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Court Cards in Tarot | Threads of Fate

Court Cards in Tarot

The Court Cards

The Court Cards are found in every suit within the Minor Arcana (Wands, Cups, Swords, Coins). Traditionally, the Minor Arcana Face cards are Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. We have renamed them:

  • Pages are Seekers in Threads of Fate Decks                          
  • Knights are Conquerors in Threads of Fate Decks
  • Queens are Sovereigns in Threads of Fate Decks
  • Kings are Rulers in Threads of Fate Decks

If you've read our other posts, you know that Tarot follows storylines - the court cards are like an archetypal journey.

The Seeker: Seekers have a youthful energy, they are at the very beginning of their journey and they lack in experience. They approach things with enthusiasm and gusto, but have not learned to be discerning. They represent children/young adults, a youthful inner aspect of ourselves or the beginning of a project or journey. 

The Conqueror: Conquerors have more experience under their belt than Seekers, but they still haven't settled into themselves. They are intense and action-oriented which is helpful for getting things done, but it can also create chaos and problems in other areas. Conquerors hold the energies of people 20-mid 30's. They bring change, action and movement. Whether a person or event, you can always count on a conqueror to shake things up. 

The Sovereign: Sovereigns are mature, nurturing and intuitive. They know how those around them feel and are gifted at empowering them. The Sovereign is more established and are leaders within their community. They are creative and gifted at bringing things to life, so this card carries grounded action and goal fulfillment. Traditionally, The Sovereign (Queen) represents a woman 30-50, but we believe any human can possess Sovereign qualities regardless of gender. 

The Ruler: Rulers are considered to be the most experienced of the court cards. They are level headed, decisive and successful. They are balanced, stable and solid. They see and understand things that most people are not aware of. Traditionally, The Ruler (King) represents a male over 40, but we believe any human can possess Ruler qualities regardless of gender. 


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  • Melissa

    Hi I bought you Oracle Rose edition deck and there was a Seeker of cups card mixed in with the deck and I pulled it for the first part of my reading, but there was no interpretation for seeker of cups so I had to just use the interpretation from The Seeker card of the deck. I was wondering if I could get the interpretation for the seeker of cups card. Thanks in advance.

  • Euler estelle

    hello, your games are sublime, will you make games translated into french. thank you for your reply. cordially Estelle.

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