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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

Feeling extra sensitive? The new moon in intuitive, emotional, and loving Cancer may be to blame- or to thank! This is a wonderful time to dig deep into your caring side and invest time in the home or family matters, no matter what family looks like to you. Don’t be afraid of your feelings but also don’t overindulge in the negative ones. This is a time to practice forgiveness, move away from overthinking, relax and enjoy the people you care about. Take a cue from the nurturing crab and remember that giving and receiving love are fundamental to our existence on this planet. Cancers have a tendency to put up their guard (a tough outer shell) but keep in mind the only way to really deepen your relationships is to let your guard down from time to time. This is definitely a good time to open up. 

Sensory Guide

Scents: Cancers are all about the home but that doesn’t mean they’re homebodies- it just means they make their home wherever they are. A great way to create that homey feeling wherever you are is with foodie scents like freshly baked cookies or fresh scents like clean laundry. Maybe try candles that remind you of cozy treats like chi (tea), apple pie, or vanilla. For more fresh options, try lily of the valley, rainstorm, or fresh linen. 

Colors and textiles: Ruled by the moon, Cancerian colors are silvers, metallics, whites, and blues. Look for soft variations of these colors. For textiles, try romantic but soft and comfy. Ideal fabrics for this moon are chenille, cashmere or velvet. Of course, if you want to go for pure comfort, there’s always fleece and flannel too, or if you want to dress up a little sequins are a great choice. 

Food: Now is the time to try out your hosting skills. Set up an intimate dinner party menu for your friends and/or family with some comfort food staples. If you have any family recipes that have been passed down now is the time to try them! If not, maybe start experimenting with foods from your cultural background. It’s time to dig deep into your roots, or if you prefer, start creating traditions now that you can pass down. You don’t have to pass them down just to future family- they can be for your friends and your community too. You might even want to think about foods you loved as a child. This moon is rife with nostalgia. 

Crystals: Try some crystals for a happy home space, like selenite. This stone is relaxing, purifies your environment and may even help you get a good night’s sleep. Clear quartz is an eternal classic, perfect for cleansing and filled with optimism, or you can do a rose quartz if love in the home is your focus. Moonstone is particularly potent, since it creates empathy and compassion but also stabilizes emotions that may be fluctuating right now. 


This moon’s ritual is simple but potentially profound. We’re embracing the nurturing aspect of this moon for someone very special, your inner child. This doesn’t have to be trauma or healing focused work, although it can be. This is about talking to your inner child in a loving way and letting them have some fun.

Candles: One pink (love, child protection, gentleness), and one yellow (enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration, joy)- you can always substitute with white or another color if you’re looking at a different aspect of your childhood

A picture of yourself as a child, or another object from childhood (toy, drawing, clothes, etc.)
Paper and pen/pencil
Orange, lemongrass, or another joyful oil scent
Optional: snacks, toys, or other treats you liked as a kid

Set up your altar or just a quiet space with your two candles and lay your childhood photo or object between them. Then get out your paper and pen. First, light the pink candle and tell your inner child that you are there to keep them protected and love them. Then light your yellow candle and thank them for their joy, creativity, and any other childhood attributes you liked about yourself. 

Open up your oil and add it to your candle’s wax pool (Safely! They can be flammable), put a few drops on your wrists, or just take a few sniffs. This should invigorate you and aid in thinking about your childhood. 

Now it’s time to write. Think about your inner child and who they were/are. You can write them a letter as your adult self writing to your child self, or you can simply write out a few questions and answers. Although this ritual should focus on positive things about your inner child, often darker or more painful things can come up. If they do, feel free to work through them if you think you can right now, but there is always an option to wait until you can get help elsewhere (e.g. with a therapist or mental health professional). Remember to be forgiving of your inner child and anything that we would now see as ‘mistakes’. They were learning and/or protecting themselves (you) as best they could. 

Some questions you might want to ask and answer:

What are some of your favorite things?

What things upset you?

Who are some people you love and why do you love them?

What can I do for you or give you to make you happy right now?

What do you need from me?

How do you feel about who we are now? 

Accept whatever emotions or memories come back to you. Look at the photo of yourself, or the replacement object, and think about that child’s feelings and how they shaped your attitude today. 

Once your letter or freewriting is done, blow out the pink candle and ensure your inner child that they are loved. Then blow out the yellow candle and reward your inner child! Play with old toys you used to love, have a favorite childhood treat ready, or even go somewhere to do an activity you used to love as a child. Play a sport with some friends, go to the movies, visit a pet store- whatever used to make you really excited. 


This spread should help temper some of those heavy emotions that might be coming on about now. Think of it as a spread for emotional well being, and feel free to use it anytime you need to calm down a bit.

  1. What is your core/driving emotion right now? 
  2. How can this emotion serve you in your personal growth?
  3. How might too much of this emotion hinder your personal growth?
  4. What can you do right now to calm this emotion?
  5. What other feeling(s) are a good counterbalance to this emotion?
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