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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

Aries season hit us HARD. And I mean like, for real, super hard but in the best way. Both Brit and I burned through some major blockages, had conversations that sucked but that needed to be had and confronted long standing shit that needed to be confronted. 

As we move into this Full Moon and shift the focus to balance, we're really returning to the roots of our work. For a while there, we lost a sense of play and expansiveness....we were DEF in a rut and going through the motions. Now we've been trying to throw out the "rule" book given to small e-comm brands and just shift our focus to what we want to do. We are really in the beginning stages of that but it already feels so much better.

Brit has always been so good at keeping her space clean (energetically AND physically) while I have always leaned more toward organized chaos...and let's face it, leaning heavily toward the chaos. While this is something that can work for me for short periods of time, I've noticed that its getting easier to get stuck in. I feel more weighed down the longer I go without a good "cleansing." Working with this Full Moon, I'm looking forward to the refreshing vibe - one I'm hoping can help me kickstart some new + better habits. 

We hope you enjoy all the Full Moon Tips below!


B + B

Here we are late night work vibin! Brit is the one holding her phone up, Blaire is the one with the peace sign. 


Some insights from our fav astro babe, Winter Jendayi

As the Full Moon rises, she showers us in Venusian gifts of beauty and love, balancing in the air, embodying the dance of duality as she gazes across the horizon at the Sun. Libra, an air sign, peacemaker and devotee to love, shines brightly beside the Moon, as our relational lives are lit up, granting us the opportunity to see where our relationships are thriving and where more balance is needed. Libra is often infatuated with the Other, and the Full Moon here illuminates anything that we must see in order to change, so more harmony can be found.

Reflect on your relationships and utilize the energy of this Moon to make any needed shifts so that you are in a harmonic balance of Self and Other. This is a time to beautify your spaces and adorn your body in your expression of love. Working with the power of magnetism, you must embody first, what you wish to call into your life.




Scents: lily, honey, citrus, spice, pine - whatever you choose, we want to create balance, make sure to hit those top, middle and base notes! Citrus and herbs are generally top notes, while flowers, greens/fresh scents, fruit and spices are usually middle notes (or heart notes). Woods or balsam most often act as bottom notes. As an example, you might mix orange (top), with cardamom (middle), and sandalwood (base). Indulge your desire to experiment and have fun!

Colors and textiles: Libra vibes are a lot of sunset colors: warm oranges and pinks mixed with deep blues and purples. Rose and dusky sky blue are especially appropriate around this full moon. We are also enjoying the fruits of our labor right now, so make sure you bring some coziness to your wardrobe or your home with soft, fuzzy blankets or sweaters in these romantic colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, seeking that libra balance.

Food: Comforting, fall type foods and things that are naturally sweet might be in order during this full moon. Fruit may be especially appealing, like strawberries and apples with yogurt and nuts, but in full moon celebration you may also opt for a homemade apple pie or slow cooked curry. Find what appeals to you and maybe switch up your favorite comfort foods by adding new, complementary flavors.

Crystals: Clear quartz is a crystal that is great for just about everything, including creating balance but green aventurine is also great for balance, good fortune, and harmony in relationships. If you really want to dig into that Libra energy, try rose quartz. Not only is it the perfect Libra color, but it is used for love, harmony and connection.


Libra loves beauty and balance, so for this Full Moon, let's take a good look at our space. Got any clutter? Some things hanging around you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of? It’s time to toss anything that isn’t making us feel good and bring some bright + vibrant elements that make us feel enchanted with our space.

So start by looking around the spaces you spend the most time in. Bedroom? Living room? Office? Car? Let’s start by trashing, recycling and donating whatever is dragging your vibe down. When you feel like you’ve tossed everything that needs it, cleanse + clear the space. Take your fav cleaners, wipe everything down, and then grab your go-to herbs to burn and restore the energy.

Now we are going to shift + add things around so we can create a new experience for ourselves here.

Look at the space - what does it really need now? Maybe it’s super minimal like a single crystal, or maybe you are a maximalist who wants to add every color of the rainbow.

Whatever feels good for you, go for it. Keep it clean + fresh but whatever feels beautiful for you is perfect!


This spread is all about finding some form of balance in the chaos we find ourselves in. What kind of trash do I need to take out?

Is it that dude who has been stringing me along? Is it some parental baggage? Am I watching too much trash TV?... (shoutout to Sex and The City tho) Do I need more ~love~? Do I need to actually get outside and touch some natures?

Pull some cards and feel a lil better bb : )

1. What aspects of my life are out of balance? - Draw 2 cards, 1 + 2 positions.
2. What do I need to do with these aspects?
3. What do I need more of in my life?
4. Where can I be more open and find more harmony?

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  • Lynn

    Thank you gals so much for posting these journals! I love the spreads you recommend with each phase! These shadow edition oracle are just what I needed to work on my shadow self! Lots of love!

  • Kim Brown

    Your decks are beautiful. I have a tarot, Oracle and illumin8tor deck. They are such a pleasure to use. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. Peace and blessings.

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