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Full Moon in Aries 2023


It is officially fall and we can feel that desire to turn inward and slow down getting a bit louder. Which coincidentally works well for us having finished the Kickstarter. We get to go a bit slower than usual for a couple weeks before we have a very hectic time shipping. 

Things haven't gone how we hoped or planned this year, but in that, we get to invite in trusting that it's all happening for a reason. We have had to change our plans for TOF, which of course, is just part of running a small business but sometimes it really feels like building a plane while flying it. And maybe dropping the tools you really need in the process!

One thing I appreciate about us is our willingness to walk into the fire and not shrink. We circle the drain, we let ourselves spiral, but at the end of the day, we face it. When I think about the internal tools I have cultivated that I am most appreciative for, I think that tops the list. Which is also very Aries imo!!


A note from our in-house Astro expert, Winter Jendayi:

Find Winter here: @altardekoskatlan and

The light of this Moon brings an invitation to shine in the truth of who we are. The flames of Aries’ fire offer the medicine of strength and power and with it, we allow ourselves to be seen.

Aries rules the Self - our individuality, our personal mission, and our confidence to follow our passions and be the leader of our life. With this Full Moon, we recognize and celebrate ourselves for persevering through the obstacles we’ve faced and following the call of our path with courage and strength. 

What are you celebrating in relation to your personal growth? How have you stepped further into your power? Fire is a sacred element, one that can empower, illuminate and transform. As you meet yourself beneath the light of this moon, reflect on the ways your internal fire is supporting you. Fan the flames, receive the warmth and allow this light to empower your connection with the truth of who you are and your continued journey to meet your empowered self.

New Thoughts, New You

Eventide Affirmation Deck

You've just opened your eyes. You're not even sure how you feel aren't thinking about all the things you need to do or whatever is stressing you out. And before you reach for your phone to hop on your feed, you decide to pull from Eventide.

Sights, Scents, Foods + Gemstones for Aries

  • Scents: Aries are the natural born leaders of the zodiac. They aren't afraid to capture an entire room with their fiery energy and passion. So on this full moon trystrong + impressivescents that make you feel like a boss. We're looking at tobacco, musk, coriander, leather, anise, patchouli, or even pink peppercorn. Get creative, stand out.
  • Colors and textiles: Normally when you think of Aries red and other fiery colors may come to mind. For this full moon however,  we want to transition from that Libra energyslowlywith softer versions of these eye catching colors. We suggest fuchsia red, apricot orange or saffron yellow. Even white can be a great option for a softer entrance to this full moon energy. For textiles we're gravitating towards fabrics that makeyoufeel like a boss. So wear whatever makes you feel ready to take charge! Whether that’s getting dressed up in a fitted suit, workout gear, or even throwing on a touch of lace - wear what makes you feel empowered.
  • Food: Now is the time to try out your hosting skills. Set up an intimate dinner party menu for your friends and/or family with some comfort food staples. If you have any family recipes that have been passed down now is the time to try them! If not, maybe start experimenting with foods from your cultural background. It’s time to dig deep into your roots, or if you prefer, start creating traditions now that you can pass down. You don’t have to pass them down just to future family- they can be for your friends and your community too. You might even want to think about foods you loved as a child. This moon is rife with nostalgia.
  • Crystals: Indulge the best of Aries with Carnelian, Aragonite and Citrine. In addition to those, you could grab bloodstone for a boost of bravery and courage. Amber is another lovely stone for this full moon as it aids in decision making, strengthens intellect and helps your desires come to fruition.

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Card Spread for Full Moon in Aries

As Aries calls us to embrace the leader within, this spread is all about becoming the one you need. Use it to find the areas in your life you need more support in and what you can do to help yourself.

This is a spread to examine yourself as the leader of you life.

1. What area of my life needs more leadership from me?
2. How can I shift my perception to change this area of my life?
3. What daily actions do I need to take?
4. In what ways do I need to be a leader to others?
5. What do I need to do to step into that role more fully?