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New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Hey love!

We hope you're well and enjoying the boldness of this season. We wanted to share a couple words on our ~personal~ New Moon in Aries feels:

You know when you drop the ball and feel bad but pick it up and move along? Well, Brit and I basically threw the ball over a cliff and have been trying to find it for months. We FINALLY did and now this Aries moon is giving us a swift kick in the pants. Or, its helping us kick our own pants. We are movin and groovin, stepping back into our work with a new and more steadfast commitment. It feels good, and we are both super grateful for the spaces that have been opened within us. Granted, it took burning away a lot of things too, but that's what happens when you insist on alignment.

We hope you enjoy the insights in this New Moon journal! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Blaire + Brit

We made self-portrait collages for our Threads of Fate altar! Rad right?

Late night work meeting + a gym sesh ; )


Like every New + Full Moon, we have a card spread, ritual and sensory guide for you! But leading off is our fav astrologer, Winter Jendayi, dropping some insights so you can tap, tap, tap in:

The New Moon in Aries marks the beginning of the Astrological Year. Aries embodies the energy of beginnings. It is the spark that initiates the fire, it is the force of seeds bursting through the soil as they sprout, the confident and hot-headed leader who charges into battle, ready to defend their power and truth.

As a new year opens in the Astrological Wheel, accompanied by the Lunar Cycle, we are granted the power and strength of life force energy, to fuel our passions and desires and take action, initiating them into existence. Aries is a sign all about the Self. Aries is fiery, hot, spicy, and action-oriented. It’s time to ignite your passions and confidently express your truth, but be sure to be mindful in the process as we must keep a healthy balance between Self and Others.

It’s important to give yourself an outlet for your fiery expression. When untamed, a fire can destroy what is dear to you, so send your flames towards what is asking to be put into action. The time to begin is now.




This spread is all about PASSION.

You may already know what your passions are, but perhaps there’s something you haven’t been focusing on that demands your attention. Whether you’re looking for a sign, thinking about changing course, or just looking for reassurance to invest in yourself, this very quick three card spread can give you some support.

1. What passion should I be pursuing right now? (Again, this may be something you are already focused on or the cards might show you something else that requires your attention).

2. What is the first move I can make towards pursuing/increasing my involvement in this passion?

3. What do I need to let go of in order to give enough attention to this passion?

There you have it- a fairly straightforward card pull. However small that first move is, the point is just to get started!



Because it’s a New Moon, the bulk of this ritual is about weaving new intentions, but first we wanna burn off any stagnancy leftover from the winter.

Part One: Burning away the freeze! Grab a fire safe bowl, piece of paper, pen and a lighter.

1. Put on some music that feels good for shedding + releasing, you could check out our playlist here for this!

2. Write down some things that you’re ready to move on from - we are spring cleaning our energetic bodies and making space for the new!

3. Sit with what you’re releasing for a moment, reflecting on any related memories or exchanges. Acknowledge to yourself that you’re ready to move on.

4. Burn the paper when you’re ready, visualizing new space opening up within you. 

Part Two: Weaving our intentions!

Check the playlist here.

1. Grab some things to braid! This could be string, a small snippet of your hair, thin strips of fabric, long grasses…feel free to use whatever is available to you.

2. Think about your intentions for the next month. What are you planting? What are you wanting to breathe life into? What is filling the new space?

3. When you have 1-3 things you are calling in + tending to, begin braiding. Do it slowly, with each weave, imbibe the braid with your intentions, visualizing + feeling what it will be like when you have reached the space you want to be in.

4. When you finish the braid, place it on your altar, nightstand, wear it or carry it!



Scents: Invigorating scents are ideal right now, especially those that match the freshness of the season. Lime, basil, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint can all be energizing, refreshing, and brain boosting. Of course, coffee scents always have that get up and go energy as well.

Whatever you find stimulating, go for it!

Colors and textiles: If we take a cue from Aries, this is a time to dress yourself in fiery tones like red or burnt orange, or rich colors like a deep purple. Still, this new moon is all about that relentless energy, so if these colors don’t make you feel like you can take charge, surround yourself with colors that do. This is especially true for whatever you wear right now. If soft pink makes you feel like you’re ready to take on the world, then that’s the color for this new moon.

For textiles, maybe go for sporty materials that are easy to move in. This is a great time for active wear that helps you move throughout the day, so workout fabrics like spandex, polyesters, or the more breathable cotton and bamboo are excellent choices.

Food: We’re eating for energy on this new moon. If you also want to, think about how you move your body throughout the day and what makes you feel revved up.

Carbs are always a great source of energy, as are proteins, so maybe go for bananas, some nice fatty fish, apples, eggs, nut butters, or chia seeds. Since we’re talking about new moon energy and new beginnings, a hearty breakfast is a great way to start the day.

Try making your breakfast more exciting and explore some options you hadn’t considered before!

Crystals: Aventurine is a stone for luck and optimism, bringing energy and confidence to its user, which is great for new starts. Fire opal opens up the heart’s desire and allows you to let go of fear, particularly when it comes to judgment. This is a great stone for following your creative path, releasing bad memories, and supporting positive sexuality. Also, citrine is a really joyful crystal. It also allows you to let go of what other people think and encourages moving forward with newfound self-esteem.

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  • Kassie Hess

    I am so in love with your decks and your experiences in life that you share… writing is great, artwork fantastic, and so genuinely raw 🫶🏼 I am working wonderfully with the Shadow Edition Oracle deck. It is not a coddling deck, but it is magical and honest!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  • Asia Stockwell

    I’d love to follow your Spotify! Can you share the link?

  • Melissa

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you all so much for these! 🖤

  • Sam Yee

    Thank you so much for making these new/full moon guides. It helps me out so much. I really appreciate the work you guys do and I love my Oracle deck.

  • Amber Morelli

    I love getting these guides! Thank you!

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