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Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini is the perfect Full Moon for the end of the year since it encourages sociability. Get ready for all those holiday parties or time spent with friends and/or family. Avant garde, flirty, and a bit gossipy, Gemini is the ultimate social creature of the zodiac. Embrace these traits and get curious about others, keeping in mind that you need to uphold your own emotional balance as well. If you’re normally a social butterfly, continue to shine. If you’re normally a bit more introverted at parties, try opening up a bit more. Either way, have fun and celebrate with this Full Moon.


Scents: It’s party season and no one knows parties better than a Gemini. Try scents that feel celebratory to match the Full Moon energy. We love champagne, rum, peach, freesia, blackcurrant, even leather. If you want to go full party mode, light a birthday cake candle and pour yourself a drink as you get ready to go out. 

Colors and Textiles: Right now you might want to be the center of attention but even if you don’t, bright, eye-catching colors can lighten your mood. Go for bold neons like highlighter yellow, traffic cone orange, or maybe some unusual shades of purple and blue to get your creativity flowing. For textiles, enjoy your version of party wear. It could be embellished fabrics with crystals, fun tulle underlays, leather (or faux leather), big (faux) fur coats, or any other standout piece. 

Food: Geminis crave creative and intellectual stimulation, but why not shift that need for stimulation to food? Overload your sense with extra spicy curry, tart gooseberry jams, horseradish, rhubarb, gamey meats, and strong aged cheeses, like Stilton and Roquefort. Fermented foods like kimchi are exciting, as are extra sweet and salty desserts, like salted caramel cake.


Now that the channels of communication are more open, it’s a great time to try automatic writing. If you’ve never tried automatic writing before, know that the steps themselves are simple but it can be frustrating. Make sure you’re in a good headspace before beginning. Some people think of automatic writing as channeling spirits, having a psychic connection or talking to the dead. If you choose to practice this way, just be sure you have your own protective measures in place. However, we use it as a means of unlocking the subconscious or unconscious (there are slight distinctions, but from here on I will use subconscious to mean both). Using automatic writing this way just allows you to tap into parts of your own intuition you might not be able to access normally.

All you really need for this ritual is a pen, paper and quiet space. You can also use a computer instead of a pen and paper but just be aware that it is easier to ‘lead’ yourself to legible words instead of waiting for intuition to guide you. Whatever you choose, you can also increase your intuition by using purple candles, playing ambient instrumental music, wearing comfortable clothes and drinking an intuition enhancing tea, like chamomile, lavender, peppermint or mugwort. If you try mugwort, just make sure you aren’t allergic to plants in the same family, that you get it from a reliable source, and that it’s safe for you to ingest.

When you’re ready, choose your medium (pen/paper or computer). If you're writing on paper you can use either your dominant or non-dominant hand. Some believe the non-dominant hand allows you to tap into your subconscious more easily but it’s really up to you. After lighting your candles, putting on music, or doing whatever else you need to do to get into a calm headspace, close your eyes and hold your pen on the paper (or hover your fingers on the keyboard). Wait until you feel guided to move. This could be immediate, it could take several minutes, or it may never happen. Automatic writing doesn’t have any guaranteed outcomes, so it’s best to go into it with an open mind. Some people do automatic writing with their eyes open but, again, this can cause you to consciously lead yourself and not actually channel your subconscious. 

As you begin, you can also ask a question or think of a particular topic in your head to help guide the answer. However, it's completely acceptable to go in without a question in mind. If you do start writing, give it some time. We would say half an hour is the shortest amount of time you would want to spend writing. You can either intuitively stop or time yourself. Once you're done, open your eyes and look at what you have produced. Now you may begin to interpret the writing. It could look like anything, from scratches to drawings. There may be fully legible letters or you may have to hunt to find letters, words, or even just symbols that might hold meaning. 

Some things to keep in mind:

Your writing may be in a different language and/or a different alphabet.

You may have images instead of words.

You may not get anything intelligible at all.

The words may be scrambled or have missing bits.

Often this is better as a consistent practice- so if the first time is rubbish you can always try again.

You may want to take a highlighter or another colored pen to go in and mark anything significant. If the writing doesn’t make sense to you right away, you can store the pages somewhere safe and look at them in the future. 


This spread centers around balanced communication. 

  1. Where have I been indulging in too much gossip?
  2. How can I use my voice to uplift the people in my life instead?
  3. What could I be more curious about?
  4. Where should I be listening instead of speaking?
  5. How can I improve my listening overall?
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  • Betty

    This looks super kewl to help you catch your blind spots! Thanks! & the automatic writing 👍

  • Rosario

    Iam so excited to try this communication reading on myself …it was on my mind & like magic it pop up & here Iam Thank you…universe & beautiful soul for this gift sending you love & light…

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