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For this New Moon, we are tending to the seeds we've recently planted for our new projects and magic and we are SO excited. Taking the loving + nurturing energy of Cancer, we are truly channeling all of it into these new works. We are so stoked for the digital offerings - the Summer Solstice Handbook was a hit! We thank all of you who supported it. 

We are also so excited The Empyrean is coming back, along with a couple other cool new things! Stay tuned - we love you all!

A note from our in-house Astro expert, Winter Jendayi: 

Nesting in the safety of her home, la Luna pauses in the darkness, feeling all that is present. The ocean’s waves ebb and flow, and we are reminded of our cyclical nature and the natural rhythm of expansion and contraction.

As the New Moon pauses upon this axis which awakens our intuitive nature, emotional sensitivity becomes heightened as well as our fierce protective qualities.

Cancer, the matriarch of the zodiac who nurtures All, reminds us to truly feel so we may heal and to make sure we are nurturing ourselves as much as we nurture others.

Feelings run deep at this time, and we can work with the power of water to wash away pain and resent, allowing it to cleanse us in the ways we need most. Looking into the water, observe your reflection. What does the mirror of the dark Moon, upon the surface of the water, reveal? Trust your intuitive feelings and allow the waves to carry you to the shore of a new beginning.

Sights, Scents, Foods + Gemstones for Cancers

  • Scents: Cancers are all about the home but that doesn’t mean they’re homebodies- it just means they make their home wherever they are. A great way to create that homey feeling wherever you are is with foodie scents like freshly baked cookies or fresh scents like clean laundry. Maybe try candles that remind you of cozy treats like chi (tea), apple pie, or vanilla. For more fresh options, try lily of the valley, rainstorm, or fresh linen. 
  • Colors and textiles: Ruled by the moon, Cancerian colors are silvers, metallics, whites, and blues. Look for soft variations of these colors. For textiles, try romantic but soft and comfy. Ideal fabrics for this moon are chenille, cashmere or velvet. Of course, if you want to go for pure comfort, there’s always fleece and flannel too, or if you want to dress up a little sequins are a great choice. 
  • Food: Now is the time to try out your hosting skills. Set up an intimate dinner party menu for your friends and/or family with some comfort food staples. If you have any family recipes that have been passed down now is the time to try them! If not, maybe start experimenting with foods from your cultural background. It’s time to dig deep into your roots, or if you prefer, start creating traditions now that you can pass down. You don’t have to pass them down just to future family- they can be for your friends and your community too. You might even want to think about foods you loved as a child. This moon is rife with nostalgia. 
  • Crystals: Try some crystals for a happy home space, like selenite. This stone is relaxing, purifies your environment and may even help you get a good night’s sleep. Clear quartz is an eternal classic, perfect for cleansing and filled with optimism, or you can do a rose quartz if love in the home is your focus. Moonstone is particularly potent, since it creates empathy and compassion but also stabilizes emotions that may be fluctuating right now. 

Card Spread for New Moon in Cancer

If you're experiencing some ups + downs or some intense feelings, this spread should help you move through them.

While perfect for this New Moon, keep it in your back pocket and feel free to use it anytime you need to find some neutrality.

This is a spread to examine your feels and the best ways you can move forward. 

1. What feeling is most activated right now?
2. How can it serve you in your personal growth?
3. How might too much of it hinder your personal growth?
4. What can you do right now to find balance?
5. What do you need to be sitting with in the next few days?

New Moon in Cancer Ritual