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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon is in Aquarius, making for a complicated relationship with emotions, particularly after the Cancer new moon. Although you may still be feeling a lot, you are also in a place to better understand those feelings and free yourself from negativity. The new moon in Cancer helped you dig deep and really sit with your emotions, and this full moon is helping you understand and rationalize those same emotions. Now is the time to balance inner, individual work with the outer or collective work. During the Cancer moon this energy was aimed at family and friends, but for the humanitarian Aquarius maybe it could be a larger group or community? In the best possible scenarios, we all grow together.

Sensory Guide

Scents: This is definitely time to embrace the quirky and unusual. Think outside of the box and surround yourself with scents that stimulate your curiosity. Try a candle that smells like a bookstore or movie theater. Seek out fragrances inspired by weather, like snowfall, after rain, or crisp fall leaves. Maybe go for scents that remind you of your home state or a particular decade. Be creative in your searching because, trust us, there’s a scent out there to match.

Colors and textiles: Since it’s a full moon it’s not time to go wild, but rather to reconcile and relax. That means going for Aquarian colors that are a little more chill- sky blue or lilac, and even soft yellows or ivory. For textiles, whether wearing or decorating, try something strange and ideally better for the environment. That might mean recycled or repurposed fabrics, but there are also entirely new eco-friendly textiles out there. There are leather alternatives made of wood pulp, fabric made from corn, yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, and even something called cocona, made of coconut husks. 

Food: Play with your food! Get creative and try your hand at some unnecessary (but cute) food art. Sure it’s time consuming and might come out looking like a mess, but at least it’s still fun, and funny. Who knows, maybe you’ll be amazing at it. There are traditions worldwide of decorative foods but Japanese bento box art (Deco-ben) has become especially popular in the Western world in the past few years. Check out #decoben on Insta for some inspiration. If those look a bit advanced, try some of our tricks:

  • Apples are so easy to carve and hold their shape, so they’re a great base for beginners
  • Sticky rice is amazing for moulding and common in bento boxes
  • Eggs are also really versatile, and very easy to shape- either hard boiled or as an omelette 
  • Fruit and veg in general give great color and are easy to play with
  • Use cookie cutters or a melon baller to get the shapes you want
  • Don’t throw out your “cuttings”- snack on them later or add them to another dish

Crystals: Aquamarine is great for Aquarius season since it will help you gain clarity and accomplish resolution and healing. Celestite and amethyst are wonderful for spiritual development, or if you’re looking to stir your creativity and clear mental confusion, sodalite is an excellent choice.


Have you ever heard of stichomancy? It may also be known as bibliomancy or, for poems, rhapsodomancy. Quite an ancient practice (there are Roman versions of it) it’s actually pretty straightforward and a lot of fun. The basic principle is to use a book for divination, although we like to think of it more like getting good advice- similar to how you might use tarot or oracle cards.  

Since Aquarians are a good balance of head and heart, we wanted to focus on a ritual that is based in worldly and communal knowledge- the knowledge of books! Here is our suggestion for trying your hand at stichomancy.

  1. Find one or a few books that call to you- whether or not you’ve read them already. Then, sit at your altar or in a quiet space with the book or books laid out in front of you. If you want to light some candles or otherwise create ambiance, go for it.
  2. Now focus on the question you want to ask. Make sure it is an open ended question and that you really focus your energy on getting a helpful response.
  3. Now close your eyes and pick up your book (or choose one if you have a few out). Keeping your question in mind, open up to a random page and let your finger land somewhere on one of the pages. This can be instant or you can take a minute until it feels like the right spot.
  4. Open your eyes and read the line or lines attached to the word beneath your finger. In these lines you should get an answer to your question, however cryptic it might seem. If the line or lines don’t resonate with you, feel free to try another book or another page. 

That’s it! So simple and you can do it anytime you need some extra advice or you can do it in conjunction with something like tarot to gain a clearer understanding.


Aquarians are good at detaching and establishing boundaries- maybe too good sometimes. This spread will help us access that energy and step back a little wherever we need to.

  1. Where (with what/who) in my life am I too emotionally attached?
  2. How can I detach a bit from this person/feeling/thing?
  3. Moving forward, what boundary or boundaries should I put in place? (pull one or more cards)
  4. How can I begin to establish this/these boundary/boundaries? (one or more cards)
  5. What do I need to be aware of as I make this change.
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