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A lil' update from us:

We've been working v hard on these Kickstarter decks, and so far we are on track for a September fulfillment! If you didn't back the Kickstarter, you will have the ability to back the decks for a brief time before we place orders for mass production. Keep your eyes peeled!

Something that's always fun is when Brit and I have very different feelings about a card she's made. She kept hitting a block with The Star and she has declared it "not her favorite card" - but I LOVE it! It might be one of my favorites actually. Sometimes we have the same favorites (Death is always up there) and sometimes I don't love one that she really loves. To me, I really love seeing the different perspectives and interpretations with them. Here is the Star, let us know what you think! 

We ALSO are bringing back some old favs and new editions this summer! We have officially opened pre-orders for these - check em out: 

Now let's get into this New Moon in Gemini!!!

A note on this New Moon from Winter Jendayi, our in house Astro expert:

We are BIG FANS of Winter. We have shared ceremonial space with her, gotten multiple readings from her and are big fans of her music. We highly recommend checking out her work! 

Book Winter for an Astro reading here. 
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Check out here website here. 

  • A breath of fresh air and a feather floating with the breeze calls in this New Moon as it quickly arrives, tickling our minds with new information and multiple perspectives. If life has felt stagnant or dull, this New Moon ushers in the winds of change, moving stale energy and revitalizing life with a playful nature which we can’t ignore. Play can be a power and when integrated holistically, it enlivens our life with a special kind of joy.

    Gemini rules the mind, communication and the social aspects of our being. A New Moon in this sign is asking for new ways of thinking, information to feed the mind and a commitment to a practice of daily laughter. Clever and curious, this Moon invites us to see all sides and accept the parts of us that are ever-changing.

    To work with this energy, begin with your mind and listening to the voice within. Are there new ways of thinking that you’d like to implement that will lead to a more healthy mindset? Are you connected with your inner voice, are you expressing your truth? Meditation is a powerful tool when tending to the mind. Journaling is a great way to witness your thoughts. New intentions within friendships, social circles and learning environments are extra supported with this lunation. And through it all, make sure you’re having fun.

Scents for Gemini

The new moon in Gemini is complemented by flirty, summer-y smells, like lemongrass, citrus, sweet pea, basil, grapefruit and bergamot. Anything light, stimulating and uplifting is great. For more unexpected scents try sea salt, plum, blackberry, or water lily.

Colors and Fabrics for Gemini

Naturally bright and joyful colors are associated with the mercurial, lively Gemini. Yellows and greens are always great together, or add some white and pink for a softer but still bright palette. If you’re incorporating fabric choices, go for light cotton prints in bold patterns. If you want to go all out, try some posh, airy fabrics like Paris chiffon, net fabric, or my personal favorite- silk georgette. Whether you’re wearing them or decorating with them, they’ll add that breezy quality that air signs like Gemini embody.

Foods for Gemini

Geminis love trying new things, so why not make yourself a personal mini buffet or try a restaurant that serves food medleys (think tapas, sashimi, Ethiopian, charcuterie)? If Covid safety protocols are being followed, invite friends over to do a taste test with you. If not, try experimenting with your own recipes for future social gatherings.

Gemstones for Gemini

Communication skills should already be boosted during the Gemini moon, but in addition to the crystals below, you can also try:  chrysocolla for knowing when to speak up and speaking the truth, lapis lazuli for friendship and truth, or blue kyanite for positive self-expression, including creative expression. Turquoise is also great for speaking up but also for truly listening to others and understanding.

Card Spread for the New Moon in Gemini

This spread is for a journey of any kind, whether it be geographical, intellectual or otherwise. When you ask these questions keep in mind what type of journey you are asking about. If you are completely unsure what type of journey is most important right now, the first question can help you answer this, but if you have an idea (for instance I want to go on a trip somewhere) then the first question can help you narrow it down (do you see lots of water elements? Maybe somewhere beachy?)

The last question is of course highly mutable and dependent on a number of ever changing factors. If you want to ensure this happens (or that it doesn’t) you can ask follow up questions for further details or advice.


Since this moon is great for communication of all sorts, we’re focusing on spell writing techniques. Pre-made spells work great, especially if you’re just starting out, but homemade spells are often more powerful because your intention is infused throughout the process, not just when you're reading/speaking the spell. Since spell writing can be a bit intimidating, we’ve provided a list of tips and questions that will help you get into that creative flow.

1. To get started, clear a space for yourself to write. You can go outside, sit near your altar, or just set up a writing space at a desk, table, etc. Maybe create a cute space for yourself with crystals and candles too! You may also want a computer/phone nearby to do research.

