
Supernova Candle
Supernova Candle
Supernova Candle