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Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

Dedicated, sensuous Taurus loves feeling secure, peaceful, and being surrounded by beauty. Although this means you may be overspending a little bit at the moment, you may also be more chill and grounded. Don’t worry about indulging so long as you don’t get too materialistic and complacent. Get out there, have fun, and enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. 


Scents: Full Moons are often celebratory, so with a Full Moon in Taurus there’s no reason to be reserved. Go for rich scents that are sensual but also grounding. Think apple, honey, amber, caramel, iris, and especially rose, a flower often associated with the bull. 

Colors and Textiles: Relaxed, romantic feelings on this full moon inspire us to wear light colors like white and pink, but these can be layered with earthy green tones. For textiles, choose something just a bit fancier than you might normally wear or decorate with. Perhaps a velvet, crepe or satin would get you in touch with your Tauran side, or luxurious tapestries, beaded fabrics and lampas. 

Food: Now is the time to dig into foods that feel special to you. You might want to indulge in a pricey restaurant, make your favorite foods, or sleep in late and have breakfast in bed. Want something a little fancy but not too difficult? Try an omelet that you can prepare in a variety of ways, Mushroom and feta? Tomato, mozzarella and basil? Bell pepper, potato and spicy sausage? Sundried tomato, arugula and parmesan? The possibilities are endless. Other fun options include bagels and lox, french toast with fresh berries, or even boiled egg cups with soldiers. 

Crystals: This moon is great for attuning with the natural world. Choose any crystals that will help you connect with the earth. Kunzite opens the heart to love, including love of nature, and increases feelings of peace and self-worth. Picture jasper is grounding and harmonizing. Larimar is also great for peace, inner harmony and attunes you to the shared energy of the universe. Peridot is wonderful for opening the heart and alleviating negative emotions like jealousy, but it also helps you connect with nature spirits and other animals.


Although it may feel more like Virgo energy, now is a great time to clean house. Taurus energy can really make us want to consume, so balance that by clearing out things you don’t need. Plus, fall is an excellent time to get rid of unwanted items before hunkering down for the winter. You won’t need anything in particular to do this ritual, although you may want to light a few candles in white and/or yellow (for cleansing and joy). 

Then, choose some category of objects to clear out. You can do more than one category, but for a short project focus on the one. You can choose to clear out clothes, kitchen supplies, books, etc. You may want to ask the universe for help with your choices and even keep a stone for clarity of mind nearby, but this isn’t necessary.

Separate the objects into one of three piles: need, don’t need, needs improvement. The things that are no longer useful, ruined, or that you never used you may want to move to either ‘don’t need’ or ‘needs improvement’. Things that you love, use, and want to keep stay in the need pile. Things that are broken or you may not have used yet, but that you can fix or would like to use can go in the needs improvement category.

Put away the things you're keeping and put the needs improvement category somewhere you can see the objects on a daily basis. This will encourage you to fix and/or use these objects. Finally, get rid of all the ‘don’t need’ objects, preferably through donations. When you're done, blow out your candles, or simply thank the things for what they brought you. 


This spread speaks to the desire for security and stability.

  1. Where am I lacking security in my life?
  2. How can I open myself up to receive this security?
  3. How can I provide stability to others in my life?
  4. How can I embrace the instability of life?
  5. Where should I be more spontaneous?
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  • Racquel Krueger

    I just seen this now at 9:11pm on Friday the 26th. Black Friday. Funny thing is I did all of this the past week or more. The moon has been facing the outside of the front of my home. I catch her looking in my bedroom window. I love my life.

  • Bren

    Thank you for these reminders and new ideas. 💟🤍💟

  • Amanda K Vance

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Cheyenne Lockwood

    Love 💗

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