2. Once you’re ready, get out a pen/pencil and paper.

3. Then figure out what type of spell you're writing. Write this out in plain language, and take a moment to meditate on what exactly it is that you want, or what you’re opening yourself up to. If you like, cleanse the space or ground yourself before beginning the creative process.

4. Figure out what tools you’ll be working with, if any. Are you going to light a candle while you say your spell? Do you need to gather herbs and flowers? Does it require burning or water? 

5. Now it’s time for the words, so get out a second sheet of paper. This is the main aspect we’re focused on today. Spell writing breaks down into two main parts, the structure and the content.

Structure: How do you want to organize your spell? Many spells use some sort of poetic structure, although prose is also fine. If you're doing prose, this doesn’t mean you can’t use some poetic elements, like metaphor, for example. However, if you're using a poetic structure, figure out if you want to write it in stanzas and if you want to use a rhyme scheme (if so what kind). Do you want to do blank verse- no rhyme, but in a certain rhythmic pattern like iambic pentameter? Do you want to rhyme every first and third line?

If all this seems overwhelming, don’t worry about it. These styles are only here to help give you structure if you prefer to work that way. For instance, say you want to do four line stanzas, with a rhyme every second and fourth line:
Ancestors hear me
I seek out your wisdom
As I journey forward
To make a decision

There is nothing ~fancy~ about this example, but it has a flow and can be easily memorized- again if this is something you want to do. Don’t get too hung up on structure though, since the real power is in your intention.

You could just as easily write in prose:
I call on my ancestors to help me as I work towards this decision ...

Content: For the content, of course you’ll want to speak your intention but what else should you be adding? There are so many questions you can ask yourself when trying to figure this out. For example…

Who are you asking for support/guidance?
Are you working with entities? Your higher self? The universe? Spirits? Ancestors?

What is the core intention?
This is where you go back to that initial plain statement you wrote.

What do you really want out of this spell?
Although metaphor and poetics are great for elaboration, at some point in the spell you should have a clear statement of your intent. Remember, you get what you ask for and the universe has a sense of humor, so just be sure you clearly articulate the intent and then use more creative aspects to elaborate.

Do you want to reference symbolism or correspondences?
In other words, there are spirits, colors, plants, animals, materials, tools, stories, and many other symbols associated with particular types of spells. Some of these things might make a nice reference. For example, if you’re doing a wealth spell, maybe you want to reference the color gold or the pentacles suit of a tarot deck.

Do you want to use metaphors?
Metaphors are great for spells and can be as obvious or mysterious as you like. Anything from the natural world is a great option. Say you're doing a friendship spell. You can reference the dynamic between bees and flowers, how the bees receive pollen for honey but at the same time give back by cross-pollinating the flowers. Maybe you’re doing a banishing spell. Why not use the metaphor of light breaking through a storm? Again, these don’t have to be too fancy but they help illustrate your intention.

Do you want to reference something specific?
In other words, is there a particular moment or place you want to speak to directly. Say you’re applying to a university or a job and want to add in the name of that place. Just be careful with this technique. The universe has many crafty ways of giving you what you want or need. It’s possible you would be better off being less specific. For instance, if you ask for support to get a job broadly, instead of giving the name of the place you’re applying to, you could get a better offer from somewhere else that you had no idea was an option. You can position it like "this job or something better" or "whatever job is meant for me by divine right."

What language(s) do you want to use?
If you speak one language, then the spell should be in your one native language. However, if you speak multiple languages you may want to use either, both, or several in one spell. Sometimes this depends on who you are speaking to as well. For example, if you are calling on an ancestor and you know they only spoke Spanish, you may want to use Spanish in the spell as well.

1. Draft, edit, and draft some more. You should have something resembling a spell after the first go. Maybe it’s perfect right away or maybe you’d like to keep working on it. Words are powerful so take all the time you need. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve done you may want to write out a clean, finished version. If you’re planning on destroying it during or after the spell casting, then it doesn’t need to be too fancy, but if you want to keep the spell for later you could write in a beautiful script on nicer paper. Then you can also add it to your grimoire, spellbook, or any other resource you use for your practice.
2. If you are doing an elaborate spell that requires more than just reading/speaking the written portion, you can write out the actions you’ll take as well. For example:
Clear circle
Light red candle 
(Spell writing)
Light black candle 
(Spell writing)
Put rose into water bath
(Spell writing)

... It’s essentially like writing stage directions in a play. If this seems overwhelming, just give it a try and come back to it when you feel inspired again. The more you try spell writing, the better you’ll get at it (if that’s your goal), and this new moon is an excellent time to try it out.Be curious and playful - this is your spiritual practice so don't put pressure on yourself!