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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra


Another full moon has arrived and with it a strong desire for balance. This full moon is known as the worm moon according to the Farmer’s Almanac because in many places the ground is beginning to thaw, encouraging earthworm movement. This movement also brings robins and eventually spring. Of course, there are different names for this moon throughout the U.S. and the world, but for all of us it is a reminder that things are beginning to move forward. Since it is also under the sign of Libra, the moon encourages us to seek harmony and beauty as we experience this change.

Libras are natural peacekeepers because they desire this balance. Still, we need to keep in mind that it’s okay to express both good and bad feelings, and continue to be ourselves despite expectations. Be compassionate towards those close to you but also towards yourself- and since it’s a full moon don’t just accept who you are, celebrate it!

Sensory guide:

This full moon we’re practicing creating balance in our sensory world. Be playful and creative to find your perfect combinations, in smell, in sight, and in taste. 

Scents: Look for scents that balance top, middle, and base notes, or if you’re feeling creative make your own! 

For an easy, balanced scent mix one top, bottom, and middle note that you think will work together. Citrus and herbs are generally top notes, while flowers, greens/fresh scents, fruit and spices are usually middle notes (or heart notes). Woods or balsam most often act as bottom notes. As an example, you might mix orange (top), with cardamom (middle), and sandalwood (base). Indulge your desire to experiment and have fun! 

Colors and textiles: Love centered libras are often associated with sunset colors - warm oranges and pinks mixed with deep blues and purples. Rose and dusky sky blue are especially appropriate around this full moon. We are also enjoying the fruits of our labor right now, so make sure you bring some coziness to your wardrobe or your home with soft, fuzzy blankets or sweaters in these romantic colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, seeking that libra balance. 

Food: Comforting, fall type foods and things that are naturally sweet might be in order during this full moon. Fruit may be especially appealing, like strawberries and apples with yogurt and nuts, but in full moon celebration you may also opt for a homemade apple pie or slow cooked curry. Find what appeals to you and maybe switch up your favorite comfort foods by adding new, complementary flavors. 

Crystals: Clear quartz is a crystal that is great for just about everything, including creating balance but green aventurine is also great for balance, good fortune, and harmony in relationships. If you really want to dig into that Libra energy, try rose quartz. Not only is it the perfect Libra color, but it is used for love, harmony and connection.



Full moons are a wonderful time to let go of what no longer serves you. Libra moons are also heavy on partnership and love, so this ritual is for letting go of negative past relationships that have ended and opening up to new love. This can, but doesn’t have to be, romantic love. It can also be platonic or even self-love. Perhaps you want to let go of a toxic relationship with yourself and move forward with more self-love and harmony. Regardless of what relationship you choose to focus on the target is always you, not the other person. This is to let go of the past and draw new, positive love to you.

Do this ritual outside for best effect, as you will need to burn and bury objects.

You may not have everything on hand or have access to the items mentioned - modify this however you need to! Magic is about intention, so feel free to get creative. It will always be powerful as long as there is feeling in it. 

Preparation Steps
1) Gather an object or objects you can safely (for yourself and the environment) burn that remind you of your previous relationship. If you don’t have anything from the actual relationship you can simply find or even print or draw something that reminds you of it.
2) Bundle this object with herbs and/or flowers that symbolize letting go, forgiveness, or healing. Lemon balm helps with healing and love, or nettle helps with boundaries and banishing. You can use whatever feels right for you.
3) Write out your intentions for new love on a piece of paper. This can be as simple or as complex a statement as you’d like.
4) Bundle flowers or herbs for love - rose and lavender are a very classic combination. But again, use whatever is at your disposal!
5) Grab 2 candles, 1 long ribbon or string (fairly thick as you will need to tie and untie it), 1 fire safe bowl and something to dig with. 

Ritual Steps
1) Start by laying out bundle 1 in front of a candle, and bundle 2 and your paper in front of the other candle.
2) Light the candle that represents the old relationship. As memories come back to you, knot the ribbon. Try to do one knot for each memory, and stick to this until the length of the ribbon can no longer be knotted.
3) Once that is done, take the bundle and burn it with the candle’s flame while repeating a spell, chant or just asking for support in letting go and/or forgiving.
4) Once the bundle is thoroughly burned, blow the ashes out so they scatter. If you are in your yard, blow them away from the house. Blow out the candle.
5) Next light the other candle, the one represent new love. As it burns think about what kind of love you want to invite into your life.
6) As you do this, unknot the entirety of the ribbon until there are no knots left. Then seal the paper you have written your intentions on with wax from the candle and add it to the bundle.
7) Dig a small hole and bury the newly combined bundle while repeating your intentions. Once buried, blow out the pink candle and do whatever thank yous or closing you normally do. Now you should be able to let go of the past and move forward with new love. 

Tarot spread:

This is a spread for love of all kinds as well. Remember the cards should not be used to read someone else’s feelings or intentions.
If you do this spread for a partner relationship or relationships, you should be focused on your role and position in it, not theirs.

  1. What aspect of love should I focus on in my life? (e.g. a person or people who give love, a situation that is supporting love, or an inner aspect of the self that encourages love)
  2. How can I build up this love? (e.g. in a friendship, partnership, self-love, etc.)
  3. Are there any blocks to me getting the love I deserve/what are the blocks to getting the love I deserve?
  4. How can I open up and rid myself of these blocks to love?
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  • Courtney Cates

    I love this ritual! I’ve altered it to my situation with my mother. We have some VERY negative memories & I’ve held so many grudges for more than 2 decades unable to let them go even with the work I do in therapy. This right here though, as well as what I changed about it to fit me letting go of the hatred I have towards my mom, not being able to let go of the past & what she’s done not only to me but my firstborn as well & wanting a better relationship with her at this stage in my life I think this ritual will truly help with that. I hadn’t thought of doing anything like that until I read this. So thank you very much! You might just be the one that helps bring my mom & I closer & help me in ways no therapist or psychiatrist has been able to help me! Because holding on to the past like I’ve been doing & these grudges I feel has had a negative effect on my health. Blessed be!

  • Sỳmone

    Thank you ✨💖✨🙏🏽✨💖✨

  • Leigh Murphy

    So excited to do this ritual. In the past few weeks lots of toxic exes and friends reached out to me which I now realize was a reminder of what to let go. The moon falls in the house of self love and discipline for me and I am currently back in a sober program. I will be focusing on myself so I can attract the healthy counterpart I deserve! ❤️

  • Candice

    Thank you for all of this!! Love your works, and this ultra stellar!

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