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New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Since the Full Moon in Libra, Brit and I have been witnessing some old patterns resurfacing once again, just wearing a different face this time. It's so funny when you feel activated and think it's one thing, only to later realize it's that same old pattern you've been working for years just in a mask. It always makes me think of how everything is fractal, constantly unfolding, everything connected.

I know I am *in* it when it affects my physical body, and this time the Mono I had at age 17 kicked in. And wouldn't you guess it, part of the thing being triggered had to do with what was going on when I was 17! I made the connection after the Mono unfortunately, but I've appreciated the space and rest I have allowed myself. It's not something I've done well in the past. Our spirits are magical, amirite? They are so wise and knowing and our bodies really do know. 

Because it's ~taurus~ you might notice yourself a bit more sleepy and internal than usual. Give your body what is needs! Whatever it may be bb ; )


Some insights from our friend Winter Jendayi:

The first Eclipse of 2022 arrives with the Taurus New Moon, bringing a moment of depth to our material plane, inviting us to take a pause for a moment of reflection as the Moon casts its shadow upon the Earth.

Taurus, the Bull who delights in the comforts and pleasures of life, stubborn and hardworking, grounded and dependable, is asked to go deeper with this New Moon, below the surface, to the roots beneath the foundation. With this Partial Eclipse, important matters that exist below the soil are revealed, and in awakening to these things, we are encouraged to integrate them into the foundation of our life so it may hold us with even more stability and security.

Where is more depth and meaning needed so that the material and sometimes superficial aspects of life, are more wholesome and fulfilling? It is time to tend to the foundation of your life. Plant new seeds where they’re needed, commit to practices that connect you with your internal world, inviting in more depth so that the flowers in your life have an abundance of fertile soil to root into.



Scents: We fuck with Taurus because our fav scents make us feel like we’ve faceplanted in a forest floor and that is what Taurus is all about. Reach for cedar, pine, cypress and anything *woodsy*. The goal is to feel groudned and stable, so light up whatever does that for you.

Colors + Textiles: Sticking with that earthy vibe, deep neutrals and greens are very Taurus-y. But don’t be afraid of pops of color either, a nice olive greeb matched with a lavender? A TOTAL VIBE. Think forest sprinkled with wildflowers. For fabrics, go comfortable but strong. Taurus is all about physical pleasure so what feels good for you?

Crystals: Crystals that are darker in color are typically grounding and stabilizing, think Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz and Onyx. But we also want to toss in some healing + uplifting vibes, grab some rose quartz, rhodonite or emerald for balance.

Foods: New moons are usually about starting new things, so we can take this moment to try out some new “earthy” foods. Root veggies are arguably the earthiest foods out there but you don’t have to default to potatoes and carrots. We LOVE making Truffle Parsnip fries! And they’re super easy. Grab a few Parsnips, cut into thin strips and toss in a little olive oil and salt. Lay evenly on an oven pan and roast at 400-450 or use an air fryer. Keep a close eye because they go from crispy to burnt quickly at higher temperatures, but that’s also what gets em’ crispy. looking for. Try celebrating spring and earth by making a delicious chocolate beetroot cake.

Crystals: What kind of energy are you trying to draw on during this Taurus new moon? If you’re looking for stability and less anxiety, black tourmaline and hematite are wonderful. Smoky quartz is great if you’re looking to face your fears and promote inner strength. Rhodonite helps heal trauma and calms anxiety as well. Try any of these to feel more stable in daily life.



For this Taurus New Moon we are checking out what’s been living in our murky depths and seeing wtf we need to do with it. Grab your fav deck and let’s ride.

1. What’s ~awakening~ within me?
2 + 3. What two things within myself need to be unearthed + examined?
4. Do they need to be released or integrated?
5. What is the best way to create structure for myself as I do this?
6. What do I need to do to bring these things to life?
7. Wild card: what message do I need to carry with me until the full moon in Taurus 11/8/22?



Lay it bare with some earthly elements! Taurus is earthy, but also ruled by Venus which is all about love + beauty. This ritual brings it all together while you take it all off.

1. Head to your garden, farmer’s market or local Trader Joes and grab some flowers + herbs + essential oils. We recommend: rosemary, rose, lavender, thyme, jasmine, cedar.

2. Vibe out your tub and/or space (if you don’t have a tub, you can do a foot bath). Add some candles, crystals, any cool LED lights, whatever else feels fun for you!

3. Fill the tub with your preferred temp and add the flowers/herbs/oils.

4. Hop in! While you’re luxuriously taking it all in, reflect on some intentions for the new moon and anoint yourself with the plants in the bath while thinking of them.

5. When complete, hop out + drain, taking the plant materials outside.

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  • Derrick

    Thank you for the inspiration. Gonna cozy up to my ToF oracle and tarot decks, this weekend…

  • Jenn

    Thank you! Love your emails!

  • Robyn

    This is Amazing!!!

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