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A lil' update from us:

I am so so sorry we missed the last couple moons! We have been incredibly busy with our Kickstarter and had a hard time keeping up : ). 

We are happy to be back and also happy to say that our Kickstarter is off to a great start! We officially have 2 weeks left and would love to keep up the momentum. If you haven't pledged yet, we would love your consideration! 

We are super passionate about continuing to make decks and being funded will really help us do that. Even if these decks are not your cup of tea, if you have enjoyed anything else we've made, we would so appreciate a pledge in a small amount. 

A note on this Full Moon from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

We are BIG FANS of Winter. We have shared ceremonial space with her, gotten multiple readings from her and are big fans of her music. We highly recommend checking out her work! 

Book Winter for an Astro reading here. 
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Check out here website here. 

  • May’s Full Moon in Scorpio brings light to the shadows, illuminating a pathway that we may take which integrates the depths of our healing with the power of the present moment.

    Beneath the light of this Full Moon, we find the grounding we need, to support us as we swim to the shore and rest upon the stability of the Earth. With the penumbral eclipse subtly reflecting the shadow of the Earth onto the Moon, we are given grounding and leverage for our internal, subconscious world to bridge with the conscious. Take hold of this Earth, letting it ground and materialize your feelings into something which may support you.

    Emotions and deep healing processes which we’ve been navigating over the past six months may be highlighted here. And it is from the light of the Moon which lights up the Whole, that we can see where this healing has been necessary for our evolutionary path and the gifts we now hold from these experiences. Somatic practices are supportive for this Full Moon, as we work with our body to move and release our feelings.

When the lunar eclipse collides with Scorpio, brace yourself for some serious intensity! Scorpio is one of the most transformative and powerful signs in the zodiac, and when combined with a lunar eclipse, it becomes a time of revelation, change, and mind-blowing psychological breakthroughs.

Ruled by the water element and the planet Pluto, Scorpio demands that we confront our deepest emotions head-on. This sign reminds us that we are all natural-born magicians and healers who can transform any energy, emotion, or behavior. We can turn darkness into light, tension into relaxation, and even heal from the most excruciating pain, turning it into wisdom. We can sail through any storm with ease and grace.

Scents for Scorpio

We’re going full Scorpio with rich, spicy, and sexy scents. If you have a favorite sexy perfume now is the time to wear it. If not, we recommend some classics that are said to heighten desire. Musk, sandalwood (particularly mixed with Jasmine), ginger, bergamot, and amber are all used in sensual scents. However, food smells are equally seductive, particularly vanilla which has historically been considered an aphrodisiac.

Colors and Fabrics for Scorpio

Deep reds and purples, like maroon or eggplant are excellent choices right now. These rich tones invoke passion and radiate elegance. Black is also a fantastic choice, since it absorbs energy, making it perfect for transformation. With textiles, go for anything that makes you feel sexy or powerful when it lays on your skin. A silk or stain might be ideal but a well tailored cotton or tweed suit can give you a powerful feeling. Maybe even indulge and try out some silk sheets.

Foods for Scorpio

During the Scorpio full moon eating should be a sensual process. You could go the traditional route and enjoy some classic aphrodisiacs. While most aren’t backed by science they still have a way to put you in the mood. Cliched but still delicious, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are an easy go-to. Figs, oysters, walnuts and honey are also popular “aphrodisiac” foods. Yet, there is only (very limited) data that supports the potential aphrodisiac qualities of foods like maca, ginseng, ginkgo, and saffron. Regardless of their actual abilities, foods that make you think of a romantic night out or in are still fun for enjoying the new moon.

Gemstones for Scorpio

There is a lot of power behind this full moon, particularly for developing psychic and intuitive abilities. Angelite is used for awareness and heightened perception, but it also supports truthful communication. Labradorite is a stunning crystal used in times of transformation, for spiritual connections, and to tap into your higher self. Moonstone is perfect for new beginnings, as well as insight and intuition. Sodalite is another choice for enhancing psychic abilities, intuition and observation. Our personal choice for this new moon, nuummite, is revered for enhancing one’s personal magic and clairvoyance.

Card Spread for the Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio


For this moon we’re indulging the water sign that rules it with a rebirth bathing ritual. Transformative rituals are ancient and typically have three stages.

In the first stage you are getting ready to shed your old self and taking initial steps to do so. In the second you are in a liminal or in between state, where the transformation is happening. In the final stage the ritual completes and you embrace your new self. This doesn’t need to be a huge ritual but even a quick bath can help us wash away our old selves.

First, make sure your bathroom is clean and clear of clutter. Then gather any tools you’d like. Items for burning, like herbs or incense, oils, fresh and dried flowers, and crystals are all great. A key ingredient is usually some kind of salt which helps remove impurities and aids in transformation. You can also make yourself some tea and lay out a journal if you want to record how you feel after the ritual. Try to leave your phone or any other technology that may be distracting out of the ritual, but do what works for you. Perhaps you want to play some music but can turn off notifications on your phone.

The first stage of the ritual is the prep itself. My personal choices for this would be to burn incense that smells like lily of the valley or magnolia, then add normal epsom salt to a bath with a woody oil, like cedarwood, and a few dried and/or fresh flowers in light colors like whites, soft pinks, and yellows. (A few tips: For oils, always be sure to use them safely and use a carrier of some sort if needed. Also put them in the bath when you’ve stopped running the water.

For epsom salt, try the medicine side of the pharmacy not the beauty side; the price will be much lower.)

Take time to appreciate your nakedness as you get into the bath, and then meditate on what aspect or aspects you are looking to transform.

Take as long as you want to think about this release, then for a very brief liminal moment immerse yourself in the water (do not ingest the water). This can be a few seconds or as long as you like and is safe. While underwater imagine your old self being shed and being replaced by these new aspects.

When you rise again, you are in the third stage. Feel how the transformation has taken hold. While you were underwater you were ‘out’ of the world and now you have returned. Relax and think about who you are now, in this moment. Think about what you bring with you into the world now. Take as long as you want in the bath to enjoy this new sense of self.

When you’re ready, leave the bath, clean up, and drain the tub. As the tub drains envision the old parts of yourself that you let go of draining with the water. You may be tired afterwards or very energized, but let your body guide you.