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New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio has us yearning for deep, meaningful conversations and a bit of mystery in our lives. The mood is passionate but also on edge. You may feel more irritable than usual and react more sharply to annoyances. You may also be a bit moody and introspective, but this inward look can be very helpful in facing and embracing your shadow side. Now is the time to revel in the insightful, transformative nature of this sign, and we suggest you dance with your demons. Get to know the parts of yourself you may keep locked away, let go of judgement, and then release what you don’t need.



Scents: Focus on scents that promote insight and intuition- bonus points if they’re also a bit mysterious. Take frankincense, known as the oil of truth, which encourages enlightenment and connection with other realms. Chamomile is calming but this also means that your relaxed mind can be open to further insight. Clary sage is used for clarity of all sorts, including encouraging psychic visions. Wisteria is another favorite, which encourages channeling spirits and meditation. 

Colors and textiles: We usually think of Scorpio colors as deep reds and black, but during this New Moon we’re focusing on the more unusual ones. Try deep hunter green, mysterious and regal eggplant, and sophisticated steel grey. Textiles can also be a bit mysterious, like an unusual bit of lace or gauzy layers. Fabrics dyed with novel techniques, like batik, block printing, or even eco printing are also a fantastic option.

Food: Scorpios are all about deep connections, and what better way to connect than over a meal? Food can be very meaningful to us. It might bring back childhood memories, a special event, or even sad memories where someone brought food to comfort you. During this New Moon, use food to connect with others, not just through eating but also through preparation. Preparing food together is an intimate and fulfilling activity, so hunker down with your partner, bring a friend over, or grab a family member and try making a time consuming dish. Homemade raviolis, tamales, stuffed grape leaves, challah bread, tortellinis, dumplings, croissants … The list goes on. You might even choose a food that has a story behind it or that is part of your family’s history. Sharing these moments with others reinforces your bond and your culinary skills.

Crystals: This New Moon is great for heightened intuition. To aid in this, we’ve picked gems that support an open mind and heart. Choose labradorite for protection, psychic strengthening and moving between worlds. Choose serpentine for inner peace and breaking curses. Clear quartz and obsidian are great all purpose stones and may help sharpen intuition. If you specifically want to expand your consciousness and communicate with guides, quartz is ideal, but if you’re more focused on protection and healing, try obsidian. 


Scorpio energy is transformative, focused on death and rebirth. Though it might be a bit scary at first, these transitions must happen for growth. We suggest a simple but effective ritual for moving past the things that hold you down and turning them into something beautiful. 

For this ritual you will need paper (ideally colored or even origami paper), scissors, a writing implement and maybe some tape or glue. You may also want some black candles and one of the crystals suggested earlier.


To start: set up a space to work, lay your crystals out, light your candles, and do anything else that will help you release things that no longer serve you.

Then, on your paper, write down things in your life that you would like to move past, let go of, or improve. Write one thing on each piece of paper and meditate on why you need to move on. Think about how you can transform these things into lessons. A toxic friendship was a lesson on boundaries, for instance. Thank whatever you're releasing for what it taught you and then begin cutting the pieces of paper and/or folding them.

What you transform the paper into is entirely up to you. You might want to make origami, tear them up and make new paper out of them or use them as celebratory confetti. Our favorite thing to do is turn them into paper flowers and keep them on an altar for a few days/weeks/months, however long it takes to feel like you’ve really been able to let go. Then simply recycle them and let them be transformed again.


This spread helps you get in touch with your sexual and/or sensual side.

  1. What is my core sexual/sensual personality? 
  2. What aspect of my sexual/sensual life needs attention?
  3. Who or what can aid in bringing this aspect to my life?
  4. How can I be more adventurous in my sexual life?
  5. How can I bring sensuality to my everyday life?
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